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Posted on: March 15, 2012 2:39 pm


Every time we see an article post or a blog post, we are reminded of the fact that a visitor in your website will only need two seconds to click away from your website. SEO companies or Website Owners of course cannot help but accept this fact as this is just the nature of a website-user interaction, if a user does not want to go through your site content he or she will just need to click out of your website and you lose a visitor and may have increased your site’s bounce rate. This is why it is important for an SEO company or a content developer to immediately capture the attention of the visitor and make such visitor to stay within the targeted website. So how does one capture the attention of the visitor? There are several ways on how one can capture the attention of the visitor, the most popular method are by way of an interesting photos or an intriguing title. Let us focus on the latter method, how does one write a compelling title? Or how does one create a title that will capture the attention of the site visitor?

These are some of the different ways on how you can capture the attention of your visitors through your article post title:

1. The Title Must Imply that the visitor will gain something – your title must be written in such a manner that you will be implying that the visitor will gain something from reading through the article or your post. Gaining something does not necessarily mean financial gain, an instant prize in your title may even discourage your visitor, it means that you will be giving the user the information that he or she is searching for, example of titles that will imply gaining some benefit from your content would be “How to…”, “Top 10…”, for example “How to Make Compelling Articles”.

2. The Title Must Spark Curiosity – make your title intriguing enough that it would ignite the curiosity of your website visitor, one thing that you have to take into consideration though is that no matter how intriguing your title is, it must remain to be relevant with your site’s content.

3. The Title Must Be Presentable – presentation must always be taken into consideration when writing the title of your article post, sometimes the right choice of font color as well as the type of font would help in capturing the attention of the website visitor.

Indeed, the importance of having a great title, one that would capture the attention of the site visitor. This importance is rooted upon the premise that site visitors are drawn to reading through your content if your title would capture the visitors’ attention.

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Posted on: March 4, 2012 2:45 pm


One of the online marketing strategy of SEO Companies and SEO consultants is by way of submitting press releases to different press release sites. These press release sites are considered to be reliable sites which accepts press releases from different companies that are within their categories. Press releases are different from article or blog posts since press releases focuses on the events, feats or milestones of the company or website being promoted. It is not like a blog post where opinions or experiences are the main focus, press releases are mostly focused on a generalised topic about the company and are based on factual events and are not opinionated. Therefore, writing a press release is entirely different from writing an article or a blog post, the following are some guidelines in order for you to write a great press release:

1. Use the Press Release format – writing a press release is like writing a news story, you should include in your press release body the location of the Business being promoted and the complete date of the press release. Following this format would inform the reader about the type of press release he or she is reading.

2. Capture the Readers Attention – in order to make your press release viable it must capture the attention of your readers, therefore it is important that you write an interesting headline along with an interesting first sentence in your press release body. This way you will capture the attention of your readers and hopefully you would gain their interest in reading through your press release.

3. Incorporate Company information – it is imperative that you incorporate the company information of the business or website you are promoting, this is to make it clear to your reader that the press release is promoting such business or website. A short company profile would also add to the promotion process of your press release thus it should not be omitted.

These are just some of the guidelines that you can do when writing your press release, you may have noticed that the guidelines are much different from writing a blog post thus following such guidelines will not only allow you to write great press releases but also allow you to differentiate a press release from a blog post.

It has been made public as of now that Google are definitely against the SOPA act, and they definitely have just reason to be. Although they are with the SOPA movement, you won’t be sent to a black screen, Google has used their staggering traffic to the best of their ability.

If you log onto, you will notice at the bottom of the page there is a message from congress which states “Tell congress: Please don’t censor the web”, and by clicking this link, it will take you to another section of Google in which you can sign an online petition to stop SOPA and PIPA, on top of that… information about the two bills are available. More importantly the effects of these bills are explained which is something that is hard to find. Then there is a community section that proves the growing community that are opposing the movements. Internet giants such as Facebook, Twitter, eBay, PayPal and of course Google, not to mention the countless others who are opposing the censorship of the internet.

