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SEO Positive understands the importance of optimising your content and ensuring you appear high on Google rankings. There are certain ways to increase the optimisation levels of your copy and this tutorial explores how.

  • Add a Meta description – this part appears as a summary on Google rankings. It should be a snippet no more than 150 characters including spaces and should sell the website. It must contain some keywords and be concise and interesting.
  • Make sure every Meta description is unique – every blog post should have a unique Meta description about what the certain post is about. This increases SEO presence and alerts Google to new and unique material, which the search engine favours.
  • Add non follow links by customising Robot.txt files – for pages that may appear as duplicates non follow files should be added, this can include pages like printer friendly pages. Google can penalise for pages that seem the same and decrease your Google visibility.
  • Add a sitemap – this displays each part of your site and can also alert Google to fresh content posted on your blog.
  • Add custom error 404 pages – User errors such as typos or readers trying to change URL addresses manually rather than clicking on tabs can result in error pages occurring. If a unique and personal 404 error page is created it can be provide the user with a link to a page that does work and keep their presence on your website.

These simple and easily applied factors can optimise your web copy and increase your chance of appearing high on Google’s rankings. Blogs are also an effective way of achieving this and should be regularly updated and are a big commitment, so if you have spent lots of effort and time creating posts it only makes sense to ensure the possibility of them getting read.


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Many SEO companies and SEO consultants know that link building is an essential part of search engine optimisation. It is of course important to note that just like for content development, link building is also considered as the cornerstone of search engine optimisation. This is why after building the website, SEO companies and SEO Consultants would resort to content development as well as link building. What is important to note however is that some SEO Companies and SEO consultants have been missing out on the different characteristics or signals on what makes a good and high quality link. Links should not be taken from anywhere especially so that search engines especially Google have incorporated in their algorithm that which would penalise any website that will utilise web spam techniques both in content development and link building.

What is a Link Signal?

Before we identify what are the different link signals let us explain what a link signal is. When search engine algorithms were developed and improved search engine companies have incorporated in their algorithm a link signal evaluation system. It evaluates whether a link is of high quality or not. Link signals would be the indicator where the search engines would base on in order to know whether a link is of high quality or not.

What are the different Link Signals?

1. Origin Websites’ Worldwide Popularity – a website considered as having a wide audience base or simply with large global popularity is a great site to acquire a link from. This is because a globally popular website exudes lots of authority as well as trust rating.

2. Locally Popular Website – aside from the globally popular website a website which is also locally popular or those that are popular in their own niche would be considered as a website that also has credibility thus it would be a good way source for your links.

3. Neighbourhood – time and time again it is said that a site’s neighbourhood is always detected by search engines in order to know to which the site is linked with and which websites the target site is linking to. This is to determine whether the site in focus is linked to a bad neighbourhood or not. A site linked to a bad neighbourhood would sound the alarms of a search engine prompting it to de-rank a website or worst penalise such website.

4. Trust Ranking – just as what was stated above, search engine algorithms are built to identify low or poor quality links like those originating from bad neighbourhoods. In order to account for the link spams trust rankings of websites are also determined. Trust ranking could be built by building links from high quality websites, this is why it is very important to acquire links only from websites that are of high quality seo-wise.

5. The Anchor Text – a website that utilises keywords as their anchor text would be a good signal for search engines as making such keyword important and building lots of links using a specific anchor text would mean that there is a great chance for such website to rank or be indexed in the search engine using that keyword.

Conclusion on Link Building Signals

When building links it is important not only for you to know on how to create links for your website, it is also very important that you determine whether the website where you are gaining your link from would be of high quality and emanates positive signals to the search engines, otherwise you will be endangering your website in terms of the search engine results page rankings.


So Google has released another algorithm update and they have named it the Google Penguin. The SEO forums have burned in discussions because of this Google algorithm update and as usual many would again imply that the “sky is falling” rankings are lost and of course with it are their return of investments. Some have gone from page one of Google’s search engine results page to page one hundred or worst they may have lost their rankings and indexing from Google entirely. It is because of these lost rankings that many have been saying that “the sky is falling”. The question is should you believe them?

What is the Google Penguin

Many SEO companies and SEO consultants have had their sites hit by the Google penguin algorithm because of the fact that they have been using unscrupulous methods in order to increase the ranking of their website. The Google Penguin was developed in order to target web spam or those strategies which would result to manipulating the search engines. Strategies like link farming, duplicate content among other similar strategies are considered to be strategies that would tend to manipulate the search engine rankings.

