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Posted on: July 29, 2011 3:52 pm


Google + has experienced a traffic decrease in the U.S. A report from Hitwise explains that not only traffic, but average user time spent on site decreased.

Google + now has had 1.79 million visits this week, just in the U.S., this is a drop of 3% for Google, now it must be said that 3% is not much and that 1.79 million visits in one week is astonishing. Nevertheless, it must be picked up on.

Not only has the number of visits fallen, but also the average time spent on site has also dropped. Average time spent on site has in fact dropped by 10% which means users are roughly spending around 6 minutes on the site.

Globally, last week Google + received 20 million unique visits. This is an astonishing amount of visits and it clearly shows that Google + has the ability to become the social networking king.

In defence of Google + it has to be said that it is still operating in its Beta stages. It is not completely open to join and you must be invited by an existing user in order to set up your own account. Google + is still undergoing updates and, imaginably, Google are now working their socks off to create the best social network they can. In addition Google has many other projects on the go and they cannot devote all of their attention to dramatically improving their social network. Google Panda 2.3 was recently released, another example of one of the company’s latest developments (and as you will know this is a point of interest as the change greatly affects SEO).

In conclusion, Google + is not suffering from users becoming less interested, this is a case of it still being in its development phase. There is no question that Google + will explode, more than it has already, when it is launched for general use in the near future.

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 3:14 pm


I use this trick all the time to quickly flatten a layer in photoshop that may have an effect or style added to it.

This is very handy when you need to, for instance, add a double stroke to a layer or add noise or an additional effect to a layer that already has a style on it.

Simply right click on the layer that your want to flatten and click on ‘Convert to Smart Object’. This will flatten the layer together but will also make the layer un-editable to certain conditions. So now right click on your layer again and click on ‘Rasterize Layer’ and thats it.

So for instance, if you wanted a double stroke on a layer, you would double click the layer and add your first stroke, flatten your layer as above and then redo step one to add your second stroke.

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 9:09 am


There’s been a lot of talk in recent weeks about the future of the video streaming device Hulu. The service, currently based in the US but looking to expand worldwide, offers users the chance to stream a huge variety of programmes whenever and wherever they choose, and is owned by some of the largest players in the current entertainment market – Disney, News Corp, Comcast Corp and Providence Equity Partners.

Hulu recently decided not to go ahead with an IPO worth an estimated $2 billion but instead has put its service up for sale. The platform’s potential has been spotted by multimedia giants such as Google, Yahoo and, more importantly, Apple Inc, who have reportedly expressed their interest in the company, striking speculation as to who will eventually partner up with the popular online platform.

Hulu’s accessibility stretches to include compatibility with the latest smartphones and tablet computers, a major reason why industry experts believe the company is best paired with Apple. Other observers believe, however, that Apple Inc would bid for exclusivity and pull the platform from non-Apple machines such as Roku Player and rival companies’ DVD and Blu Ray systems. As one of the world’s most powerful companies, Apple have been looking for a solid video platform for some time now, a move that would challenge Google’s popular YouTube site and place the organisation in an even stronger online position.

Web titans Google and Yahoo are also said to be in talks with Hulu but a decision is yet to be made as to the future of the service. It’s widely expected that Hulu will have to make sizeable adjustments and alterations to their existing service if they were to partner with one of the aforementioned companies. Huge discussions would determine the licensing terms behind the content available from Hulu, the results of which could lead Hulu to compromise their existing offerings and potentially jeopardize the popularity of the site.

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Posted on: July 28, 2011 9:24 pm


Previously, users of Google Merchant Centre were issuing problems with sharing their Google Merchant accounts with other users. This issue was continuing for years, by creating a lot of confusion in different situations. Lets say the primary shopping feed was uploaded in the merchant centre account, which was created using private google account, then user decides to share his access with his co-worker and then there is a problem, that it is not possible to share the access. The only way to transfer access to another Google Merchant user was to delete URL address from settings. New user had to verify new account and upload shopping feed into the merchant centre.

But Google resolved this problem by allowing share the account with other google account users.

Google Merchant User Access

To share your account, you have to select “Settings” – > “Users” and then simply just add google account user name you want to share the account data with.

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Posted on: July 27, 2011 2:59 pm


There are a mass of companies that sell Twitter followers and Facebook likes, and with the Google +1 button becoming increasingly popular, it is of no surprise that people are selling those also. Having thousands of likes, followers and +1’s are great, but I pose this question to you, are they worth more when they are acquired authentically?

Twitter Followers

I start with the example of Twitter, possibly my favourite to defend my view. The whole point of Twitter is to share information with others (your followers) and receive information (from the people you’re following), that is fairly self-explanatory. So if you pay for thousands of followers this could mean your status updates are being received by people who don’t actually care what you have to say, or you as a tweeter, have no interest in them. This clearly defeats the object of Twitter, plus, it is not like you can gain any SEO advantage from purely using Twitter, as all the links are no follows, so they provide no advantage to you. The only benefit I can see from purchasing followers is it looks impressive, however if someone was to look at the followers list, then it is clear to see that they are all fake, probably down to the fact all the pictures are all eggs and they have not tweeted much. So even the fact that you have a colossal amount of followers could well serve to be a downfall as it is obvious when companies have paid for followers.

Facebook Likes

With regards to Facebook Likes, the system is very similar to Twitter. Facebook Likes only make your page appear to be more developed than it already is, but again if some research is done into the  page, then you can tell from how many other pages that they have liked that is has obviously been paid for.

Google +1′s

Finally I come to Google’s +1 feature. Currently you cannot see who has +1’d a page, however in the future once Google + is fully operational this will no longer be a concern. On a positive note, the +1 button does have some SEO factors and it does help with SERPs. It is expected that the magnitude of the +1 button regarding SEO will increase.

