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Posted on: February 23, 2012 3:06 pm


Creating an SEO-Effective Article

When Google introduced its Google Panda algorithm a lot of companies that depended on spinned or rewritten articles saw their rankings plummet to the ground. This alarmed a lot of SEO companies and SEO consultants because of the fact that finally a search engine is now able to detect the quality of the websites’ content and giving more weight to such rather than the quantity of the sites’ content, keywords and links. This prompted the emergence of the importance of content developers for websites, since Google requires quality content rather than quantity content developers had to come in and develop unique, original and seo-effective website contents. Not everybody can write however with the following tips you could be well on your way to writing an SEO-effective article.

1. Create a mind-map on the topic you want to write about – when writing an article you should first determine how your article’s logic should flow, create a simple blueprint of your articles’ logical flow of information which is also called a mind map. This way you will be able to develop a well-thought of article one that gives information and is easily understood by your readers, remember quality content means conveying your message correctly to your readers.

2. Conduct a Keyword Research – although we want to produce well-written content we would also want to make our content to be SEO friendly. This is why we should conduct keyword research with regards to the topic that we would like to write about. Use the common keyword tools such as google adwords keyword tool in order to find the most viable keywords relevant to your contents’ topic.

3. Use your Chosen Keyword Properly – of course after researching we need to incorporate the keywords that we have chosen, in doing so however, we should use the keywords correctly in the article. This means when conducting the process of article writing, the keywords must be inserted when it is needed to correctly convey the message and not just by inserting the keywords which may make the article gibberish.

4. Write the Article Using Correct Grammar – quality for search engines also means that the article is logical and is written in correct grammar. Make sure that your article does not sound gibberish and it would really convey the message across your readers.

Quality in content is indeed important in every website as Google and other search engines improve their algorithm to return only the most relevant websites from user’s search.

Ben Austin

Ben Austin

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