Posted by: Kerry Sheahan

Posted on: October 8, 2012 9:45 am


Finding Press Release Topics

New research from Econsultancy has shown that content is set to become a higher priority in the marketing campaigns of webmasters from all sectors. An increasingly popular way to integrate content marketing into SEO strategies is through generating regular press releases for your company. As effective as this method is, the prospect of finding newsworthy topics every day can seem a little daunting at first. However, there are a number of different approaches that can be adopted when creating your pieces.

  • Announce a new product or service. Probably the most common cause for a press release, informing readers of a new line of products, or an amendment to your service not only lends itself as an easy topic to write about, but a good way to promote a new venture.


  • Announce a promotion or event. Similarly, sharing a new offer or promotion is a good way to capitalise on the extra customers this is likely to bring. Even local events, such as charity days held by your company can provide a good story for a press release and is likely to be well received by your readers.


  • Comment on industry news. Many firms make the mistake of assuming their press release needs to be based on news directly within their company, however it can be just as effective to comment on particularly relevant or interesting news occurring in the industry you sit within. This method is likely to provide you or your content team with a variety of extra options.


  • Share a customer acquisition or testimonial. Recent customer acquisitions as well as positive accounts and testimonials are not only a good way to boost your SEO but also an effective way of improving your reputation on the web.


  • Announce a new member of staff. Introducing a new member of your team to your audience not only offers itself as a simple and straightforward topic but also helps your audience feel more involved in your company and gives the impression of a successful and expanding business.
Kerry Sheahan

Kerry Sheahan

Kerry creates a variety of website copy, press releases and articles for both clients and in-house purposes on a regular basis and shares her tips and advice on drafting content for a range of purposes.