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When we cast our minds back to 2005, Facebook was a very different scene. Little more than an upgrade from the likes of Bebo and Myspace, it was a basic platform where people could search for friends, upload pictures and reminisce from the night before. 8 years and one billion users later and Facebook has undergone a radical transformation, providing apps, games and even real time Bingo.

The most recent bow to its arrow comes in the form of Facebook Home. Described as a family of apps, it automatically shows updates on homescreen and lockscreen, allowing you to view a steady stream of posts and photos the second you turn on your phone. Put simply, it takes over your home screen.

Mark Zuckerburg’s multi-billion empire sums up the new systems when they say “everything on your phone gets friendlier.” With faster access to the essentials, as well as upfront notifications, users can even continue their conversations whilst using other apps, surfing the internet or watching videos. What’s more, the social media giant has introduced Chat Heads. Upon a friend starting a conversation, a message will pop up with a photo of that person, allowing users to tap to open or simply swipe to ignore.

A whole new meaning to the word convenience it would seem, however has this so called `convenience` gone a step too far for some people? As to be expected from any major update introduced by Facebook, the news has been met with a sense of controversy, if not hysteria. A simple internet search can take you directly to advice on how to install Facebook Home, and rumours have already begun circulation that Google tried to block it. Google’s Eric Schmidt has been quick to dispel the idea however, stating it would be “against our religion”.

Facebook Home became available from the Android Play Store in the UK April 12th on HTC One as well as the Samsung Galaxy S3. Whilst it is not currently available for tablets, the company has hinted that it would like to venture this way in the future. It appears unlikely that Facebook Home will launch on iPhone however.

With the news not having long broken, many are still in the dark as to what Facebook Home actually is, let alone installed it yet, but as more take the plunge it will be interesting to monitor the reaction it receives.

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Televisions and mobile phones have become an integral part of everybody’s lives. We spend hours each day making calls, interacting online, sending text messages and browsing the web all on our mobiles. The other screen we spend a lot of time looking at is that of the television. Whether it is unwinding after work, embracing sport or catching up with the latest popular programs, the television makes up a large proportion of the UK’s popular culture.

So what happens when the two collide? The merging of social media and television is a phenomenon that has occurred over the last few years. Until recently the use of hashtags and trending was not commonly connected with television programs, yet now it is a regular, mundane feature. Television programs even create and visibly display them throughout the show encouraging the use and discussion of the show on social media sites like Twitter.

This type of ‘social TV’ also exists on Facebook where it is possible to view opinions and remarks about shows that are commonly watched such as the likes of X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and Big Brother. This means that if the user logs on at a certain time whilst the program is on television it is highly likely that they will see many related posts. Sean W. Bohan Co-Founder of Decahedralist Strategic Consulting explained, ‘The user doesn’t call this social TV – they call it their normal behavior  Apps that create more enhanced experiences like syncing to the audio from the TV, timed with the show, encouraging interaction etc…will create new opportunities for sponsorship and revenue. ‘

Mike Knowlton, from Murmur added, ‘I expect to see a continued growth in ‘Second Screen Viewing’, we’ll see a new move to better integration social activity into TV content.’

So what does this mean for TV in the future? Many feel a large emphasis will be placed on the encouragement of social interaction and creating a buzz about a television program through the use of social media platforms.

Overall, the move towards social media and the acceptance of it in everyday life displays how it is a platform that will not be going away.

The emergence of social media has truly revolutionised the way internet marketers do in their respective businesses. If we are to rewind to the time when facebook and twitter were not yet in existence, small and large businesses were actually doing the traditional advertising campaigns. It might be a lot slower compared to the present advertising capabilities brought by social media, but that was fair one and the public receive information without having them fooled or manipulated.

 Social Media as Form of Advertising

Today, most business owners are beginning to utilise the power of social media in making their businesses put into the limelight. It is even safe to deduce that all existing companies who know how social media work to their benefits made fan pages where people can like or follow. The potentials for companies to earn a wide audience have pushed business owners to incorporate facebook and twitter badges on their sites.   At first, we can say that these actions of marketers point to a single purpose and that is to shape public opinion. With their respective fan pages where they gained thousand likes and thousand followers, it would appear that many people trust their companies or the brands they are trying to market.

 The Dark Side of Social Media

But here is the other side of the coin, some business owners are now resorting to fool the public by manipulating the number of likes and followers for their brands or companies. This is done by sponsoring people to create different social media accounts such as in facebook or twitter and make them like or follow the page. The controversial part is these facebook like or twitter follow stuffs have been made job posts in various online job freelancing platforms. If we are to analyse these moves, these guys are simply making fun of the credibility of the social media by trying to manipulate their company’s credibility.

