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Google PlusGoogle + has been around us for quite some time and all of us have already added it to our to-do-list because we cannot run the risk of being targeted by Google. Google has already reiterated the fact that the future of search might be governed by social presence of a website and users’ behavior rather than only links and what is the better way to make people talk about your brand and your company in general than having a great social presence. But the problem is that we, marketers, are already having enough of this social presence. First it was Facebook and its innumerable clones but thankfully all of them doomed to perish. Then came the great Twitter and we had to move on to it though quite reluctantly. We all started twittering on the hope that Google will give us some kind of preference when it comes to ranking but lol. The relationship suddenly strained and we are left with no choice but to maintain our twitter account on the hope that probably Bing might shower her blessing. But so far, as far as the opinions of the experts are concerned, nothing seems happening of that kind.

Google + A Success: Probably not. Think this way, if Google + were a success, Google would not probably promote that thing through search engine. It is a rather shameless promotional campaign, asking people become a member of Google + by using an arrow. People who do not even have any idea of what social network means click onto them and eventually find them enmeshed with the intricacies of Internet or more particularly social networking. However, you have reasons to disagree with me given the fact that Google + has been growing at a rapid pace but the truth is that, people are less active in Google + and some are even scared that Google might sneak into their private space. Privacy has always been a major issue with Google and this is probably the main thing why people are dragging their feet when they are to share something personal in Google +.

Google + For Business: This is hard to believe but this is true. Google is well aware of the fact that unless they force the webmasters into submission and use their new product, the entire effort might go bust like – Google Wave. So, they voluntarily integrate Google + report in Google analytics so that webmasters can have a clear idea of how many people have plused their post or how many retweets a particular article have gained. Unlike Facebook’s whose solely focused on giving people a chance to interact with their friends, Google is definitely treading a different path by trying to educate people about social networking and I fear this is not going to work.

Why It Might Turn Into a Disaster: The thing is that it appears to be very much business like and its interface and its functionalities are all quite predictable, if not similar with facebook. Personally, I had high hopes on Google but when I checked out Google +, it looked like another clone of facebook with little tweaks here and there but they are so crudely done, a novice can even find them out easily.

It lacks Wow effect and what’s more, Google is really finding it hard to make people engaged here and which is why they are promoting it desperately because Google cannot afford to have another failure product in its kitty.

Author bio:

Stephen O’Neill is a passionate writer and he has written different article on web design, online marketing and SEO. He is equally enthusiastic about latest gadgets.

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Guest blogging is the link building technique everyone’s talking about. Thanks to the Google Panda update, the undeniably spammy ‘article marketing’ has taken a backseat and right now, it’s content that’s king.

If you’re looking to utilise guest blogging as a link building tool, here are five top tips to bear in mind.

Think quality

While this might seem obvious, there are hoards of writers with less than perfect English skills spitting out articles at every opportunity. If this is you, take a minute to think if writing your own content is likely to yield the best results. The truth is good quality blogs will only take content that matches or exceeds their own standards. If your writing is poor, only poor blogs will publish it. While practice makes perfect and over time, you should see your writing skills improve, it might be beneficial to simply employ an online marketing company or SEO agency to do the work for you.

Be original

Okay I know this is easier said than done, but in general, the more unique your content, the higher quality blogs it will attract. The best blogs don’t want recycled articles that every man and his dog’s blog are sporting. This doesn’t mean you have to come up with something completely new, original or untouched – you just need to look at things from a different angle. Read, read and read some more. Not only will your own writing skills improve, but you should also gain lots of inspiration. If you read something that you don’t quite agree with, why not write on the same topic from your own perspective? Again, if you’re struggling to come up with unique and engaging content, seek professional assistance from an online marketing company or SEO agency. There’s no shame in seeking help; you’re simply doing what’s best for your business.

Listen to what the bloggers want

If a blogger has guidelines, read them. If it’s obvious you haven’t bothered, or have but simply chosen to ignore them, it’s highly likely the blogger will reject your article. Not because it’s bad, but simply because you’ve demonstrated a lack of respect by ignoring their requests. In fact, take the time to read the blog in question. Bloggers love to receive complements on their work, and they’ll be much more receptive to writers who demonstrate a common interest than those who care for nothing more than a free link.

Give the blogger a reason to listen to you

The best blogs are run by busy people and if you want them to sit up and pay attention to your pitch; give them a reason to. Tell them you work for an established online marketing company and regularly write SEO related material. Or explain your love of fashion or experience working in the restaurant industry. Basically, whichever niche you’re pitching in; think how you relate to that industry and demonstrate why you’re the person to write on it.