The Effects

According to Google, SOPA and PIPA will do more harm than good. This is because it will force internet businesses to closely monitor everything linking to their site and if they are in violation of any new laws according to SOPA and PIPA, then it could potentially mean the end of the business, which will leave a huge number of people jobless.

It would be different if SOPA and PIPA actually worked, according to the big G!, these acts won’t stop online piracy. The regulations written in these bills wont successfully shut down their sites, they will simply transfer them to another domain and continue until they are caught again.


Anyone who works on the internet frequently has had their work stolen and pirated before. Whether you’re a writer or film maker, it happens so often and there is not much we can do about it. We do need a bill or law to prevent online piracy. However we need one that will work and not end up crippling the internet as we know it. This change will have a huge effect on social media and could potentially put a stop to it, not to mention SEO and PPC as the algorithm will be a completely different and most likely biased, and that is if it hasn’t been banned by a government.

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Posted on: November 22, 2011 5:01 pm


YahooSEOs world wide would have been redirected to the dreaded page of the “site explorer update” In a nutshell, this service is no more and we are going to have to find another place to locate a reliable source of backlinks.

We were all told that Yahoo site explorer was going to be closed down at some point, but it has come to a shock to all SEO’s of the world. Such a massively used and reliable tool is now no more.

Yahoo have said that Yahoo search has been merged with Bings’ Webmaster tools. For many toolbars such as SEO Book, this has caused a massive problem. Beforehand, we had the ease of viewing the amount of backlinks a page had, without even having to open up another browser.

What Is Next?

It is fair to say that Yahoo! Are finished and this site explorer integration to Bing was the last step. SEO’s will have to find a new source of information to base their research on, this will prove to be a difficult task, especially because Yahoo was free and provided excellent results. This could lead to many SEO companies having to go down the route of purchasing software which was once not needed but could now be an essential factor of any SEO business.

The integration into Bings’ Webmaster tools could prove to be a good thing, however this may not completely take off because it may be unable to include into a toolbar like it was for Yahoo site explorer. Fingers cross that there is something that can be done on the situation, because SEO’s will be feeling the burn of an essential tool being snatched away.

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Posted on: November 7, 2011 10:05 am


anonymousEarly this year we were all made aware that Facebook was going to be hacked and destroyed by the hacktivist group called Anonymous. The attack was to happen on the 5th of November, significantly symbolising with Guy Fawkes. However, as many Facebook users watched their screens for signs of Anonymous activity, they were relieved of their worries, or were they disappointed?

The many YouTube videos informing its’ viewers about the “attack” amassed roughly 600,000 views. Needless to say that there are definitely more than that, but the question must be raised, did we actually want Facebook to be taken down? After we heard about all of the data mining and the many flaws of the privacy policy which includes the inability to delete your account, did we want it all to be deleted? I did to an extent. In fact, OpFacebook pushed me to delete my Facebook account because it brought awareness to the many flaws.

Anonymous stated that they were not attacking Facebook, and nobody believed them. We have to keep in mind that Anonymous do not have a “leader”, and the group consist of Hackers from around the world with different views and beliefs. It is without a doubt that some members of the group wanted to take down the social network, but the majority did not. On the official Anonymous twitter account, there was no mention of the Facebook plot, and OpFacebook’s Twitter account has not tweeted for a long time. So it is fair enough to say that the rumoured attack had no affiliation with Anonymous.

The fact that the operation had no affiliation to Anonymous really doesn’t matter. Facebook is still running, and it is still online. What did we expect? Facebook is Mark Zuckerbergs’ baby and I would imagine that it is practically impossible to hack into. Although I cannot say that for sure because I know nothing of hacking, regardless Facebook did not go down and it is very unlikely that it will.

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Posted on: July 11, 2011 3:33 pm


There is no denying that social media platforms can play a vital role when it comes to developing an effective SEO campaign. SEO experts know that brand-based social media profiles rank highly in organic searches and, depending on the nature of the targeted demographic and the type of brand they’re looking to promote can use such tools to gauge the popularity and subsequent success of certain websites.

