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Online marketing is being able to market your products and services by reaching out to your target clients the most effective and efficient way possible. One way for you to be a successful internet marketer is through crafting an effective e-mail marketing campaign. To do this, below are some tips that can help you sell out your products without turning off your clients.


Just like every endeavor, the first thing you need to consider is goal setting. This means that you should define your objectives first in relation to why you are implementing such campaign like e-mail marketing. By weaving clearly your goals and objectives, it would be easy for you to course through your campaign without getting you off-track.

 Goal Defined Now What?

After defining your aim, comes next is the implementation of what has been set. But before that, you should also come up with an effective call to action text where your recipient is readily directed on what they are to do in response to your message. Have your call to action text as clear, convincing, and motivating as you want to ensure that your message gets a positive response and will not end up trashed.


Other than developing a great call to action feature, it is also best to make your message more personalised to make your readers or recipients feel the connection between you and them. Having a personalised message can also give your readers the impression that you really put effort in what you do. This reduces the tendency for your message to be treated as spam.


Furthermore, in composing your message, you have to start in making a subject line that captures the interest of your readers. Take note that it is the subject line that is seen first by your recipients. By developing a catchy subject line, there’s a greater probability for your recipients to open your message and read its content. So true to say, even at this point, you have to make a lasting positive impression on your readers by having a subject line that is well thought of.


Furthermore, in the content of your message, you have to inform your readers the time they have subscribed to your e-mail list. This is to give them a view as to why they get this particular message of yours.  Informing your readers the time they opted into your subscription list can make them think that the message is rightfully for them.

 Being Courteous

For courtesy sake, you have to provide a link where your readers can opt to unsubscribe from your list. This is to make them feel that they have the freedom to cut their connections to you.  It is really better to make your recipients feel they are not obliged to be on your list.
Lastly, just like every marketing message, you have to keep your e-mail content as concise, and engaging as possible. You have to remember that not all your readers have the time to read everything on your e-mail. So, instead of wasting your time and effort on writing lengthy e-mails, you can rather craft them concisely and straightforwardly. This is also to avoid getting your recipients turned off.

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Email marketing being diluted by social media is becoming a commonly heard complaint especially when, even today many ecommerce sites depend on email marketing to get a larger chunk of a targeted clientele. Statistics disclosed by email marketing providers indicate that email marketing initiatives still account for 20-25 % of overall revenue for many ecommerce businesses with social media being responsible for merely 1%.

However, it needs to be remembered that both email marketing and social media can coexist, rather than see one substitute the other. The marketing set up of businesses has room for both and therefore they have to look for increased revenue through the use of both email and social media, and by integrating them effectively to yield best results. This is possible by using the following tips:

  1. Use emails to drive traffic to blogs- Blogs are a great source of useful content and can be effectively used as sources of content for email newsletters. As digital partners, each can benefit the other since email newsletters can give blog addresses for more content.
  2. Using Social Media to amplification in emails- email sending platforms have also woken up to the effectiveness of social media in spreading word about businesses. Hence many have started adding social bookmarks and sharing options including social sharing toolbars on the newsletters they send on behalf of companies. Some platforms tweet links as well for users to get emails via Twitter. All this helps in amplifying the impact of email marketing and extending its reach.
  3. Conversions through conversations- Social media is generally a medium to converse since people sharing something in common use them to communicate. This very aspect can be used beneficially to get conversions and increase email subscriptions. These social networks have an amazing ripple effect, as people follow the recommended activities of friends and others. Promotional posts placed occasionally also have a big conversion impact. On Facebook, conversations lead to conversions on business page walls, and also through techniques like “fangating”, which necessitate subscribing to emails to avail of special offers.
  4. Social media for frequent updates- Email marketing involves periodic emails followed by long periods of silence. Here, social media can be used to fill the gap with updates on Facebook, Twitter and blog posts. This increases brand recall and the brand stays in the mind of customers.
  5. Social media as a viable alternative to emails- for those consumers who do not like emails or are not inclined to spend time reading them, can be approached through social media, since Facebook and other networks are more regularly accessed.
  6. Social networks need emails- emails are the easiest way to communicate, send notifications and basically “get in touch’. Users find emails reliable despite the easy route offered by social networks to update their friends.
  7. Emails are taken more seriously – social media networks are transient and not always taken seriously. Often, an update read an hour ago is forgotten, or even lost in a long list of updates. Emails on the other hand are taken more seriously due to the sense of permanence attached to them. The message sent through mails has a bigger impact.
  8. Emails and social media can be personalized- Since both are method of direct communication, they can be personalized as per the demands of the individual. Social media is personal to start with, while emails can be made personal through the data base.