Format properly

Bloggers like content that’s easy to read, since if a visitor to their blog is faced with large blocks of text they are unlikely to read it and may well leave the blog altogether. Take this post as an example of good formatting. The article is split into sections and the header to each section is clearly marked in bold. In addition, none of the paragraphs are too long. In fact, studies have shown that when reading material on the internet, paragraphs of no more than three lines are optimal.

This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of SEO agency, Boom Online Marketing. Amy is passionate about all aspects of online marketing, but has a particular aficionado for guest blogging.

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Chances are, you’ve heard lots of other marketers talking about the benefits of using a blog as an internet marketing strategy. Depending on your level of experience online, your only contact with blogs may have been a few written by stay at home moms or dog lovers, and if so you’re probably wondering just what a blog like that could do to help you out.

The truth is, blogs are not only a powerful ally for your online business, but they happen to be one of the best internet marketing strategies out there. With a blog you have free range to try out a variety of different techniques, testing the waters to see what works and what doesn’t before you invest a lot of money in a paid advertising launch. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider using a blog in your marketing campaign.

Blogs are Free

This should appeal to any business owner who has a sense of where their money is going. We’ve all heard the saying that “nothing is free,” but in this case it’s actually not true (for the most part). Should you choose to go this route, there are plenty of free blogging platforms, including Blogger, WordPress, and LiveJournal, that you can use for your business without spending a penny. Now, you can also work with paid services that give you more control over the design and setup of the blog, but it really just depends on what your goals are.

Blogs Provide Fresh Content for Search Engines

SEO is your biggest priority for internet marketing, and there’s nothing that search engines love more than fresh, keyword filled content. It doesn’t take much to update the blog several times a week – a few posts as short as 350 words or so are all you really need. You can either write these yourself or hire a freelance writer to take care of the job. Do some keyword research and then fill your blog posts with those keywords so that they attract more search engine traffic. This is especially helpful if you operate an e-commerce site that doesn’t have much changing content.

Blogs Are the Ultimate Backlink Source

With a blog you get unlimited backlinks, essentially, and that makes them one of the most valuable internet marketing strategies you could ever employ. Every post can have a link back to your main website, meaning that your backlink growth is only limited by how many posts you make. Not only are these quality backlinks, but you can anchor them in your targeted keywords and place these right in the middle of highly relevant content. That’s SEO gold.

Many websites have multiple business blogs so that the backlinks are coming from different domains, so consider that as an option if you have the time to set up three or four different blogs and update them regularly. Either way, blogs are an excellent idea for any internet marketer.

Nickie John is an avid Internet marketer who pushes for responsible habits in online consumerism. She has a team of Internet marketing specialists who help her run her site as well as manage the many blogs that she contributes to. If you’re interested in Nickie’s Internet marketing strategy or you would like to find out more on Internet marketing strategies, vist her website.

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Calling all SEO bloggers, are you truly bad ass? Do you want to expose your website? Get more social media attention? Maybe even win a prize? Then enter the 2nd annual bad ass blogging Contest. This contest is being hosted by The Search Engine Marketing Group and, it is the most bad ass contest online.
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pink panther of social media The Pink Panther has been sneaking around the social media scene recently, but not in the form of the pink cat we all know and love. The Pink Panther has taken the shape of Google Plus. The network finally opened its’ gates to the public by crafting a huge arrow from the search bar, to the Google + button.

If we followed the melody line that created the Pink Panther theme, we are taken directly to Facebook, the one thing stopping Google Plus becoming the leading social network. We should all be aware of the fact that Facebook has very recently release a tonne of new features and put them all together in a new layout, no doubt an attempt to keep Google Plus at bay,
Google is primarily a search engine, with an extremely complex algorithm that no one, besides Google, knows 100%. That said, they must be able to put together some ideas about Facebook and how to beat them. When Facebook decides to update the platform with new features or a layout, the users are never happy and always complain. Google obviously cottoned on to this and realised that this is the perfect opportunity to bag some extra users in the epic war between the two networks.

We must ask if Google has done enough for their network. Ok, they have 50 million users now and considering that they have only recently been released to the public, which is astonishing. However, all they have really done in terms of developing the network is updating the features slightly, nothing new has been added. What was already available in the somewhat primitive versions of Google Plus are still available now. They are finer tuned than what was previous, but nothing new has been added, especially if you compare G+ to FB, seen as Facebook added tonnes of new features which have mostly likely been caused by Google.

The big G hasn’t really done much to advertise the network either, all that has been done is they added an arrow to their homepage, which came down on Googles’ 13th birthday anyway so it was only visible for a few days. This arrow is not extensive advertising and we all know Google could do much better. Besides the arrow, the only other form of advertising has been left to the users of Google Plus.
So why has Google done this? The one and only reason is Google wants its networkers, or those with potential, to be hooked by the slow rise of buzz about Google Plus. Once they are hooked, they will be more inclined to snoop around the social network and slowly get to grips with it. Then when they finally have the hang of it, they will see for themselves the differences between G+ and FB, or whatever platform they were using.

