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Diagnose Drop in Your Site Traffic 2

Previously, we have given some pointers on how to understand the drops in your website traffic and how to decipher traffic drops whether it would be a normal occurrence or it really requires your attention. Recognising the importance of diagnosing the reasons why your site traffic dropped we deemed it important to give you more tips on how to decipher such drop in rankings.

  1. Try to decipher what type of traffic was lost. Do not just rely on checking out Google traffic results it is also worth to note and decipher traffic loss from other search engines and even for other non-paid traffic sources.
  2. Try to determine brand traffic, if you are engaged in internet marketing and advertising usually visitors would come from those advertisements where you have your sites’ brand name as the keyword. If the loss of traffic is due to your brand traffic it means that you have to start intensifying your internet marketing campaign.
  3. Using your analytics try to determine the keywords or phrases that have decreased in visitors. Identify first your strong keywords and key phrases (those bringing in huge traffic) and try to re-intensify your SEO campaign using those strong keywords where you have lost significant traffic, this goes without saying of course that you have to also take care of your other keywords and keyphrases.
  4. Do a self-search using your keywords and key phrase and if your website is not ranked on top this might indicate a problem. You have to determine or investigate further, there may be two causes of this and that is that one your keyphrase may be searched by a few people as compared with the  previous months.
  5. If you have landing pages try to determine which of them have lost traffic  and look for any obvious reasons why your landing page have lost such traffic. Look for duplicate contents or determine also the validity your landing pages’ links.
  6. Lastly Determine whether your site is penalised by the search engines for any violations, if so deal with the problem by following only white hat seo techniques.
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