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Posted on: May 31, 2011 12:03 pm


SEO companies have a wide understanding of what search engine optimisation is however many find themselves lost on their SEO goals or objectives. This may be due to the fact that SEO consultants are focused on the detailed goals of SEO like getting into the first page of search engines or gaining a high page ranking. These goals may be correct and also required however such goals may not be easily understood by the different clients of SEO firms. It is a known fact that not all SEO clients are well versed in the workings of search engine optimisation thus such clients or potential clients may not find the need for such SEO service.

In order to convince clients and or potential clients the goals of search engine optimisation should be properly discussed and explained. Moreover, SEO experts must make clients and potential clients realise and understand the different goals of SEO and what it means in their business. The following are two of the Main Goals of SEO.

1. Acquisition of Web Traffic – if a client has established a website, it is important to make them realise that a website is nothing without web traffic and that the return of investments can be gained via web traffic and nothing else. It is the actual people who visit your website who will make the purchase of the item that you are selling.

2. Branding and Visibility – as what was stated above a website is useless without web traffic and there is more to that, for a website to gain web traffic the best approach would be for the website to become visible. Visibility as a goal means that the website should be on the top of the search engine results page.

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Posted on: May 26, 2011 8:03 am


Good and High Quality Content and high quality backlinks, all these, you have already incorporated in your website and you ask yourself what is next? This question always leaves SEO consultants dumbfounded, maybe because of the fact that they have focused all their efforts and resources into generating such content and backlinks, however the third element that could be and should be considered is traffic. SEO companies may say that traffic will come along when you have already ranked high via the different search engines, while this may be true there are other ways to get or acquire your traffic without going into the waiting period of Search engine optimisation.

One way to gain traffic is via the inclusion of your website into Google News, traffic can be generated from Google news especially so that there are millions who are subscribed to such Google service. This millions of Google news users may help your website gain more traffic however inclusion to the Google news feature does not come easy there should be a certain degree of work that you should perform in order to generate the traffic that you require. The following are some tips that you should do to increase your chances of being included in the Google news feature.

1. Incorporate fresh and news worthy content in your website. You should always develop your content to be news worthy so that you will be able to gain the “nod” of Google news, further offer more like providing the ability to comment from your users and by making your content to be significant and timely.

2. Include your website to Google’s index, there are two ways to do this, first is to let the indexing come naturally via the crawlers or speed your indexing by requesting for an inclusion.

3. Make sure that your content will be indexed by Google this is why you can either add numbers to your URL to specify the specific content or you can also have your “news” quickly indexed by using the Google news sitemap.

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Posted on: May 25, 2011 8:00 am


Content development is one of the most tedious tasks of every SEO company, this is because of the fact that it would drain every creative juice in your brain formulating or developing viable content. With the advent of the Panda algorithm the need for fresh and well written as well as high quality content has increased. However, one question regarding content has come up and that is, “is there a need to delete previous contents posted in your blog or website?” the answer of course would depend on whether the content is original or not. If the content is of high quality and it is original then such should not be deleted, however if the content was just copied from another source then by all means delete it from your blog posts.

Writing a high quality content is no laughing matter because it would really take a lot out of the writer or the content developer, this is why nowadays writers are paid more or less around ten to twenty dollars per article, because there are only a few “high quality” writers or content developers out there. With such huge investment in content development such articles or blog posts need not be idle once it has surpassed its usefulness for the web page. Here are some things that you can do with your old articles or blog posts so that it would help you in your SEO campaign.

1. Re-write your blog posts – pick out an old blog post that has gained so much attention via comments, discussions and maybe some social media likes. Re-write such blog post, this time make such post longer and in detail. Create links from the post to your other site pages related to the keyword you are using as a link, to expand and build more links you should submit such rewritten articles to article directories.

2. Use old articles – rewrite your old articles, especially those that were submitted to Article directories, this time however summarise everything and compress your content to around 200-300 words, from there utilise the rewritten article as news feeds and or newsletters.

Your investments in content development should not end with the article output but rather you should recreate it in order to serve a different purpose in the cases stated above the contents are used to build links.

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Posted on: May 23, 2011 8:06 am


For several years or ever since the search engine business began the algorithm or the process has always been the same for the users that is; to type in the keywords and hope that the content you are looking for will show up in the first page of the search engine results page. Up to the present it is common knowledge among SEO companies that search engines are highly dependent on its algorithm in order to determine which websites are supposed to be ranked high or first in their search engine results page. This is what is being considered, by Microsoft at least, as the traditional search.

