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Content Is The Name of the Game

If you have been following the different updates in the search engine algorithm of Google, you will notice that content has become increasingly important in the field of search engine optimisation. This is because of the fact that Google has given importance to website content. In Google’s pursuit of making their search engine return relevant and accurate results the Google Panda algorithm was integrated in their search engine algorithm.

What Is Google Panda?

If you have been following the different updates by Google in its algorithm then Google Panda is no stranger. Just to refresh our memory, Google Panda was developed in order to accurately filter websites that has good content from the websites that utilises poor content. Poor content means that the content or article is grammatically incorrect, shows poor grammar and sentence structure. Further, websites that contain articles or texts that are copied from another website or those that are considered as duplicate content is also being penalised by Google Panda. Google believes that in order to combat copying of information and using it as a duplicate content on another website, such content should be traced and any website found to be harbouring duplicate contents should be penalised by de-ranking them or de-indexing and suspending such website.

Importance of Content

This is the reason why Google would prefer websites that contains articles or information which are originally written and was constructed with the proper use of spellings, punctuations and grammar. Ranking in Google through content makes content development or article writing to be a very important and or integral part of every Search engine optimisation campaign conducted by the SEO company or by the SEO Consultant.

Conclusion on Content

Aside from link building, content development is deemed as one of the cornerstones of search engine optimisation. With the recent changes in the algorithm of search engines, content seems to be taking the front lead in terms of priority and importance this is why many SEO Companies and SEO consultants are scrambling just to employ the best content developer or writer they could find.

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