Why Should You Not Be Bothered By The Penguin?

You should not be bothered by the penguin if you utilise white hat strategies. White hat SEO strategies directed into link building and content development will ensure that your rankings will increase and it will be able to create a reliable source of information worthy of being ranked in the first page of the Google search engine results page rankings. The following are some strategies which you can do in order not to be bothered by the penguin.

1. Write Informative and Unique Content – your website needs to have fresh content every time this is why you have to incorporate such content, however it should not only be just any content but rather it should be unique, informative and relevant to your websites’ content.

2. Build Quality Links – when building links you have to create such links organically or in such a way that you will not be manipulating the search engines. Building links naturally would mean to do them manually without the aide of any automation software application.


So you should not really be bothered by the Penguin if you have been doing white hat SEO strategies. Make sure that what you incorporate in your website whether be it a content or a link should be of high quality and not intended to manipulate any of the search engine algorithms.

Of course every SEO company and SEO consultant know that Google is the primary search engine of choice when it comes to gaining traffic due to the fact that Google has the highest number of user’s base. Google has about sixty to seventy percent share of search engine users worldwide while its competitors like Bing and Yahoo shares about twenty percent of internet users while the remaining ten percent is being shared among the different tertiary search engines. Google indeed is considered as the biggest source of traffic in terms of search engines. With that huge amount of internet users using Google the question is, is it possible to gain traffic without Google?

Other Traffic Sources

The answer is yes, there are other traffic sources other than Google and aggregating these sources may very well give enough traffic to your website to increase your readership, viewership and return of investment. The following alternative traffic sources are:

1. Social Media – ever heard of Facebook? Twitters? MySpace? And other social media websites? Well throughout the years social media websites have increased in popularity, take Facebook for example, it already have close to one billion users. This number of users from Facebook makes it a good target for gaining traffic. Many have utilised Facebook pages to create business pages to promote their products and services. How about Twitter? The limited number of characters allowed to be placed in the microblog is enough to promote your business or website to your followers just make sure that you make your Tweets interesting.

2. Social Bookmark – believe it or not there are internet users who are bookmarking websites or web content for them to easily remember the site url. Bookmarks gives a list of websites that have interesting contents in it, having your site placed in as many bookmarks as possible will guarantee a traffic flow from social bookmarks.

3. Blogs – if you cannot have your site rank in the search engine having your business promoted through blog sites which is considered as the online media will also be a good source of traffic for your website. Further, blogs have regular followers and subscribers thus if your site is promoted via blog sites you will gain visibility as well as traffic.


Well the question which you may be asking yourself is if websites could gain traffic from other sources aside from Google then should you just optimise without taking Google in consideration? Believe it or not, if you optimise your website without trying to manipulate the Google search engine you might actually get your website high into the Google search engine results page considering the fact that Google frowns upon strategies that may tend to manipulate rankings in their SERP.

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Inbound links or those links that comes from another website going to a target website is sought after by all SEO companies and SEO consultants. This is because inbound links are considered as “votes” to the website and if the origin of the link came from a website which could be considered of high quality. A link coming from a high quality website would also tantamount to having a high quality link. Acquiring high quality links to your website would help ensure that your website is going to be considered by search engines as reliable thus making it rank better in the search engine results page. With the current requirement from Google to penalise those websites with poor quality links and contents makes it all important for an SEO company and an SEO consultant to acquire high quality links from high quality website.

Characteristics of a High Quality Link

What is a high quality link? What makes a high quality link? The following are the characteristics of a high quality link:

1. The Website where the link is coming from should be of high page rank – page ranking is Google’s way of showing the reliability of the website by ranking it from zero to ten where ten is the highest value. If your link is emanating from a website with a high page rank the value of such link is increased and thus making your website a recipient of a high page rank value.

2. High Trust Ranking – a website that has a high trust ranking linking to your target website will give your target website also with a high trust ranking thus making your link to be considered as a high quality link.

3. Quality Content – believe it or not content also plays an important role in the determination of a quality link. If your websites does not contain relevant contents, where each content pertains to any topic and are really poorly written and spinned then the link to your website is of no value. Because of Google Panda content plays a role in the determination of link quality.


Links is considered as the lifeblood of search engines because of the fact that links are used as gateways for crawlers to move from one web page to another while gathering relevant information about the website for proper processing. This is why it is important for links to be of the highest quality in order to assure search engines that your site is not associated with unscrupulous websites that may contain malwares or contents that may be detrimental to your sites rankings. Thus in link building, determining what makes a link to be of high quality is important in order not to compromise your rankings.