 What Matters Most

Basically, there is more about the social media than just relying in the number of likes or followers you get to your page. And it’s one of the things that are overlooked by these business owners. They think that by getting thousands and thousands of likes or followers, they will gain the trust of the public just like every business marketer wishes to. But, they are wrong. Though the number of likes or followers can be a factor to build confidence among the public, the best weapon to win the heart of the public is through content sharing through posts, discussions, and forums where close interactions between the company and the clients are empowered. If business owners only invest in the quantity of likes and followers without building an interactive environment with their clients, then their efforts to pay for people to like and follow their pages will only be futile.

Until there has not been proof that the number of likes and followers has a value to search engine optimisation, then it would be better if these business owners would implement the proven SEO techniques to gain a broad audience where their products or services can be seen to the maximum.


If you are an SEO Company or an SEO consultant one of the things that you have to have is a good reputation. We very well know that one of the main consideration that a potential client is looking for is the capabilities of an SEO company or an SEO Consultant and such capabilities could only be shown through the company’s online reputation this actually does not only apply to SEO companies or SEO consultants this would actually apply to all those who are engaging in online business and those who have their website.

Why Build Your Reputation Online?

One of the main reasons why you have to build your online reputation is the fact that you are entering into a vast world on competition, and showing a strong portfolio would mean that you will most likely be preferred by clients searching for products or services which you may offer. Since the scope of coverage for a website, or its power of reach is global, competition is really intense. Another reason why you have to build your reputation online is because of the fact that you want your clients and potential clients to build a feeling of trust and confidence towards your brand or towards the product or services that you have to offer.

How to Build Your Reputation Online?

Building your online reputation is very easy, you just need to be very consistent in how you conduct your transactions online. The following are some of the things which you could do in order to build your online reputation:
1. Create a Social Media Community – social media has a very diverse type, there are social media platforms such as facebook, microblogs such as twitter and of course the different blog sites. You can build a community through your Facebook page, your twitter handle and you can also build a community of followers through the readers of your blog. Whatever your choice of platform is building a community would help you in building your online reputation.
2. Create your own Brand – creating your own brand is as easy as incorporating your logo into your website, this way people who visits your site would easily associate your products and services with your website. This creates a base for your online reputation because your brand will be what the clients remember and associate with the products or services that you will be offering.
3. Ensure Smooth Transactions – ensuring smooth transactions will give your clients the enthusiasm to give your website, product or service a great review. There are several online review sites which would allow people to write a review about a company’s product and services thus if you will ensure smooth transactions with you client chances are they will be motivated to write positive review about your company, products and or services.
Building an online reputation and the processes involved therein are fairly easy, however keeping a positive reputation may be difficult if you or your company would not practice consistency on how transactions are handled or dealt with.

Of course every SEO company and SEO consultant know that Google is the primary search engine of choice when it comes to gaining traffic due to the fact that Google has the highest number of user’s base. Google has about sixty to seventy percent share of search engine users worldwide while its competitors like Bing and Yahoo shares about twenty percent of internet users while the remaining ten percent is being shared among the different tertiary search engines. Google indeed is considered as the biggest source of traffic in terms of search engines. With that huge amount of internet users using Google the question is, is it possible to gain traffic without Google?

Other Traffic Sources

The answer is yes, there are other traffic sources other than Google and aggregating these sources may very well give enough traffic to your website to increase your readership, viewership and return of investment. The following alternative traffic sources are:

1. Social Media – ever heard of Facebook? Twitters? MySpace? And other social media websites? Well throughout the years social media websites have increased in popularity, take Facebook for example, it already have close to one billion users. This number of users from Facebook makes it a good target for gaining traffic. Many have utilised Facebook pages to create business pages to promote their products and services. How about Twitter? The limited number of characters allowed to be placed in the microblog is enough to promote your business or website to your followers just make sure that you make your Tweets interesting.

2. Social Bookmark – believe it or not there are internet users who are bookmarking websites or web content for them to easily remember the site url. Bookmarks gives a list of websites that have interesting contents in it, having your site placed in as many bookmarks as possible will guarantee a traffic flow from social bookmarks.

3. Blogs – if you cannot have your site rank in the search engine having your business promoted through blog sites which is considered as the online media will also be a good source of traffic for your website. Further, blogs have regular followers and subscribers thus if your site is promoted via blog sites you will gain visibility as well as traffic.


Well the question which you may be asking yourself is if websites could gain traffic from other sources aside from Google then should you just optimise without taking Google in consideration? Believe it or not, if you optimise your website without trying to manipulate the Google search engine you might actually get your website high into the Google search engine results page considering the fact that Google frowns upon strategies that may tend to manipulate rankings in their SERP.