SEO companies will most likely utilise sites such as Facebook and Twitter to increase brand awareness and essentially raise the reputation of the client online and SEO specialists are known to jump straight onto any media application or tool that is likely to aid their campaign. This is why the SEO industry has been buzzing recently with the news of Google’s rival social media platform, Google+.

Although operating by invite-only during these early stages of its development, Google+ is already proving to be an important contender within this particular area of online marketing and SEO firms are looking to utilise its potential. The creators of Google+ believe that interacting and sharing online has become an insensitive and often ‘awkward’ process and they are looking to rectify this by introducing a huge array of privacy options and unique features such as group video chat facilities.  Its dedication to ‘mobile’ users is also an attractive and refreshing highlight.

It is yet to be known whether this new (and arguably more transparent) approach to networking online will be a success for Google, but SEO experts should certainly explore the implications of its introduction and monitor the effect it will soon have on SEO campaigns. Moving forward, it seems that SEO campaigns may be more influenced by the power of opinion and online social trends than ever before, which is an interesting concept that will bring fresh challenges to SEO companies worldwide.

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Top SEO’s UK is a company that is responsible for search for the best search engine optimisation company. In the UK, Top SEO’s have been constantly evaluating the performance and the output of the different search engine optimisation companies in the United Kingdom. Some SEO consultants or SEO companies may ignore the process of evaluation of their services and website because of the fact that they are focused on their clients’ SEO campaign, however such awards as being given by Top Seo’s in the United Kingdom can be viewed as an affirmation of the good service and output that the SEO Company is delivering to the public. The awards also are considered to be as the SEO company’s way of establishing it’s position or its reputation as a reliable and trustworthy SEO company.
SEO Positive LLC is one such UK company which has been constantly giving their clients the best possible service that an SEO company could give to their client. As an affirmation of this excellent work ethic and service that is being delivered by SEO Positive they were awarded and recognised as U.K.’s top or number one Integrated search company and PPC Company for the month of February. Such awards have given SEO Positive the reputation boost going into one of the biggest annual internet convention in the United Kingdom, the Internet World 2011. The Internet World 2011 is a gathering of different Internet Companies where they are given the opportunity to showcase their different and unique products which can be found online. SEO Positive will be one of Internet World 2011 participant having been given a booth for the convention where the company will be given the chance to present their products or services to a myriad of conference participants. Truly, SEO positive is one of UK’s top SEO company as evidenced by the different awards they have won and now their participation to the Internet World 2011 which is in a way a recognition of their reputation which ranks among large companies like Microsoft and Google.

Leading ‘white hat’ internet marketing agency SEO Positive has once again been recognised as the UK’s #1 agency for integrated search marketing and has also been awarded the top position for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The rankings were awarded by TopSEOs, an independent authority on Internet marketing vendors, and reflect SEO Positive’s continuing success at the forefront of the UK’s internet marketing industry.

SEO Positive’s top rankings were awarded following an extensive evaluation of its ability to deliver page one search engine rankings and the best possible return on PPC budgets. Combined with feedback from its clients, SEO Positive was assessed to provide the highest quality integrated search and PPC services out of all the agencies short listed.

“We’re delighted that TopSEOs is recognised us as the UK’s leading agency for pay-per-click advertising, and has again been awarded the top ranking for integrated search marketing,” said SEO Positive’s Operations Director Ben Austin, “This recognition comes at a time when we’re continuing to expand our team so we can continue delivering transparent, ethical internet marketing services to our growing portfolio of clients.”

Internet marketing can be a confusing discipline for businesses, with little understanding of how their investment is being spent or how it is converting into higher rankings. SEO Positive, however, dispels this confusion with its combination of transparent reporting tools and the expertise of its account management team.

The SEO Positive Reporting Suite provides clients with a clear view of their campaign, which they can access at any time through the SEO Positive website. This provides them with a wealth of information, including progress reports on their website’s rankings and the number of back links created. In addition, clients gain regular updates from SEO Positive’s account management team so they know exactly how their budget is translating into higher rankings and increased traffic.

