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Posted on: September 7, 2010 3:42 pm


For SEO companies and SEO consultants to be able to conduct the best SEO campaign where such campaign would give the desirable results such as a high page rank or a high search engine results page ranking based on a given keyword. This can only be done however if the search engine optimisation company or the search engine optimisation consultant is able to utilise techniques or SEO strategies that would actually contribute to achieving such goal. This is why many SEO companies and SEO consultants are conducting extensive research before starting their SEO campaign for their target website. Research is important in the field of search engine optimisation because of the fact that the search engine algorithm is kept as a secret therefore one can’t actually know what search engines would favor or not. In the course of the researches done many SEO companies and SEO consultants have focused on different aspects or strategies of SEO, some have focused on finding out the role of contents and links in an SEO campaign, some focused on researching the viability of different types of links and some would also research on other factors like whether or not web hosting has an effect on search engine optimisation.

The latter question is our main concern, does web hosting affect search engine optimisation? One of the contention before was if your website is hosted on another location while your website is geo-targeting another location then your web hosting will affect your SEO campaign. For example your website content is focused in gaining traffic from the United States but your web host is based in the United Kingdom then your ranking both page and SERP will be affected dramatically. This contention does have some substance to it but this can always be countered by having to register to a relevant server in terms of location. Another property in a web host that can affect the ranking of the website is the age of the host. This would not literally focus on the “age” of the host or how long has it been operating but it focuses on how long the subscriber have registered with the web hosting service. A longer subscription would mean that the site is a lot more favorable to the search engines this is because website hackers tend to use “throw away” hosting subscriptions thus would require lesser subscription time.

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Posted on: August 16, 2010 9:17 am


A web host plays an important role in the search engine optimisation campaign of an SEO company and SEO consultant, further it’s role is vital in the success of a website in terms of gaining favour from the different search engine companies, especially with the search engine giant Google because of the fact that Google has launched Google caffeine which now includes website’s loading speed as one of the primary criteria. There are several properties of a web host that should be looked at in order for it to gain the right to be considered as a good web host. Apart from Scalability, Quality Support and presence of the Cpanel a good web host must also have a superior if not Good Network capability. Network would mean the physical network that connects the web host to its different client. The network structure of the web host is an important consideration because of the fact that it affects the speed of the website’s loading and further it affects the uploading and downloading of files. In order for a web host to be considered as having a sound structure the following are to be considered.

  1. The Network must be fast – this means that the network speed must be considered by looking at whether or not the web host network has an up to date server and if it has a multiple point connections absent one factor would mean that the web host would not load your website at a rate that would be favoured by Google.
  2. The network must have a large bandwidth – this would mean that the bandwidth of a web host must not be limited, it is a fact that one of the considerations or goal of SEO is to drive traffic to the site this goal will only be defeated if the website’s bandwidth is limited thus also limiting the number of times a website is going to be viewed.
  3. Security – another primary consideration in a network is security, a web host must install security features such as firewalls among others in order to ensure the safety of the data in your website.

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Aside from content creation, search engine optimisation and website development one more important factor which is actually and mostly being overlooked is the choice of web host. Web hosts are those services that would hold or contain the website files. Web hosts usually are being paid monthly, annually or on nth number of years depending on the subscription plans being offered by the web host. There is a proliferation of website hosting services out there but there are only a few who are giving great web hosting services. This is why many website owners would find out later on that their website hosting is already not enough to meet the demands of their website which forces them to change web hosting or to pay additional amount in order to upgrade their web host subscription.

This is why it is important that when subscribing to a web host that SEO companies or SEO consultants as well as the users or clients must look into the different features being offered by the web host before subscribing. The following are the desirable features that a web host should have and every SEO company or SEO consultants as well as clients should look into:

  1. A web host must have a Website Traffic statistic analyser – web hosts that offer traffic tracking for your website is recommended or highly recommended because of the fact that apart from any analytics software or websites that tracks your own website the built in analyser and analytics in your web host could give you the most accurate results.
  2. Add-on Tools – going beyond is desirable, a web host that offers add-ons especially if it is being given for free is one of the best way to go in terms of subscribing to the web host. Tools such as mailing lists, shopping carts, photo galleries are very useful for the user in one way or another that is why more add-ons the better.
  3. E-mail accounts – having to freely create your customised email account is one of the best feature that a web host can give, this is because of the fact that such email addresses can be customised by the user and also allows the user to own a customised email address.
  4. Sound Customer Support – nobody is perfect that is why it is still imperative that we seek support from somewhere else, a web host that has a support team that are courteous and are always online would make the web host community focused thus also user friendly.

