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Posted on: September 4, 2012 1:26 pm


Change an images location using masks and color filters

In this tutorial we’ll be using two resource files. You can download them for free at these two links:


1) Open up the mountain image in photoshop and add a selection to the mountains in the background. I used the quick selection tool and a radius of 30px. You might want to use the pen tool or the polygonal if you want a finer selection.

Create a selection

2) Create a new layer and add a mask to it.


3) Open up the sky image and add it to the landscape file. Clip it to the mask selection and resize it so it fits nicely into the background.

merge the layers

4) Use the patch tool to get rid of the car, I had to use a brush to get rid off a slight blur the patch tool created.

patch out the car

5) Add a color balance adjustment to the landscape using the below.

Add a a color adjustment

6) You should be left with the final image.

Final Image

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Peter Andrease

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