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For some time the process known as search engine optimisation have come to follow the industry standard of keyword research, content development and link building. Combining these strategies makes your search engine optimisation efforts to be very effective. The only question is how much work you will be putting into your website in order to fully optimise them. Many SEO companies and SEO consultants however, has the tendency to skip several steps in the so called SEO industry standard, this may be caused by the fact that search engine optimisation strategies are very tedious and takes considerable amount of time. Content development for one requires talent and writing skills as well as requiring time allotment in order to create a well thought out content. Link building is also a tedious task since it requires searching for quality sites and determining how you would be able to incorporate a link to your website. Keyword research also takes a considerable amount of time, which is if you are not only relying on keyword research software might cut the time considerably but reliability of the keywords are compromised.

Can I Skip Keyword Research?

Many SEO companies and SEO consultant may not entirely abandon keyword research however taking the shorter route in keyword research will do a lot of damage to your entire search engine optimisation campaign. There is a very significant reason why keyword research is the first step in every search engine optimisation strategy. This is because keyword research allows you to determine which keywords you will be targeting in your entire SEO campaign. If content development and link building is search engine optimisations’ cornerstone, keyword research is the building block of content development and link building. This is why it is very important to give due priority to keyword research, so to answer the question, can you skip keyword research? In our opinion no, unless of course keywords were already predetermined by your client.


Go ahead skip keyword research, but you have to be ready for the consequences, a search engine optimisation campaign can be compared to a ship going nowhere. This is because of the fact that there is no definite keyword to target, if in case there is a keyword but was just taken out of the creative minds of the SEO company or SEO consultant without any solid backup data supporting the viability of the keyword based on traffic then the campaign would just be a money drain, with no apparent accomplishments. So finally should you forego keyword research? Definitely not.

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Facebook is said to be the number one social media platform worldwide, this is not a surprise considering the fact that Facebook has a close to one billion members. This is why Facebook has become a popular choice in terms of social media marketing. Apart from having a lot of members, Facebook offers a lot of features that will help their users depending on their chosen feature. Facebook indeed has captured a lot of users, and because of its member verification system in place a lot of business owners have been using Facebook not only to connect with their friends and families but also to advertise their business, products and services. With Facebook a lot of opportunities as well as requirements have emerged such as Facebook management.

The Change in Facebook

So many Facebook users including those who have used such social media platform to engage or gain clients for their business have grown used to using its social media interface. However, recent announcements done by the Social Media giant is going to change all that with its introduction of the Facebook timeline. Many people using Facebook have been reacting negatively to the introduction of the Facebook timeline including those who have been using Facebook for their business. This reaction may be due to the fact that people are afraid of change however in terms of business the new Facebook timeline will be able to bring a lot of benefits. Such benefits are the following:

1. Timeline Views – Through the timeline view branding could be incorporated, well timeline view is actually not new in Facebook, these are the text tabs found at the left side of the page it was redeveloped to display thumbnails rather that texts, allowing you to incorporate your company logo perhaps?

2. The Cover Photo – Facebook has incorporated a new feature in their interface and this is the cover photo, where you could use a unique photo as your profile’s header. Again another chance for branding as you could your company logo to be your Facebook pages’ cover photo.

3. Post Control – because of timeline you can now manage the different posts in your own timeline. You can highlight a post which you would like to be seen among your other posts. So if you have an important announcement it will not be pushed down by recent posts.

4. Easy Multimedia Inclusion – with the old Facebook interface incorporating multimedia in your post requires the use of your knowledge in HTML specifically that of the iFrame. In the new Facebook Timeline interface embedding multimedia is as easy as posting a message.


Change as they say is inevitable especially in the case of implementing the Facebook Timeline. The new features of Facebook Timeline introduced more opportunities for those who would like to utilise Facebook for business another alternative traffic source for SEO companies and SEO consultants.

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Many SEO companies and SEO consultants knows that every algorithm change in the search engine might cause the de-ranking of their target website, what is worst is that when the site is actually lost the revenue goes with it. This is the reason why many SEO Companies and SEO consultants are looking for other sources for site traffic. One of the most popular alternative site traffic sources is the use of social media. With the popularity of Facebook and Twitter and its ability to make a post viral became the focus of such SEO companies and SEO consultants looking for alternative traffic sources for their website. However, similar to search engine optimisation, social media marketing also requires considerable amount of work. The nature of social media is to create a community and to produce interaction between and among the members of the community.