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Posted on: June 29, 2010 10:51 am


For a novice online business owner or a person who is trying to start an online business it is important to note that there are several features or processes that one must undertake. For example, if one would like his or her website to be built by another person or a third party he or she must conduct an extensive search for qualified applicants, the reason for an extensive search is because of the fact that there are a lot of scammers out there where they gouge you for a lot of money in turn would return no output or a poor output. Another thing that you have to take into consideration is your web hosting, there are thousands of people who are offering web hosting services but only a few would actually pass an “acid test. Web Hosting is important because of the fact that this is where your site is going to be hosted, therefore the capabilities of your server would greatly affect your website.

Many of those who are just starting their business online find their host or server to be inadequate too late. Since hosting is important many people tend to purchase or subscribe first without thoroughly reviewing the capabilities or the features offered by a web host. Web hosting preference depends on your websites’ needs, for example you will build a personal website which is designed only for information and without any plans for expansion then there is no point in subscribing in an expensive web host with its full feature. However, if your intention is to build an e-commerce website then there is a need for you to look for a web hosting company that could accommodate such website. Thus, you will be needing an SEO friendly web host, many SEO companies and SEO consultants would go for web hosts that is compatible with any content management system because most e-commerce sites would need such CMS’, further a website that can process at a faster speed is also a requirement since loading speed is now a factor in most of the search engines in order for the website to have a higher search engine results page ranking.

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Posted on: October 25, 2009 5:57 pm


Search engine optimisation is a complex process involving several strategies that when you compound their effects would amount to achieving one single goal and that is to increase the target websites’ SERP or the search engine results page ranking of the said target website. There are several factors affecting the SEO process, such factors will range from the off-site field or those SEO techniques that are done outside of the actual target website, and the on-site SEO where the strategies are implemented by manipulating the actual website or its corresponding web pages. One factor however that is often overlooked is the type of web hosting. Web hosting is of course the process of storing your web pages into the server. A web host is a service that allows you to publish your website and have the necessary file or files to be readily accessed by your website visitors through the server. On an SEO point of view the question on whether web hosting will affect your SEO campaign or not had to be addressed.

Search engine optimisations’ aim is to not only give or boost your websites’ search engine results page ranking, rather it also dwells on increasing your website’s conversion rate which would of course tantamount to an increase in revenue. Web hosting does not only provide you with storage but also several other features that might or will help you achieve your SEO goals. Some web host have tied-up with SEO companies which gives you services on submissions and other SEO strategies at a discounted price. Web hosts also provide you with the different tools that you might need in your business such as a personalised email and web development tools.

In choosing a web host however, you need implement a stringent scrutinisation process in order for you to choose the best, most appropriate and cost-efficient web hosting package. In addition when you have finally chosen your web host make sure that you at least purchase an account subscription for a year or more, this is because of the fact that search engines also give weight to the number of years that your account is subscribed to for the sole reason that it is interpreted by search engines that your website is going to last for a long time and it is not just a transient website which is going to be utilised for black hat techniques.

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Starting a website means that you need a reliable web host. With the increase in the use of web hosts’ services all over the world due to the increase of online businesses there are many web host companies that have been offering enticing services and prices. For the untrained eye such services may be cheap yet reliable but unknowingly there are hidden defects in that kind of deal. Therefore, being impulsive in the purchase of a hosting service should not be exercised, this is unlike purchasing clothes at a retail store where you can return it if it does not fit or suit you.

There are several things that you should know and understand before purchasing a web host service. First is that you have to take the pains of assessing and planning your website. Identify who are your target audiences and from there determine an approximation on the total bandwidth that you may be needing and the other services that you may require such as web builders, content management systems and even email services.

Next is to research the top ranking website hosting services, it is in this way that you can make an intelligent decision on the type of website host that you will best suit your websites’ needs. Next is that you have to know their prices. Most website host always advertise a cheap price but that is always with a condition, mostly, you can only avail of the cheaper monthly payment if you avail of their services for three years or so, which is a good deal considering that you are planning to use your website for a very long time.

In addition you have to know the limits that the website hosts are giving you in terms of bandwidth and the number of additional URL’s that you can host. Some web host companies may be offering a low price but has very limited bandwidth and very limited additional allowable website hosting. You have to compare further as there are web hosts that gives you unlimited additional allowable website hosting and unlimited bandwidth for the same price or if not with just a slight or fraction of increase.

With so many web hosts out there you have to be more critical in choosing the right web host for you that is why close scrutiny is a must.

