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Posted on: October 17, 2012 3:46 pm


5 Ways to Make Your Blog More Interactive

Blogging is becoming an increasingly popular way of interacting for businesses and publishers. Blogging allows personal opinion and a friendly tone as well as opportunity for readers and customers to interact and comment.

Generating new and exciting content is an important tool to gain more exposure in search engine rankings and make you more visible. By interacting with your reader you encourage participation and loyalty as well as debate.

Here are five ways to make your blog more interactive:

  1. Monitor your blog and respond to comments in a timely fashion. Interacting with the people that comment will give more personality to your brand and push further conversation and interaction. In the case of businesses, it projects good customer service and presents you as a reliable and contactable service.
  2. Link your content to social media use. Encourage debate and questions among Twitter and Facebook posts and include comments or questions from followers in future blog posts. This allows you to gain a good idea of your demographic and their expectations as well as presenting yourself as a relatable brand.
  3. Add interactive polls that encourage debate. Polls allow people with limited time to play their part in the conversation and join in. The results will allow you to gather useful information for future blogs and gain an idea of your reader’s opinions.
  4. Tie your blog posts in with relatable current news. By staying current, you show that you are aware of the latest events and increases your visibility as people search for that news. Google News often includes blog posts within its search results and could help you draw in new readers.
  5. Include a mix of media such as video, photos and audio. If you have the available resources it can be another way of attracting new readers via links from YouTube and Google Images. Give photos descriptive names and videos straightforward titles and tags. Using video, audio and picture collages give your blog more personality and allow the reader to get a basic idea if they don’t have time to read through all your content.

Blogs can be an extremely effective tool if they are correctly optimised to attract readers, and can considerably increase the visibility of your brand.

Stacey Cosens

Stacey Cosens


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