The Power of Social Media

The fact that social media allows you to interact with a lot of people and the accounts of such people are readily verified, meaning they are actual people and promoting products and services online to actual people is faster and cheaper and with a high success rate. After building a social media community around your brand or product you will be able to easily inform your members about any promotions or updates about your products and services. Not only that, information can easily be shared by anyone in the community to his or her list of friends.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Social media could only become an effective tool if used properly this is why it is important to take the following in consideration:

1. Spark conversations – most of the time members of your community are just lurking around your page, this is why it is important to start a conversation. Creating a spark of conversation can be done by giving your community something interesting to talk about however it should be factual and within your pages’ niche.

2. Engage Bloggers – bloggers are gaining popularity worldwide because of their skill in writing and their ability to engage their readers. Blogging is considered as the fourth media and it is considered as one of the most reliable form of information because it comes from the actual experience of the person writing about the product or services.

3. Factual Social Media Profile – you should be factual when creating your account in the social media network, this is because of the fact that you would like to show that you are promoting an honest business. Therefore, showing your actual photo would be one of the best way to start gaining the trust of your community members.


There is a need to look for other sources of traffic just in case your search engine optimisation methods would falter due to algorithm changes. One of the best alternative traffic source is social media as it allows you to build a community around your brand and engage your members regarding the different products and services that your business is offering.

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If you have been following the trend in different websites you might have noticed that there is a lot of change on how a website is being designed and how it is being optimised. You might also have noticed that most of the websites nowadays especially those e-commerce websites have incorporated blog pages in their sites. What does it all mean? Why is there a blog page in an e-commerce website?

This is all because of the process called search engine optimisation. Search engines ranks websites according to how well optimised the websites it, of course it is no secret that websites that are found in the first page of Google Search engine results page ranking would have a higher share of traffic and of course a higher share of revenue. This is because of the fact that many search engine users feel that the website found in the first page of a search engines’ SERP is the most relevant site based on their keyword search and thus would be containing the information they need.

Why Incorporate Blog?

Google and the other search engines have gone through several updates in their search engine algorithm and one of those change for Google’s algorithm is Google freshness, where the algorithms would favor websites that continuously incorporate fresh content into their website. One of the goals of Google freshness is to make websites give value to their clients in terms of updated information. Further, Google wants to stop the development of static websites making them comparable to an online flyer or brochure. Fresh content being constantly incorporated in the website makes it dynamic thus information will not only remain to be stagnant. In addition to that blog writing can help increase the visibility of the keywords in your website as compared to only using the keywords in your standard content you can now maximise the use of the keywords in your content or blog page.


Blog writing is now an important part of search engine optimisation, the only thing that you have to remember when writing a blog is that your article should be unique and of high quality.

On May 5, 2012, the different social media sites burned because of the extensive discussion regarding the latest page rank update conducted by Google, of course a lot of website owners were very happy because of the fact that their page ranking increased and some even jumped two page ranks up. Some were felt the opposite because of the simple fact that their rankings went down. This roller coaster emotions by SEO companies and SEO consultants is because of the changes in the page ranking of their target website.

What is Page Rank?

In order to understand why many SEO companies and SEO consultants are worrying about their websites page ranking we have to understand what page ranking is. Page Rank basically is patented by Google, it is a ranking set in order to indicate the authority of the website. The ranking will start from a low zero to a high of page rank 10. The increase in page rank can be attributed with the link building SEO strategy where link page rank is passed on if it originated from a website with a high page rank. This is because of the fact that links from one website to another is considered as a “vote” to the recipient website which means that the more websites with high page rank linking the higher the page rank of the recipient website.

Page Rank and Panda or Penguin

Many would wonder if Penguin and Panda interplays with the Page rank. One of Panda and Penguins main focus is to track poor and spinned content making it reduce the ranking of the website in SERP. The main question therefore is does content now play a role in determining the page rank?

The Answer

Content nowadays play a significant role in determining the page rank of the website, this is because Google utilises the flesch-kincaid method where it tracks word spelling and sentence grammar and checks whether they are correct. Of course content is only one of the determining factors as links are still key players in determining the page rank of a website.


This just proves what we have always been saying on this blog time and again. In order for you to gain ranking either in the search engine results page or in the page ranking you have to incorporate quality not only in your link building efforts but most of all in your content development.