Social media envelopes emails as well since it can be integrated as a means of keeping in touch. If the two work closely together they promise more business promotion and success than any other medium.

This a guest post from Neil at eMobileScan, he is head of online marketing for a total of 18 European websites, all under the eMobileScan brand, specialising in Mobile computers like the datalogic Memor and the Motorola ES400 EDA.

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The main goal of search engine optimisation is to gain a lot of traffic which in turn would be converted into clients or subscribers to your website. Thus search engine optimisation pertains to the different processes on how to get organic or search engine natural traffic. Search engine optimisation strategies such as link building and content construction are the main focus of SEO Companies and SEO consultants. However, there are other ways or strategies  the can be utilised in an SEO campaign one of which is through e-mail marketing. Sending emails to potential clients can be considered as an alternative way of getting traffic. However, the question remains how can one build his or her email list? For an SEO company and SEO consultant they may already have a list of previous clients that they can utilise for future email strategies for those who are just starting however they would have to rely on their own list of personal emails. Due to this predicament SEO companies and SEO consultants have developed a strategy that can help those who are building their email list.

Combine content construction and link building strategy to get an email marketing strategy that could help increase your email list. This can be done through the use of the article marketing strategy. Many people who visits or use the internet are usually looking for information, thus if you could write an article that relates to the main them or product or services being offered by your website then do so. Great and informative content would help convince users to subscribe to your website which is an opportunity for you to gather emails and build your email list.

Through your content or article you could keep the interests of your visitors and in the long run this could be an avenue for them to subscribe to your website or better yet purchase or acquire the products and services that you offer respectively.

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With the entry of different search engine optimisation strategy such as use of social media networks and microblogging site it has been said that the traditional way of marketing a website through email is dead. However, statistics have shown that email marketing is not a “dead” business, instead it maintains it’s usability in increasing website traffic and even conversions. The only reason why an email marketing campaign is failing more than the other SEO strategies is the fact that the email marketing campaign is done incorrectly. However, if an email marketing campaign is done correctly then you can be assured of a return in investment through an increase in site traffic and increase in conversions.

Developing proper Email marketing campaign may be the hardest task to do but once you have started the other steps will easily follow. Here are some guidelines that will help you develop a good Email Marketing Campaign.

  1. Use only legitimate email address – you are conducting an honest business thus there is no need for you to mask your true identity or email address. Use only a valid email because people may then reply to you and thus they expect that they are communicating with actual people.
  2. Observe Good Grammar and Correct Spelling – the biggest turn-off to an email is the fact that the sender misspelled a lot of words and his or her grammar is bad. Make sure that you use the correct grammar and spelling when writing your email.
  3. Avoid using all caps or all capital letters – using all capital letters will give your readers an impression of as if you are shouting at them. It is not prohibited however to use capital letters to highlight chosen words.
  4. Include a call to action – when writing your email you should not forget to incorporate a call to action line, this line would state what you want your readers’ to do after reading the entire email, the call to action line is incorporated in the last or end part of the email.

These are just some of the different guidelines which you can use in making your email for your email marketing campaign. You can just add your own creative ideas as you go along.

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Email marketing is a controversial method of online marketing, over the years that such strategy is being used it had gained so much criticisms. Everyday people receive emails that do not necessarily provide what they need; these emails are mostly designed to entice the recipient of the email to avail of a product or service that is being offered. Unfortunately, this type of email are viewed by many as annoyances rather than an opportunity to get to know a product or service better. This is the reason why when there was a massive increase in receiving such emails there was a clamor to separate legitimate emails from what was termed as spam mails, thus the spam box was born.

