Posted by: Shofiur Rahman

Posted on: June 20, 2012 4:00 pm


Creating a security policy

An ecommerce website security policy is a manuscript that explains

  • The common idea towards security in your ecommerce website.
  • What is to be protected (e.g. software, hardware, data)
  • Who is accountable for defending these items
  • Standards for security and metrics, which quantify how well those standards are being met

A good guideline for writing your security policy is that it’s like writing a set of functional requirements for ecommerce website. The policy should not have a discussion about exact implementations or solutions, but instead about the goals and security necessities in your environment.

You should maintain a separate document that sets out strategies for how the requirements of the security policy are met in a specific environment. You can have different policy for different parts of your website. This is more along the lines of a design document or a course of action manual that documents what is actually done in order to make sure the level of security that you require.

Shofiur Rahman

Shofiur Rahman

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