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Posted on: March 12, 2012 10:58 am


In the continuous battle for search engine supremacy the victor is always being determined by the number of users that are using the search engine. During the early days of search engines Yahoo was considered to be the giant in terms of search engines until Google came into the picture. Since its inception Google has been regarded as the giant in search engine because of the fact that it is being utilised by more than sixty to seventy percent of internet users, the only question is will also become a social media giant? Many search engines spawned after Yahoo and Google among them is Microsoft’s MSN search which was recreated and which is now known as Bing.

In the battle for search engine supremacy Microsoft has taken Google head on and has taken several steps in order to entice users to switch to Google as well as to increase their user’s base using other methods. Microsoft enticed users to defect from Google by funding an extensive ad campaign and during those times Microsoft was still in third place in terms of search engine users. Microsoft then entered into a deal with Yahoo which merged the user’s base of both search engines. These efforts though increased the user’s share of Bing it did not even measure up to the sixty percent user’s base of Google.

Even with the constant algorithm changes from Google, the search engine giant remains to be on top, according to the recent survey from comScore Google has about sixty-six point four percent internet users share (66.4%). This is an increase from last years 66.2 percent. As for Microsoft’s Bing it took 15.3 percent and Yahoo taking 13.8 percent making the combined Microsoft-Yahoo internet users share to 29.1 percent which is lower than what Google has achieved. Even after being marred by numerous negative issues or comments from Google’s privacy policy shift the company still manages to give internet users the quality of search results that the clients deserve. No wonder a lot of SEO companies and SEO consultants are using Google as their main targeted search engine.

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Posted on: March 8, 2012 12:42 pm


Aside from Google one of the major players in the field of search engine is Microsoft’s Bing. Microsoft started to compete with Google when they launched their supposed new search engine named Bing. To add to their competitiveness Microsoft entered into a deal with Yahoo, the second largest search engine in terms of usage, and this gave Microsoft Bing an increase in terms of search engine users. For SEO companies and SEO consultants this increase in the number of users in Bing is a point of interest because of the fact that it means that Bing has captured a considerable percentage of the internet market and thus making it the secondary target search engine in terms of search engine optimisation. Of course we all know that search engine algorithm is unique to every company and while Google started to give updates on any algorithm changes through their list known as the “search quality highlights”, Bing has not done the same until today.

Bing has launched the counterpart of Google’s search quality highlights dubbed as the search quality insights, this is Bing’s way of informing their users and SEO consultants and SEO companies in particular regarding their algorithm changes and how it affects the ranking of websites in their search engine results page. Although it would seem like Bing has just copied Google’s way of information dissemination regarding their algorithm updates, Microsoft have enumerated several differences. For one, Google’s search quality highlights are written in a list format briefly explaining the different algorithm changes while for Bing the algorithm changes would be disseminated via their official blog post, this means that there might be an extensive explanation of every algorithm change.

Another difference from Google’s search quality highlights to that of Bings search quality insights is that the former’s purpose is to inform SEO companies and SEO consultants as well as the users as part of their goal of transparency, for Bing however their search quality insights is seen as promotional in nature apart from giving information to their users, promotional in the sense that the blog will be used to inform readers on why their search engine is better thus enticing readers to use Bing instead of other search engines, what we could also look forward to this blog is if there would be advises regarding Bing PPC.

Whatever the purposes or their reasons maybe one thing is for sure, Google and Bing’s algorithm changes are done with the same goal and that is to improve user experience as well as make their search results accurate.

It has been made public as of now that Google are definitely against the SOPA act, and they definitely have just reason to be. Although they are with the SOPA movement, you won’t be sent to a black screen, Google has used their staggering traffic to the best of their ability.

If you log onto, you will notice at the bottom of the page there is a message from congress which states “Tell congress: Please don’t censor the web”, and by clicking this link, it will take you to another section of Google in which you can sign an online petition to stop SOPA and PIPA, on top of that… information about the two bills are available. More importantly the effects of these bills are explained which is something that is hard to find. Then there is a community section that proves the growing community that are opposing the movements. Internet giants such as Facebook, Twitter, eBay, PayPal and of course Google, not to mention the countless others who are opposing the censorship of the internet.

The Effects

According to Google, SOPA and PIPA will do more harm than good. This is because it will force internet businesses to closely monitor everything linking to their site and if they are in violation of any new laws according to SOPA and PIPA, then it could potentially mean the end of the business, which will leave a huge number of people jobless.

It would be different if SOPA and PIPA actually worked, according to the big G!, these acts won’t stop online piracy. The regulations written in these bills wont successfully shut down their sites, they will simply transfer them to another domain and continue until they are caught again.


Anyone who works on the internet frequently has had their work stolen and pirated before. Whether you’re a writer or film maker, it happens so often and there is not much we can do about it. We do need a bill or law to prevent online piracy. However we need one that will work and not end up crippling the internet as we know it. This change will have a huge effect on social media and could potentially put a stop to it, not to mention SEO and PPC as the algorithm will be a completely different and most likely biased, and that is if it hasn’t been banned by a government.