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Have you ever experienced visiting your own website and suddenly what is being displayed is only an error message, while just yesterday your website is functioning efficiently. Well one cause of this kind of problem is when you reach your hosting’s bandwidth limit. Bandwidth is the amount of data that is entering and exiting your web host account. This further means that it is the total number of traffic that is accessing your website, we have to note that every visit to your website and every downloads done in your website requires the utilisation of data, this is where bandwidth is applicable. Mostly, data or bandwidth is required when your website visitors starts a web page request, emails, FTP requests such as uploads and downloads these are collectively known as the incoming data transfers. For outgoing data transfer examples of these are sending email, transferring data and also web page requests.

Bandwidth exhaustion is brought about by large data transfers and thus before acquiring your host you have to determine how much data or bandwidth your website will need. Bandwidth requirement can be based on these factors:

1.    Nature of the Website – is your website for e-commerce purposes? If so then you will be expecting a lot of visitors in your website, you will also incorporate a lot of SEO techniques that will require additional uploads and maybe some downloads. Thus, you will have to utilise a higher web host bandwidth. If your website is for personal purposes however this means that you will not be expecting so much traffic and will not incorporate a lot of uploads and downloads therefore using a lower bandwidth would be advisable.

2.    Allowing Downloads – if your website will allow downloads of files such as videos, music or any large data file then you will require a web hosting account with a higher bandwidth.

3.    Website design – the type of design in your website will also affect the amount of needed bandwidth, this is because of the fact that when people view your site they also download data, data such as images and animated designs are the foremost reasons in web page viewing which signals the big requirement in the amount of bandwidth.

Knowing the bandwidth of your web hosting account is a must if you do not want your website to experience a type of denial of service because you have reached you monthly bandwidth limit.

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Posted on: June 29, 2009 6:00 am


The process of website design is a three prong process which starts from planning to designing up to the hosting your website. The final process is not at all easy it is in fact as tedious as the first two processes. The internet is full of web host companies that offer their services in different ways. Different, in such a way that there is no standard pricing given to the website designers who would like to avail of a hosting plan. If you search the web there are a lot of hosting companies that offers different types of hosting plans. It is because of this differences in offered hosting plans that a website designer must find a good hosting company to host his website design. Finding a good website company is dependent on several factors and these are the following:

1. Hosting Price – as what was said before a hosting plan will differ from one company to the other and this difference should be taken into consideration by the website designer in purchasing a hosting plan. There are even web host companies that offer huge discounts when you avail of their one-year to three-years hosting plan.

2. Data Traffic – remember the purpose of your website design, if your website design will later be subjected into an extensive SEO and online-marketing strategy then you are expecting a huge traffic, thus you have to check whether the hosting company can provide you with the traffic that your website need. This is to avoid problem later on with regards to reaching your monthly traffic limit.

3. Storage space – your website host must also be able to meet your needs in storage. Take into consideration the features of your website design and then take into account the amount of web or storage space that your web host is offering. Consider your website design if you will require the storage of audio and video files and the maintenance of databases if so you will have to get a larger storage capacity.
These are just some of the basic requirements for your web host that you should consider before purchasing a hosting plan.

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The tedious process of finding a website host for your website design does not end with the criteria on Cost, Traffic Limits and Storage Capacity. It goes beyond that. This is because of the fact that there are several factors that are still supposed to be considered especially for starting or even existing enterprises. Problems may come up later on when you choose an unsuitable web hosting plan for your website design. Problems such as inadequate storage for email’s given to employees, absence of desired applications that are recognised by the web host that is supposed to be utilised when updates or upgrading of the website has been decided by the company and lastly there is the problem of losing your website or search engine ranking if and when the search engine bots will crawl your website in times when your whole site is down because of the fact that there is a failure on the host server or the system in the server has crashed. These are problems that should be addressed by the web host company before you can be assured that such web host company is suitable for your needs. Let’s take a look at these factors more in perspective.

1. Email Capability – most web hosts nowadays are actually providing, as included in their package, email hosting. This feature will actually help your company as you can designate email addresses to your employees which they can use for business purposes but of course you also have to know how much of the email service will you be using in order for your to gauge the right hosting plan for you to choose which has email capability, not to mention the fact that each email must also have adequate storage capacity to handle all the business or communication coming in and going out from your company.

2. Application Integration – Web hosts also differ in the applications that they support, some may support hosting CMS’ based website design or the Content Management System based website design and some may not. If you see your company requiring the CMS technology in the future then you will have to choose a web host company that supports such. Other technologies or applications that are specialised are MySQL, PostgreSQL and other databases, PHP, Perl and .NET or other server-side scripting languages.

3. Fail-safe – your web host must also be prepared in events that their system will experience server crashes. Check on what fail-safe measures are integrated into the web hosts’ system before you purchase the web host plan we do not want to lose our precious search engine ranking that was culled from our extensive SEO work so therefore be very specific and scrutinise the fail-safe system of the web host company.