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Discounts and the SEO Process for E-Commerce Websites

If you run a basic content website, it’s relatively easy to do SEO. For the most part, Google loves your website because you’re a content website. As long as the quality is good, Google will index the website and you’ll rank for different types of keywords.

What happens, though, if you’re an e-commerce website such as Finish Line and 6PM? People might say, “create content for all the pages and you’ll rank competitively for different keywords.” That’s a great idea…Except…

How do you create content for 25,000 pages?

It really is not a possibility to do that overnight. While I would suggest that you need to do it over time and you should try to get content on those pages, you need to know how to SEO the e-commerce website now.

The first thing you should consider doing is getting rid of any of the pages that are duplicate. If you’ve got 25,000 totally unique products, this obviously isn’t possible. But, if you’ve got pages that are absolutely unnecessary, whether it’s because of bad architecture or because you haven’t deleted product pages that no longer are available, you need to get rid of them.

The way Google’s Panda algorithm works is that it gauges the quality of content across the entire site. If the majority of the site is garbage, you’ll get hit. If only a few pages are garbage, the site will be okay. It’s the Panda ratio and it is what determines whether you get slapped by a Panda or not.

By getting rid of pages, you have fewer pages on the site that might be considered “crappy” which will help you to begin getting on the right side of the Panda score.

Once you’ve gotten rid of the pages, target the product pages on your website that do the best and start to write content for those. Don’t just take the manufacturer’s description and paste that. All you get when you do that is duplicate content. Instead, write unique product descriptions. If the description is really unique and good, people will come to your site to learn about the product and that increases the likelihood that you get the sale.

By starting with the most important product and going down to the least important product, you structure your writing in order of ROI. As the panda score begins to change, your best pages will start to rank and that’ll suddenly increase your revenue. And, by having that structure, you might find that there are products you no longer need to sell because you haven’t gotten a sale in months or even years.

Finally, find a way to get links. I’m a fan of using coupons and discounts to get people to link to e-commerce websites, but they only last so long. If you’ve got great content, people are more inclined to link to the product pages which might give you the boost you need to rank above the other e-commerce websites.

What do you do, though, when the discount is done and you want to get rid of the page? The best thing that you can do is 301 the page to the next highest directory. So, if your website structure is:

Then, what you’d do once you got rid of the 30-deal coupon is redirect that page with a 301 redirect to the plastic-forks directory. This is the next closest thing to what you were originally offering, so it might be the next best thing for visitors. More importantly, though, is that you’re going to get at least 90% of the link juice of all those links. That, in turn, will help the site.

It’s important to have effective SEO for your e-commerce website. Content websites are easy because the point is to create content. However, when you’ve got a bunch of pages, SEOing it can be a lot more difficult. But, if you do it effectively, you’ll outrank many other e-commerce websites and get more of the sales.

Jay is an Internet marketer who specializes in helping companies increase their revenue online. By taking examples from companies such as 6PM and Finish Line, he can employ strategies to get smaller e-commerce websites ranking. He runs a small coupon and discount website that offers 6pm promo codes and othe rgreat offers.

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