To showcase their expertise, the SEO Positive will be hosting an 18m² stand at this year’s Internet World Exhibition (10-12th May). The team will be answering any questions that attendees might have on their services and offering advice on how businesses can improve their Internet marketing campaigns.

For more information on SEO Positive’s online marketing services visit, where you can also request a free online quote. Alternately, you can contact SEO Positive directly on +44 (0)800 879 9000

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If you’re online, you know the importance of SEO – or, you should. Without good SEO, your website is akin to a lovely office, with all modern amenities, sitting in a back alley of a major city. People rush past without giving you a second look, or spend too long looking for you, while the doors of the offices on the high street never stop swinging. Sure, the rent may be higher and they pay for advertisements, but it’s worthwhile when you look at their turnover. The costs outlaid are more than recouped by the clients they serve, thanks to a great presence and ease of locating. Clients seem drawn to their big, flashy offices.
Therein lies the importance of SEO. SEO will make your business stand out amongst its competitors by ensuring top rankings in search engines; it stands to reason that hiring a top SEO company is best for your business. There’s no point having a great business, with a stylish website, if no-one can find it. Unless someone stumbles across you while surfing, you need to make your presence felt. Word-of-mouth can only take you so far.

How do you find the best SEO company, though? It’s easy, when you have websites such as to help. And for December 2010, January 2011 and February 2011, TopSEOs has announced SEO Positive Limited to be the best ranked business for both Pay Per Click Management and Integrated Search (SEO and PPC) – no mean feat when you consider their competitors in the field of search engine optimisation. And for a company that was only founded in 2007 (beating out some that have been around since the late 1990s), that’s pretty impressive. SEO Positive is also proud to boast TopSEOs’ December 2010, January and February 2011 title of Best Web Design Company in the UK.

What this means for those seeking an SEO business to help their online campaign is that SEO Positive can not only guarantee top rankings, but they can do so at lower costs to their clients. They’ll source the best strategies for your campaign, and at the best possible prices. However what helps SEO Positive really stand out from the crowd is that they are an all-in-one solution: they will code your site from the ground up, ensuring that your website is created with SEO in mind right from planning to conception and development. They will design a website to showcase your business, and make certain that every nuance is covered when it comes to SEO, PPC, link building and even reputation management. With more and more people placing credence in what those in their inner circle say about a business, it’s not just search engines you need to be mindful of.

Don’t trust your SEO campaigns to just any company you find on the internet. TopSEOs – the independent authority on all things SEO – has made your job of finding a reputable, reliable and successful company simple. SEO Positive is the logical choice.

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Last year Apple released their mobile PC via their slate table PC known as the Ipad, with this release it has strengthened the speculation that the era of mobile is at hand. During the CES 2011 convention we have seen a lot of new technology that most of which are dealing with mobile and it is because of this that many SEO experts are starting to make preparations for the possible increase in the field of mobile search. Anticipating these types of progress in terms of technology which are going to affect the field of search engine optimisation, would help increase revenue for those in the online business. To start off with the mobile search engine optimisation process it would be necessary to follow the same format as what is done in a normal search engine optimisation process and that is research, keyword research in particular.

It is a known fact that search for mobile is different from the normal internet search are the applications are made a lot more compact and not to mention that there are other players dominating the mobile search not only the big three which are Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is the reason why it would be very helpful for SEO Consultants to take the following mobile search engine optimisation processes.

1. Use Google Mobile keywords – this is the service that Google made available to include mobile search volume into the keyword research for internet or website content. Google mobile Keywords could account for around ten percent (10%) of the total query volume of the search engine giant.

2. Make mobile formatted contents for your website – The year 2010 saw the increase in the sale of smartphones which are of course enabled to conduct mobile browsing, not to mention the predicted releases of Ipad rivals making the race for mobile application and search engine optimisation a lot more significant. This is why for most webmasters it would be prudent to format their website to being compatible with mobile search or with mobile content format.

For now these two points for consideration would help you start with making your site mobile friendly, a lot more tips and tricks may be updated as soon as they unfold.