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Posted on: May 9, 2012 3:20 pm


Go Ahead Skip Keyword Research

For some time the process known as search engine optimisation have come to follow the industry standard of keyword research, content development and link building. Combining these strategies makes your search engine optimisation efforts to be very effective. The only question is how much work you will be putting into your website in order to fully optimise them. Many SEO companies and SEO consultants however, has the tendency to skip several steps in the so called SEO industry standard, this may be caused by the fact that search engine optimisation strategies are very tedious and takes considerable amount of time. Content development for one requires talent and writing skills as well as requiring time allotment in order to create a well thought out content. Link building is also a tedious task since it requires searching for quality sites and determining how you would be able to incorporate a link to your website. Keyword research also takes a considerable amount of time, which is if you are not only relying on keyword research software might cut the time considerably but reliability of the keywords are compromised.

Can I Skip Keyword Research?

Many SEO companies and SEO consultant may not entirely abandon keyword research however taking the shorter route in keyword research will do a lot of damage to your entire search engine optimisation campaign. There is a very significant reason why keyword research is the first step in every search engine optimisation strategy. This is because keyword research allows you to determine which keywords you will be targeting in your entire SEO campaign. If content development and link building is search engine optimisations’ cornerstone, keyword research is the building block of content development and link building. This is why it is very important to give due priority to keyword research, so to answer the question, can you skip keyword research? In our opinion no, unless of course keywords were already predetermined by your client.


Go ahead skip keyword research, but you have to be ready for the consequences, a search engine optimisation campaign can be compared to a ship going nowhere. This is because of the fact that there is no definite keyword to target, if in case there is a keyword but was just taken out of the creative minds of the SEO company or SEO consultant without any solid backup data supporting the viability of the keyword based on traffic then the campaign would just be a money drain, with no apparent accomplishments. So finally should you forego keyword research? Definitely not.

Ben Austin

Ben Austin

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