Google have taken the country lane to get to its destination of being the top social network. They want the journey to be slow, enjoyable, and most importantly a natural route. To the present, it has seen 50 million users join the ranks of Google +, so we must play the waiting game to see if it becomes as dominant as it has become as a search engine.

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There is a new buzz in the world of internet activity with rumors of fresh competition for some of the popular social networking sites of the world. The new focus for everyone hooked up on the internet is Google Plus. A new venture from one of the most sought after search engines of the internet Google Plus promises to be much more than just a social networking site for everyone. There was a lot of anticipation and patient waiting for millions of enthusiasts all over the world until recently when the doors were finally opened for all to create their profiles and accounts. There is a unique assembly of features the website withholds as a promise of an entirely new level of social networking experience. It can be also referred to as the +1 experience.

The first aspect that comes to your view when you log in is the classifications of people you know – there are friends, family, acquaintances and so on. You can always arrange your list of entries according to the level of your knowledge of them as well as your inclination to share with them. For instance you would always like the idea of sharing your college picnic photos and videos with friends more than relatives and acquaintances; in the same way there are close friends and others with whom you would rather keep a distance; there is no default feature here and everything can be customized just the way you want.  Share all your videos and photos with people you wish and exchange theirs as well. There is no breach of privacy at any point as there is no access. In fact this is one of the biggest advantages among several others that Google Plus has offered its users.

Google Plus is not merely about friends and fun; there is much more to it than leisure. Here you can organize your professional acquaintances and colleagues in a separate category with whom you can communicate. You can exchange work related links and other relevant information as well as share each other’s professional experiences. This can be a handy tool for important information circulation as well; smartphone apps enable you to remain in constant touch with everyone and allow updates and likewise receive the same as well. If you are in the mood for some personal moments of your own recreation avail Google Sparks – this is a feature that caters to all your personal interest areas. From music, films to adventure, and sports there is all kinds of updates available here.

Google Plus hangout is where you can watch all your favorite videos and music files from youtube or even video chat with your friends. The most interesting aspect about video chat here is the multiple chat calls that can be accessible from your account at the same time. You can talk to as many as five to ten people all at the same time through video interactions.

Unbelievable but true – this is indeed a new beginning for social networking.

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GoogleToday Google celebrated its 13th birthday by quietly adding the Google doodle to its homepage; the doodle isn’t animated and highlights the big G’s! approach to birthdays.

Google has been with us for 13 years now and it has grown from a small, privately funded start up, and has become possibly the biggest publically traded corporation that is the kingpin of the internet. Google isn’t just a huge search engine either; it has provided many services such as maps, news and recently social networking. Google no longer has to battle for traffic with the likes of Yahoo! And Ask Jeeves, the big G owns roughly 65% of American search traffic and 90% worldwide. Google has become a name that everyone knows and the phrase “Google it” is an answer we have all used for a difficult question.

Looking back into how much Google has progressed and expanded not only as a search engine, but as a wide range of services. The question must be raised, what does the future hold for Google? They could create a completely new service within Google that has never been seen before, they could refine Google + and take Facebook down thus, becoming not only the alpha male of search engines, but the pack leader of social networking.

We must all be patient and wait to see what Google pulls out of the hat next, maybe this time next year we will be wondering where they got that revolutionary idea from.

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Whilst managing one of the client Google Adwords account’s I have just noticed new tab called “Auto Targets”. It seems that Google added this account to the circle of Beta testers. “Auto Targets” is funcionality which will show product ads in Google Search Network.

You can target products in different ways:

1. Target all products from the shopping feed;

2. Target group of products using Google Shopping feed attributes: “product_type”, “brand”, “adwords_grouping”, “condition”, “adwords_labels”

Also you can create mulptiple product targets per one ad group.

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In today’s present time, online marketing is very common. Many businessmen use social media. It is a way to promote their products or services.
The start of a social networking site gives rise to loads of marketing possibilities. A lot of people visit these sites frequently. Have you ever wanted to make a going for a song lead traffic on your websites using a social networking site?

Following are the steps to be taken:

Active Member

Lead traffic can be get from a social networking site. Do not look ahead using the site without doing nothing. Register on the site and get traffic.
Being hesitant is not a problem when you join a social networking site. The communities in social media are very active. You will love and enjoy the dynamics.

Profile Page

People learn about yourself and your business from your profile page. Modify your profile page in relation to your website. Your profile page can be used to connect with other social profiles.
You can have traffic when others click your profile page. Promotion of your website can also be done. Winning more friends is also possible.

