Facebook, Google Going Separate Directions?

From the very beginning Google and Facebook have been on separate leagues from each other, recent events however have shown that the two internet giants have been steadily and slowly going into each other’s realm. With the success of Facebook in the world of Social media it was able to gather millions of users prompting a lot of online marketers to utilise such social media platforms to use such platforms to conduct online marketing and advertising processes. The viability of the social media platform in advertising and online marketing has influenced many to shift their online marketing strategies in order to capture a larger audience base.

Google’s Actions

Google, having seen the viability of having a social media platform, launched their social media platform dubbed as Google+. The features of Google+ are almost the same as that of Facebook, however, several months after its launch it still has to gain its own users base. With this move from Google, they have diverted from their own realm and have stepped into the realm that Facebook is currently dominating. For now we still have to see if Google+, its social media platform, will be able to surpass the current social media giant, Facebook.

Facebook’s Actions

Recently, Facebook has announced that they will improve their search engine functionality within the social media platform, in order to help users locate anything they want over the internet through the social media network. This project prompted the deployment of Facebook engineers in order to put the plan into a reality with a former Google engineer Lars Rasmussen at the helm. This, move from Facebook is also a move to divert from their own realm going to the realm of Google which is the search engine.


Based from the ventures of Google and Facebook it is clear that they are diverting or going on separate ways where the end line would be a meeting within their own realms. Facebook going into the realm of Google while Google going into the realm of Facebook. This is something for every SEO companies or SEO consultants to think about.


Ben Austin

Ben Austin

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