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Posted on: July 11, 2012 3:34 pm


Benefits of Using Adwords Editor

Managing huge and complex ppc campaigns may be a daunting challenge. But Google is offering free standalone destkop application, which allows to make bulk changes for your adwords account such as:

  • Managing multiple MCC accounts;
  • Make Bulk changes (add, edit, delete, copy) for campaigns, ad groups, ads, placements etc.
  • Design advanced searches and create customised views of the entire account;
  • Work on Adwords Editor offline;
  • Export backup files;
  • Export whole account CSV and summary in HTML;
  • Import CSV files;

Adwords Editor also supports the funcionality to copy various adwords elements accross the campaigns:

  • Location and sitelink extensions;
  • Campaign targeting setting:
    • Locations (Targeted areas);
    • Product targets;
    • Audiences for remarketing campaigns;
    • Placements for display campaigns;
  • Location targeting methods;
  • Location exclusion menthods;
  • Network targeting;
  • Delivery Methods;
  • Exact and Phrase matching;
  • Budgets and status;
  • A data of the campaign shell:
    • Ad Scheduling data;
    • Language targeting;
    • Targeted  devices;

“Keyword Grouper” and “Keyword Oportunities” can be used to better manage existing keyword lists and get the suggestions to how to group keyword lists and explore new keywords.

To explore all the benefits of Adwords Editor download the latest version here or use Adwords Editor help center to find the answers to all your questions.

Evaldas Balcius

Evaldas Balcius

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