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Many SEO companies and SEO consultants knows that every algorithm change in the search engine might cause the de-ranking of their target website, what is worst is that when the site is actually lost the revenue goes with it. This is the reason why many SEO Companies and SEO consultants are looking for other sources for site traffic. One of the most popular alternative site traffic sources is the use of social media. With the popularity of Facebook and Twitter and its ability to make a post viral became the focus of such SEO companies and SEO consultants looking for alternative traffic sources for their website. However, similar to search engine optimisation, social media marketing also requires considerable amount of work. The nature of social media is to create a community and to produce interaction between and among the members of the community.

The Power of Social Media

The fact that social media allows you to interact with a lot of people and the accounts of such people are readily verified, meaning they are actual people and promoting products and services online to actual people is faster and cheaper and with a high success rate. After building a social media community around your brand or product you will be able to easily inform your members about any promotions or updates about your products and services. Not only that, information can easily be shared by anyone in the community to his or her list of friends.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Social media could only become an effective tool if used properly this is why it is important to take the following in consideration:

1. Spark conversations – most of the time members of your community are just lurking around your page, this is why it is important to start a conversation. Creating a spark of conversation can be done by giving your community something interesting to talk about however it should be factual and within your pages’ niche.

2. Engage Bloggers – bloggers are gaining popularity worldwide because of their skill in writing and their ability to engage their readers. Blogging is considered as the fourth media and it is considered as one of the most reliable form of information because it comes from the actual experience of the person writing about the product or services.

3. Factual Social Media Profile – you should be factual when creating your account in the social media network, this is because of the fact that you would like to show that you are promoting an honest business. Therefore, showing your actual photo would be one of the best way to start gaining the trust of your community members.


There is a need to look for other sources of traffic just in case your search engine optimisation methods would falter due to algorithm changes. One of the best alternative traffic source is social media as it allows you to build a community around your brand and engage your members regarding the different products and services that your business is offering.

It is with no doubt that social media is fast becoming popular not only among users but also among online marketers particularly SEO Companies and SEO Consultants. This is because of the fact that social media is a very effective tool in order for your website to gain popularity as well as gain targeted traffic. Social media like Facebook is now used not only as an avenue to connect to friends, families and acquaintances but also to connect with potential clients.

Why Use Social Media?

It is because of the fact that social media verifies the validity of the account that there are lesser possibilities that you are talking to a bot which means you are actually promoting your business to actual users or persons. Further, social media has the ability to make a post or promotion viral, since it is easy to share information through the social media one post could reach thousands of users.

How to Effectively Use Social Media?

Creating a Fan Page or a Social media account doesn’t mean that you already have the advantage and could gain immediate traffic. In order to gain traffic from your social media page you will have to need one more ingredient and that is engagement. You need to engage your potential clients in order to have a successful social media campaign. The following are some steps on how you can effectively use social media to engage or to gain traffic:

1. Invest Time – since social media is in real time you need to invest in time, the time is used to answer the queries of those who are members of your communities, also you would need time to gather members to your social media community. Either way investing on time is essential and should not be taken for granted.

2. Set your Goal – it is very important that you make your goals for setting a social media account clear. A clear goal would help you decide on what course of actions to take and how to go about in engaging your potential clients or community members.

3. Do not Post Your Sales Pitch – you might not like this idea especially if you are trying to use social media to sell, however you have to understand that the community in social media could outright determine whether or not you are just using the account to sell. Instead your post should engage the members of your community to visit your website where your sales pitch are located, but never post any sales pitch in your status updates  or profiles.

4. Keep Calm – there will be instances where members of your community will be throwing rude comments or questions, in this case you have to keep calm because a violent reaction might have dire consequences later on especially that posting violent reactions will just give a negative impression on your company.

5. Post your Community Guidelines – when building you have to indicate your guidelines, this way you will be able to show your community that despite you allow the exercise of freedom of speech you still have control over those who abuse such right in your community.

Conclusion on How To Use Social Media

Social media could be a powerful online marketing tools for SEO Companies and SEO consultants, with the changes in the algorithm of the different search engines having a different source of traffic will help in your online marketing campaign especially if you have lost your rankings in different search engines. One thing that you have to remember though is that you are building a community where members can freely interact thus maintaining rules as well as following the different guidelines as stated above will help ensure the success of your social media campaign.

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It is very obvious that the popularity of many social media sites is increasing. More and more SEO consultants or SEO companies are recognising the importance of these social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. But how exactly Facebook management help you with your SEO Campaign?