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Yahoo and Bing have created a search alliance together. This new found partnership enables web masters to manage their PPC campaigns on both search engines, but only from one site. This means that running a campaign on both websites is more convenient than ever.

Step Up

Google is the search giant; there is no dispute about that. However, we all know that Yahoo have been slowly declining and have been in need of a comeback. This alliance could be exactly what Yahoo needs to begin to bring back higher user activity on their site. Especially since Yahoo site explorer went down, which was a tool that displayed incoming links, this tool was heavily used by SEO ‘s around the world. Now the alliance has been formed, this could be Yahoo’s big break.

What The Bing?

The question must be raised, what is in it for Bing? Well the most obvious reason would be a higher volume of search. Although Yahoo is on a downhill slope right now so the search volume required would not be that great. I think there are other reasons for this Alliance. Possibly Yahoo’s tech heads are better with PPC or may have a more technical algorithm than Bing.

Taking On The G!

Since Google is the king of search, I believe this is an attempt for the two engines (Y! + Bing) to team up and group together their current volumes of traffic and make an attempt to beat Google, this will be tough to accomplish straight away, any search engine to take on Google will not receive an instant win. So unless an awesome advance in the industry is made by Yahoo and Bing, then it will be difficult for them to overcome Google and become the top source of information on the web.


It is unlikely that we will be informed the true reason for this alliance. It is most likely an attempt to combat Google but the reason why they are teaming up is much more than we know. Yahoo are most likely part of this to bring themselves back from their decline. However the reasons for Bing to be a part of this alliance are unclear.

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It’s a well-known fact that search engine giant Google owns the majority of the global market share, which currently stands at approximately 83%, but it seems that the smaller search engine brands are thinking of new ways to challenge Google’s international standing.

Microsoft has recently launched its dedicated search app for the iPad, which isn’t big news for the hordes of violently loyal Google fanatics, but is important news for the industry. Bing’s simple, concise search app is already being tipped as a great alternative for those who find the Google search iPad app a bit awkward. Put simply, Bing’s focused approach to search has made many iPad users sit up and consider life beyond Google.

Google have also faced criticism in the past for overwhelming users with an interface that links heavily to other applications – some users are pleased with the practicality this provides but others argue that access to such sensitive information as their calendar schedule and personal emails should be more heavily guarded. Bing counteracts this issue by developing their app to deal with search and search only. There are all the usual links to news stories and Bing Shopping entries, but without all the fuss and frills, a concept that many iPad owners will appreciate.

From an SEO point of view, SEO consultants should be taking note of similar recent innovations from the smaller search engine companies such as Bing. As it stands, many established SEO companies deal exclusively with Google purely because of its unquestionable worldwide reputation, but perhaps developments such as these that seem to be trumping Google’s efforts will cause SEO firms to look into the advantages of dealing with less popular search engines. After all, sales of mobile devices are on the rise and this represents an interesting shift in the search trends of users – fresh ground for smaller search brands such as Bing and Yahoo to claim as their own.

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Posted on: September 27, 2010 9:09 am


For so many years Yahoo have been the constant competition of the search engine giant, Google. Yahoo was one of the first search engines and had its share of the number one spot, however when Google emerged the Yahoo search engine was not able to recover. Microsoft on the other hand started as an Operating System company who became ambitious and have been motivated or driven to develop their own search engine, Microsoft have developed the MSN live search engine platform but after several years of being on the bottom three of the primary search engine they have decided to change several things and such change was the birth of Bing which is now Microsoft’s flagship search engine. After several attempts of being number one Microsoft remained to be in the third spot despite financing advertisements for the Bing search engine and the financing of several other endeavours that Microsoft believed to be a traffic-increasing activity, this event led to Yahoo and Bing having to merge. Failing to topple Google from the number one spot Yahoo and Microsoft have entered into an agreement where Yahoo will be using Microsoft’s search engine platform, this is for the purpose of increasing or merging the user share of the two search engine which is hoped to be enough to topple Google. This agreement was implemented only August of this year. With that implementation however came the latest survey from Nielsen showing that Bing have already surpassed Yahoo in the Month of August this is even without the effects of the merger. This would mean therefore that Bing does have the potential to increase users share independently and it is believed that with the merger Bing will gain further in terms of users share, this is an information or event that SEO companies and SEO consultants should therefore not ignore.