In conclusion, the money you will end up spending on followers, likes and +1’s is definitely not worth the benefit of having a higher number displayed under your name or page, it could be completely pointless and could do more bad than good. A suggestion would be to put as much effort into your social networking pages as you would money for real results.

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Posted on: July 27, 2011 2:28 pm


Any SEO company will tell you that reputation management is a growing element of the service. Search engine optimisation can make or break the status of a business but this concept can also be extended to improve the reputation of a geographical area, it would seem.

Chelyabinsk, a barren Russian region that sits close to the border of Kazakhstan, has suffered a number of devastating nuclear disasters over the years, and the authorities linked with the town are looking to improve its image to improve tourism and encourage investment in the area.

The cause of all the bad press, Chelyabinsk’s nuclear power plant Mayak, instigated the destruction of tens of thousands of square miles of land and nearly half a million people in the process. As you can gather, the area is no closer to recovery even decades after the nuclear waste was leaked uncontrollably into the local ecosystem. Local governing bodies, however, are concerned that the area has been given an unfair amount of bad press online by environmentalists and are looking to spend close to £8,000 employing an SEO company to iron out the negative reviews and ensure that the negative material brought to search user’s attention shouldn’t exceed 20% of the overall results. Google and the Russian-language search engine Yandex are the particular search providers in question.

Search terms to be targeted would include ‘radiation in Chelyabinsk’ and more importantly ‘dirtiest city on the planet’, keywords for which the town ranks highly. Interestingly, Chelyabinsk itself isn’t featured in an official top-ten list of the world’s most polluted places, a clear indication that reputation alone can overshadow the facts.

This issue highlights the diverse range of responsibilities for modern SEO consultants and demonstrates how search engine optimisation can be used for a variety of purposes aside from simply sales-driven promotion.

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Posted on: July 27, 2011 7:47 am


Header tags are easy to embed within the body of your site but are often used incorrectly. Header tags, if implemented in the right way, can really aid your SEO campaign. This tutorial will explain header tags and teach you to use them wisely and effectively.

The idea that the major search engines place a lot of importance on the H1 tag (<h1>) is becoming a myth. Even so, you should only place one H1 tag on each page of your website, as it acts as the main title for that particular page. The rest of the header tags (<h2> to <h6>) can be used for titles of varying size and importance and distinguish each different section from the next. Bear in mind that the search engine spiders crawling this code will take your headers to be relevant to the theme of your site, so make sure that they cover the topics and articles that you’d like them to pick up on.

Here is a good example of a header tag:

<h1>Search Engine Optimisation</h1>

Which in turn will become:

Search Engine Optimisation

Notice that a / is used to end the code and make sure this is added in after every heading; otherwise your entire page will become a header tag!

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Posted on: July 26, 2011 4:02 pm


We at SEO Positive have constructed a timeline of Facebook, showing how they have become the social media titans that they are today.

Information gathered from

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Guest blogging is becoming increasingly popular for companies from many different industries but not just for SEO. It has many other benefits in addition to helping your page rank or back links.

For those who are unsure, guest blogging is where a writer (guest) posts an article on someone else’s site. You may be thinking to yourself, “Why would I want my hard work to be published as someone else’s?” This article will answer that burning question.

Firstly, many sites that allow guest blogging will display an ‘author’ section at the bottom of the post, or enable you to set up your own author page. It varies from site to site. Beneficially, a lot of the sites that do offer this will also allow you to have an author’s biography section, a profile picture and a few links for your Twitter account, blog and homepage for example. So in essence, you do receive the credit for your hard work.

As well as having links in your author’s section, a lot of sites will permit links in your post, and these can be to your homepage or any other page you choose. This will create links to your site and depending on the site’s PageRank, they could be high authority which is greatly beneficial to you and your site.
Writing for other blogs can also help to publicise not only you but your company and help establish brand awareness. Obviously this will depend on how popular the blog is, but if you are writing for them you should check that their blog is of a high ranking and experiences a lot of traffic. There is no point writing a post for them if no-one is going to see it.

Writer’s block is something many suffer from time to time, but having another blog to write for can overcome this to a certain extent. A lot of the time your guest blogging sites will have specific topics they would like you to cover, and having these guidelines can really help you focus on your writing.

In being signed up to a guest blogging site with a high traffic site, your blogs are likely to be receiving a large number of views. This will result in more people being driven to your site through your links and if your name and company are everywhere it is a sign that you are a good, well-established business. This in turn will sway users and bring in more traffic to your site.

Like with any SEO technique in existence, there are the positives and the negatives. Guest blogging is no exception; each guest blogging site will want an individual post. If you are a blogger then you will understand a good post can take a few hours, therefore it is crucial that you weigh up each site with the time it will take you to write the post. Sometimes you can end up worse off from taking on guest blogging but it is all down to distributing your time accordingly. If you do this correctly you will see the benefits from guest blogging come to life before your very eyes.

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Posted on: July 25, 2011 2:44 pm


It is very important to keep update with the Google Shopping feed. Google has recently announced that they have updated the required fields of the shopping feed for all the countries including UK. All the merchants have to update their Google Shopping feeds until 22nd of September 2011. Merchants which won’t comply with the new requirements will be suspended and their Shopping feeds won’t show up in Google product listings, unless they will fix their issues immediately.

Requirement changes for the UK merchants will be:

  • Availability. Every advertise should include the status of the stock. Available values: “‘in stock”, “available for order”, “out of stock”, “preorder”;
  • Google_Product_category. Applies only to ‘Apparel and Accessories’, ‘Media’, ‘Software’ categories. Must use standard Google Shopping taxanomy.
  • Additional_Image_link. Use only if the product got more than one product image.

Full Google Shopping specification can be found here