So if these types of emails are being segregated why is it still being utilised as an online marketing strategy? This is because not all people are treating emails as spam, a good percentage of internet users worldwide are reading through all their emails and this is the opportunity that an email marketer is waiting for. So how do you actually convince someone to read through your email?

First is for you to ask permission, this is done by using or publishing newsletters or offering discounts in exchange with agreeing to receive emails from you. Permission is required in order for you not to be penalised by your ISP if and when they receive a substantial amount of complaints regarding your emails.

Second is for you to utilise only your own targeted mailing list, your mailing list may come from the offers and newsletters that your clients have agreed to receive in exchange for allowing you to send them emails, this way your email list is targeted towards the audience or niche that you want to offer your products to.

Third is to provide your prospective email recipients with a way out. This means that you do not hold them by agreeing to your terms of allowing you to send them emails, you have to provide them with an option later should they decide to stop receiving emails from you, although this strategy might let you lose some prospective clients is also shows however that you are sincere in your clients welfare and thus it says something about how legitimate your business is.
These are just some guidelines that you can implement or follow should you decide to engage in the email marketing strategy.

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To advertise your product and your company website it is imperative that you have to exhaust all legitimate means and ways. SEO consultants and SEO companies nowadays do not only focus on purely search engine optimisation to gain traffic and even gain conversions or clients. Some SEO companies have resorted to social media network and email marketing as effective means and ways to gather the much needed traffic. It is because of the strong competition in the SEO field that many SEO consultants have become creative in their quest to make the target website become ahead of its competitors. Email marketing is a common day to day activity, many of us who lives in the internet usually receive emails promoting products and services, some even are considering such emails to be spam messages and is unimportant but for some this is not the case because of the fact that the web is a very wide area that looking for the right service or product for whatever needs you may have seems to be next to impossible. This is why sometimes people would consider these emails as heaven sent due to the fact that it would’ve ended their seemingly endless search for the right product or service.

Email marketing is a very effective way of communicating your product or services to a person or a company that will give your website traffic and conversions. But email marketing is not just simply sending messages to a number of emails rather it requires brainstorming on how you would approach each message that you will be sending. It is very easy to conjure up messages to people but it is hard to make them fall for your sales pitch that is why when creating a message you have to incorporate a call to action pitch that would engage the recipient of the email which would lead to, them clicking your link and reading on to your website where you can do your further on your sales pitch to finally convince them on acquiring your product. A call to action part of email messages is very important in order to encourage your potential clients to become your actual clients.

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Before the internet was developed and made available for public use, the selling strategy of most companies is via a door-to-door method. This means that agents from the company will have to go to the retailers’ establishment in order to transact business. It is a frustrating and tiring endeavor due to the fact that you have to go on every establishment or even homes around the city, province or the whole country just to make a small amount of sales. This will require you to spend so much on transportation and meal allowances which when you compute would or could only set your finances into break even. With the advent of the internet the public especially the business community have found a better and cost-efficient way of marketing their business. Unlike for companies with established brand names and with the capability of utilising the power of media networks starting businesses does not have same financial and manpower resources that are why the internet is the best alternative for them. Some engage in Search engine optimization in order to make their product or websites’ presence felt over the internet community. In SEO you will have to tackle several strategies with the main goal of making your site be ranked first in the Search engine results page ranking or SERP ranking of a search engine.

However, the technique that comes close to doing door-to-door sales is email marketing. This marketing technique utilises the power of the email in order to make your product or website known to the internet community. Unlike SEO, you only need and email address and a good email content to get you started with this type of online marketing technique. First off you need to build your list of emails, contacting your friends may be an initial step and asking them to pass on the email to others to create a viral effect is a great technique to use. Second, you have to remember that you are targeting as many people as possible therefore; your email content must be flawlessly created. This means that your email should contain catch phrases to get the reader’s attention, call to action phrases or sentences and relevant images.

Email marketing is the same as door-to-door sales only that you wont feel the pain of rejection by witnessing the door slammed on your face.