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Posted on: July 9, 2010 12:50 pm


It has been for several months now since the escalation of the battle for internet users supremacy started between Google and Microsoft. This was sparked by Microsoft’s entry to the search engine game by releasing its new search engine Bing. To add to that Microsoft also launched a multi-million ad campaign in preparation for the launch of Bing and when finally launched Microsoft have entered into a deal with Google’s long time search engine nemesis Yahoo in to a partnership. Despite of these moves done by Microsoft, Google remained steadfast and still holds the number one spot in terms of internet users share among search engines. This continuous reign of Google may be attributed to the fact that the search engine giant is also continuously improving its search engine results algorithm in order to give users the most accurate results based on their search terms.

Not to mention the fact that Google was able to acquire several small companies that would help augment the different departments or divisions of the search engine giant. Microsoft, in its effort to again attempt to topple Google from the number one spot, recently released a new application, this time one that would pertain to the next generation in search and that is through mobile search. Microsoft recently released an application that is for the iPhone and the iPod touch, this is the new version of their search application which is said to collide head to head with the mobile application of the search engine giant Google. The search engine application of Microsoft would include a visual scanning features that is similar to that of Google’s Goggles application that is currently being utilised in smartphones running on Android platforms. Microsoft says that their new Bing mobile application also includes social features, one that would show status updates from a persons twitter or facebook account. It also has improvements on its Shopping and Movies sections which includes additional store links, product prices, show times and video trailers.

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The world of the cloud or previously known as the internet is a fast changing world. From the initial information distribution system the cloud is now seen as a avenues for several purposes, examples of which are the internet is used for business, education and even health. Since the expansion of the internet started many uses have been seen to emerge. This is the reason why companies engaged online should also be able to cope up with the fast changing environment of the cloud. This is one of the premise on why Microsoft is going to implement an upgrade of their existing search engine system. Microsoft is set to implement such upgrade because  of the fact that the search engine aims to compete with Google who is currently holding the top spot in terms of search engine users’ share. In order to do the implementation a research was first conducted by Microsoft and according to the research is that around 42% of all of Bing’s queries requires fine tuning which means that the returned results by the search engine is not very accurate as what was initially desired. To solve this initial problem Microsoft inserted in the search engine the quick tabs function which allows users to easily get to  a relevant content from the given search, however, even with the quick tabs Microsoft and its users knows that there is a more accurate solution.

Another Upgrade that Microsoft is going to implement in their search engine algorithm is the real-time search, with its newly formed ties with Twitter, a real-time microblogging site, Microsoft is seen to be also focusing its resources in developing the real-time capabilities of the search engine, among the different real-time features are the real-time search and real-time content via the most popular shared links. For an SEO company and an SEO consultant these area’s that are lined up for upgrade should be focused on as it may give due advantage for those who are first in following the new features.

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The battle for the number one spot in terms of users’ share have been escalating since the last weeks of last year, acquisitions of smaller but potential companies have been made and the biggest deal have been forged. All these happened because both Microsoft and Yahoo would like to topple the search engine giant, Google from its number one position which the search engine company is still holding up to today. On the other hand the search engine giant Google have made its own acquisition of different small venture with the goal of maintaining its lead over the two contenders in the search engine field and also to return to the search engine company former employees who have ventured into their personal business.

The biggest merger in terms of internet companies was that between Yahoo and Microsoft but this merger came under fire as there were contentions that such deal was unfair and biased. The complaint reached the U.S. Department of Justice and proceeded to investigate the case. After the investigation was done the U.S. Department of Justice found the deal to be valid as it is beneficial to Microsoft’s Bing. The Department of Justice further contended that since Microsoft will be able to handle the backend of Yahoo searches Bing will have three times the search queries. This will thus enable Bing to increase the speed of its automated learning capacity which would thus enable the search engine to display more accurate and relevant results. This would thus further mean that searchers or users will be able to find what they are looking for the first time around.

With the steady gain in terms of search engine users Bing is now seen as a valid and strong competitor against the search engine giant Google, and with the approval of the U.S. Department of Justice regarding the merger it is clear that Google is being threatened in its hold to the number one position in terms of user share.

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For several months since its launch Microsoft’s Bing is still undergoing major upgrades wherein several features are being added. It is the hope of Microsoft that with these features integrated Bing would be able to entice more clients or internet users. Among the latest features that Microsoft has added in their search engine is and integration with the computational knowledge search engine Wolfram Alpha, this would make searching for computation answers easier because it is what wolfram alpha provides, this feature would then enable the display of not just links but also computations and answers.

Microsoft also added a feature that is centered on the different tasks for the search engine to do, this is integrated in the homepage of Bing. At first glance there is not much change but if you click on  the different categories you will be given a more centered search option pertaining to that category, like for example if you click on travel several related keywords would be seen such as cheap flights among others.

Microsoft is also enhancing Bing’s database of local information that would cater to hundreds if not thousands of cities, mostly these would center on incorporating neighborhoods, local attraction and information and other points of interests. The data gathered would later be placed or integrated in a high resolution slide show.

With its integration with the social media network facebook, connecting with friends, finding events and shopping through facebook is now made easier and a lot more convenient for both Facebook and Bing users.