The main reason why many SEO consultants and SEO companies are working on implementing a good Facebook management is the fact that Facebook is known to carry lots and lots of traffic to any website. It is even considered now as a big part of SEO. The success of Facebook to reach a lot of audience is undeniable. It does make a real sense why renowned SEO Consultants and SEO Companies have already integrated Facebook management in their search engine optimisation campaigns.

A good Facebook management strategy will obviously bring the rankings and SERP as well as traffic to where your goal is. The fact that Facebook is even considered best in the field of online marketing, SEO companies and SEO consultants have actually devised ways and means in order to turn Facebook users to leads. Any SEO company should never make Facebook management less important if they wanted to become successful online.

The question of why Facebook is very effective for SEO marketing can be answered by many of the benefits it offers. The platform that is being used in Facebook allows great interactions between people. Thus, marketing is never a problem when it comes to this social networking site.

All SEO consultants and SEO companies should do is to be creative in engaging Facebook users to click the link to their target website or to be converted in to potential clients or customers, making Facebook is one of the best ways to bring more traffic to a site. Having a good SEO campaign, plus a good Facebook management strategy will definitely bring you where you want. Getting more traffic means a higher rank, in which in return will guarantee good end result and of course high return of investment.



The social media giant CEO recently posted on Facebook that “the talented team at Instagram will be joining Facebook”. This after a deal from Instagram and Facebook has been reached to the tune of around one billion dollars ($1Billion) worth in cash and stocks. According to SEO companies and SEO consultants and social media managers that this move by Facebook is to maintain its dominance over the social media especially in the line of photo sharing among social media users, it is known that more than two hundred fifty million photographs are being uploaded by users via Facebook.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a two year old company that is focused on providing photo-sharing services for its users. It is a diverse Photo sharing application that allows users to share Photos via different social media networks, although instagram is popularly used by many as a way of sharing photos via Facebook. Instagram was initially a mobile application for the iOS or Apple products but has later on provided availability of its Android version.

Instagram’s worth

Instagram obviously is a worthwhile investment for Facebook having spent one billion dollars to a start-up company that was just established two years ago. The Photo sharing capability of Instagram is what Facebook seeks to enhance and incorporate in their social media features.

The Agreement

Instagram and Facebook agreed that the photo sharing application will be  independently developed, this means that Instagram will not be exclusively used for Facebook photosharing rather it will still have the capability to share photos through other social media networks. In addition the list of Instagram followers will not be incorporated with Facebook’s group thus maintaining control over their own list.


With the incorporation of Instagram with Facebook, the social media giant hopes that their capability to provide users with better photo sharing experience will be realised, this is an investment that Facebook made for the first time in terms of acquiring a company that has a lot of user or follower base.

One of the good advices anyone can give in any endeavour is to “take a risk and learn from your mistakes”, a better advice that could be followed by everyone is to “learn from others’ mistakes”. There are instances where we can prevent disaster from happening by arming ourselves with the proper knowledge and such proper knowledge could even be learned by learning from the mistakes that were committed by others.

Mistake and Social Media Marketing

One of the newest marketing strategy for SEO companies and SEO consultants is via the internet is Social media marketing, this is said to be a very productive marketing strategy but also a very volatile one since you will be dealing with people directly through social media networks, where comments placed could either make or break your company reputation. This is why committing a mistake in your social media campaign could turn your marketing campaign into a nightmare.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Through the experiences of social media managers there were several Social media marketing mistakes that we have learned and are now sharing it with you in order to avoid this kind of problems in the near future:

1. Lacks Interaction – setting up a Facebook fan page or a Twitter Account for the company is a potential avenue for marketing, therefore you have to work to increase your company reputation in the world of social media, which means that you have to interact with your clients or potential clients who would be asking your questions, giving their comments and posting their suggestions. By quickly responding to their queries you will be able to manage your company’s online reputation.

2. Forgetting the Call To Action – a basic requirement in every marketing effort is to include your call to action method. This is because of the fact that call to actions would tend  to motivate clients, potential clients or maybe the site visitors to purchase or avail of your products and services, should you post a status update a little call to action may not hurt.

3. Unreliable Content – sometimes it is easier to copy content and post it in your social media status however this is a dangerous practice since it would open up the avenue for complaints and negative comments in your website, make sure that all the content that you will be placing in your social media status is original and reliable because all clients or potential clients visiting your website are looking only for reliable contents.

Conclusion on Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing deals with actual people who are in the members of such online community, once you create your own social media page you are actually building a community for your company and thus it is important to look after your community by not committing such social media mistakes previously stated.