Characteristics of a Good Content

With the onset of the different algorithms of Google that focuses on determining a site’s ranking where content quality is considered as a ranking factor, made content development a lot more important. For content developers and even site owners however, it is important that they know how to identify a good and quality content. This is because of the fact that content quality has become a ranking factor and such a primary consideration by Google in determining whether or not the content deserves to be ranked. This is why SEO Companies and SEO consultants are focused on developing or writing effective content for their websites.

Characteristics of Quality Content

Content is very important in every website, more so when Google started to favor websites that contains quality content, this is why it is very important for website owners to know how to identify quality content from those that are of low quality. The following are the indicators of quality content.

1. Relevance – the content must be relevant to the topic or the general theme of the website. If a website is focused on talking about web design tips then the content should focus on that and not on other topics.

2. Cohesiveness of Thought – the content must be written and narrated following a single line of thought. This means that the focus of the writer is on properly conveying the message that he or she would like to impart. The thoughts should be clear and straight to the point without any extra sentences which may confuse the reader than understand the message of the content.

3. Unique – an article or content may be relevant and it may have cohesiveness but it might just have been copied. Copied articles or content posted on a website will raise the red flag signal for Google and other search engines and will penalise the website utilising such duplicate content. This is why it would be better if your articles are originally written.


The age of correct information is already here and Google has led the way to improving the quality of search results that it delivers to its visitors, and one way to do this is to determine the quality of content for every website. Thus knowing how you should write an article or knowing the qualities of an article would definitely help you in scrutinising your own article output or content output and you will be able to discern if your content deserves to be posted in your website or not. This way your content could be beneficial not only to your readers but also to your search engine optimisation campaign.

Ben Austin

Ben Austin

As the founder of SEO Positive, Ben possesses a deep understanding of online marketing and is renowned for his forward thinking strategies and investigative approach towards optimisation. Ben will be keeping our readers up to date with company news and offering tips and tricks from an executive’s perspective.

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