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Posted on: March 18, 2011 9:56 am


Considerations for a Successful Social Media Campaign

With the recent addition of a personalised search result, at least a little bit, from Google’s search engine marks the search engine giant’s serious consideration of the social media as an influential force in delivering relevant results to the users. Due this fact SEO firms have started to utilise social media networks as part of their entire marketing campaign and SEO campaign.

However, many SEO companies are failing in this field because of the fact that up to now there really isn’t an iron-clad guide to making a solid social media campaign,  the following however, are definite guidelines that would help SEO consultants start their social media campaign properly.

1. Goal – a clear cut outline of your goals or the things you want to achieve with the social media campaign will give you a clear direction on where you are supposed to go. In terms of social media campaigns SEO experts have several choices on the different types of goals that they would like to set like improving search engine optimisation campaigns, awareness campaign for a new product, or even to increase ROI in terms of sales. Different goals entail different approaches.

2. Target Audiences – since the main effort is on social media campaign it means that you are directly dealing with people, people who of course are “alive online” and interacting. Knowing your audience of course does not entail an extensive product sampling and research but rather a good understanding of the demographics in terms of internet or social media users. One of the best place to start your understanding would be the Forrester’s Social Technographics Ladder, where it categorises the different types of users of multimedia.

3.  How to Approach – now that you have determined your audience and your objectives it is time to plan your attack or in a subtle way of saying it you approach towards your social media campaign. Deciding on the main social media platform to use during the campaign will be the best starter approach whether you are to build a Facebook page or a Twitter page for your campaign you need to always integrate such choices with the audiences and goals you have just developed.

These are three of the step-by-step approaches that one can do in order to develop a good social media campaign, however we also advise you to keep your eyes open for latest developments that might help you in your social media campaign as you move along.

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