Building Relationships

Do you have peers and classmates who are on social media sites? Invite to attract traffic on your site. You can start expanding from making invitations to people you know.
Inviting and adding other people is very important. These people can be your core group. Promotions can be relied on the friends you added to your network.
Find for members who have the same interest connected to your business. Send your members some reminders when you have a story or write-up.


Using bulletin can be helpful. Do not emphasize too much your site. Views and opinions are shared on the bulletin.


Sending shouts daily to your friends can be irritating. At times, too much eagerness can go wrong. It can be treated as spammer when you repeatedly send shouts.Making friends is your priority when using a social network site. Business is done later on. A strong and reliable relationship should be built first before establishing promoting your business.
Try to study some resources when you feel like you are not sure of using social media. Video tutorial is a good source. Search on various advices on how to employ social media. A social networking site is a great help when you want to send traffic on your site.

Chris Marentis is an experienced marketer who likes to write aboute Surefire Social and local marketing experts

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According to Greg Makuch, proprietor of a sixteen-year-old Canadian Web Hosting company and WHM reseller, simply having a website is no longer enough to build a successful web presence for your business. To see maximum benefit from taking your business online, you’ll need to master social media. This isn’t an easy task for beginners, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the vast amount of information available on the web. Greg recommends talking to your host to see if they offer social media consulting to get you started if you’re unsure about what to do.

There are dozens of social networks available for you to take advantage of, but it’s probably wise to start with the big ones and move on to niche networks as you gain more experience in the social sphere. If nothing else, get your business on Facebook and Twitter. Most of the other networks fall into a niche category; that is, they won’t be effective or even useful for everyone. We’ll be exploring why Greg, and most web professionals, think that this is such an important part of your web strategy.

What is Social Media?

Social media is a tough term to define, as the meaning seems to shift as the medium itself changes. Ultimately, it comes down to two things – communication and interaction. Social media is different than traditional marketing in that the goal is to develop a relationship with your customers. Rather than using traditional “push” marketing, you are aiming for customer engagement.

Why You Need It

With all of the information coming at us in this age, most of us have become adept at filtering out the noise – which usually means ads. We only pay attention if we register something of interest. Social media takes advantage of the old marketing standbys, word of mouth and customer loyalty.

Social media allows you to not just communicate with your customers, it allows you to start a conversation and ultimately, a relationship. That customer becomes more loyal and likely to spread the word about your business through tweets, likes, and other sharing systems.

Let’s say you’ve set up a Facebook page for your business, and just as importantly, given visitors to your site an easy way to find it (a Like button or box, for example). John visits your site and likes what he sees, so he clicks the Like button and begins receiving your updates in his Facebook stream. When one of these updates catches his interest, he’s more likely to share that information with his Facebook network. Because his friends and colleagues trust John’s opinion, they’re much more likely to click that link and make a purchase from you than if they see a banner ad for your site.

There are numerous studies showing that people who are connected to a business through Facebook or Twitter are much more likely to make a purchase than those who aren’t. Connected customers are valuable customers. You can’t afford not to reach out to them.

Social Media and SEO

Of course, it’s not just about connecting with customers. Traditional SEO methods are no longer as powerful as they once were. Instead, search engines are beginning to use social media stats to determine ranking. You may have a great site optimized for on-page SEO, but if you ignore social media, you risk losing search engine ranking, and in turn, your exposure on the web.
How does this work? Google, for example, looks at social media to determine your authority in your field. It takes into account how often you’re mentioned or linked to, and even if you’re verified as the source through “author” tags (important if blogging is part of your social media strategy). Essentially, the more authoritative sources you have linking to you and spreading the word, the better your rankings will turn out. Ignore social media, and you risk killing your search engine rankings.

Get Started

By now, I hope I’ve convinced you that social media is something that will continue to grow in importance. But where do you start? If nothing else, you need to start working on developing a professionally designed Facebook Page (there is a crucial difference between these and Profiles, by the way) and create a Twitter account and start developing a following. These two are your basic broadcasting platforms. Do not use these as a soap box to shout advertisements from. People will begin to ignore you fairly quickly if your account is just a stream of commercials for your company. Instead, use it for company announcements, promotions, or even just sharing witty or useful things that are relevant to your audience.

Don’t forget to provide prominent links to your social media profiles on your site. There are dozens of widgets and pre-designed/coded buttons you can use to easily integrate social media into your site. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, it’s a good idea to include a Google +1 button as well.
Of course, as you become more experienced in social media, you can begin to take advantage of others, such as LinkedIn, Foursquare, Quora or YouTube, depending on your needs.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to take advantage of social media, or your business will get left behind. And if you’re having trouble, or just need some help, some hosting companies, such as Whatever Computes Ltd., will offer social media consulting and integration as part of your hosting services.

About the Author: Greg Makuch is the publisher and owner of a Canadian hosting company for over 16 years.