De-indexed by Google due to Algorithm Change?

With the recent Google Algorithm update a significant number of websites were once again affected, many of those who relied on private blog networks for link building purposes were hit and even the popular private blog network “Build My Rank” has announced that they will be shutting down due to the fact that their private blog networks or blog sites were de-indexed by Google thus offering no value in terms of link juice and link building in general. It is because of this fact that websites that were utilising the BMR services and other private blog networks were affected, de-ranked or got a significant drop in their ranking in Google’s search engine results page.

Why De-index Private Blog Networks?

Private blog networks were de-indexed because of the fact that every blog in this network accepts or posts articles that are thinly written. The private blog networks accept spinned articles because the main function of a private blog network is not for content development but rather for link building. Google was able to track this practice prompting them to update their algorithm.

Discern Private Blog Networks

There are times when one cannot discern what a private blog network is, and in order to prevent posting contents in these private blog networks by unsuspecting link builders then it is important to take into consideration the following characteristics of a blog network.

1. The contents are poorly written, the contents are gibberish and are not cohesive.

2. The site design is not given much attention, usually the default template is used.

3. There are various topics, the blog does not section or categorise every topic.

4. There are too many anchor text within the article.

How To Recover From The Google Effect?

If your site is one of those that were hit by the Google algorithm change due to your use of private blog network services the following could be the steps you can do in order to regain your ranking:

1. Trace the links you built using private blog networks and use all efforts in order for you to be able to delete such links.

2. If you were already penalised by Google make every effort to incorporate quality content in your website. After doing so, you have to submit a request for reconsideration with Google.

3. Build legitimate links and never resort to any black hat or automated link building methodologies.

4. Create a legitimate blog writing campaign.


With Google already catching up with lots of black hat SEO techniques many SEO companies and SEO consultants should begin to build their links the natural, organic or the white hat way.


Ben Austin

Ben Austin

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