According to Microsoft’s Bing Director, the search engines such as Google who are using “traditional search” processes that such processes are already failing and that type of method of search is no longer what the people or the internet users want. The Microsoft Bing Director Stefan Weitz said that the search engine giant, Google has failed in adapting to the changing needs of their clients or the changing needs of the myriad internet users because the company has maintained its general algorithm of ranking websites.

According to Stefan Weitz, the present internet users are looking for something that would help them decide. Social search is one such feature that may help people in deciding, by recommendations from the different “friends” in their social account. This is what Bing has started with its integration of the Facebook Like feature with its search engine.

Bing believes that the most relevant search may emanate from real people or from those that were highly recommended by people in social networking sites. Google however is not far behind in this goal of social search as it will also roll out its Google +1 feature which is similar to that of a Facebook like button on a website. What many SEO consultants may be thinking and asking themselves is this, isn’t Bing also following a set of search engine algorithm that gives preference to highly optimised websites? And is it not that Bing is also offering features that is similar to that of Google?

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Posted on: May 20, 2011 8:33 am


Most of the time SEO consultants are getting their news about the progress and milestones of search engine companies in their battle for internet user share via the data gathered by survey companies focusing on the United States or collectively, worldwide. Rare are the moments when an online survey company would gather data from different parts of the world and determining what search engine company is frequently used by those who reside in such specific country or geographic area.

Admittedly, the top search engine for the United States or the top search engine worldwide does not necessarily depict or show the actual number of users who are found in a single geographic area. For instance Google may be dominating Yahoo and Bing in the U.S. and even globally but Google is not the top search engine in terms of users in China since the top search engine in their specific geographic location is the homegrown Baidu search engine.

It is however a good news for Google when it terms on the data gathered by comScore in the area of Latin America. Google dominates the search engine user share by owning 90% of such share of internet users. Such 90% share of course includes all Google websites like the search engine Google, the video sharing YouTube and other Google sites.

According to comScore Google is dominating the search business in Latin America wherein the highest share was tracked to be in Columbia and the lowest but still a significant 89.40% share was found in Argentina. These different areas in the Latin America with a high occurrence of the usage of the Google Search engine are said to be testaments to the popularity of the search engine giant. This is why a prudent SEO company should also focus improving their SEO campaign targeting the Google search engine algorithm if they want to dominate rankings within the Latin Americas.

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Posted on: May 19, 2011 8:06 am


As far as search engine optimisation is concerned and as far as many SEO companies believe and has observed, the two main factors that an SEO consultant should focus on and these are content and links. The former means the development of the text that would be posted on the target website and that such should be unique and well written for users to read and for the search engines to easily crawl and “understand”.

With regards to link building one popular practice is to comment on blogs with high PR ranking with the hope that your comment will be accepted and thus allowing you to get a backlink from such website. Indeed the use of quality content and backlinks are the major factors that would contribute to the success of such SEO campaign. With regards to back-linking one must choose wisely on to what website should be targeted for linking, and determine whether the link will last for a long term or not. It is important for SEO firms to incorporate the factor of longevity in terms of the existence of the link. However, the question is this, how does one determine whether the link would be existent for a long time or not? The following are some of the ways of determining the quality of the link:

1. The topics or the target domains should be consistent with the general thrust or theme of the website. This would mean that the target domains and the topics contained within their website should be closely related to the theme or business page that you are promoting. Mismatch in the theme with the sites being linked to would mean that your links would only have temporary effects and would later on diminish.

2. A long term link is also one that would be existing as long as the page or the website is existing. This means that when you link to a website make sure that your link will become a vital part of the website that the administrators of the website you are linking to will never delete such link.

3. The website you are getting your link from must be observed constantly on whether or not such website is also improving its rankings. This is because if the website you are linking to is constantly trending upward then such website can be regarded as authority and or significant as compared to a website that is on a constant decline which means that no improvement is being incorporated thus having a link from such site might only prove to be detrimental your link building campaign.

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With all the concerns of SEO companies focused on Google’s Panda algorithm many may have missed Microsoft Bing’s latest algorithm update to make their search engine to become infused more with the “human factor”. Microsoft, in partnership with Facebook has launched an algorithm that is said to be infusing true human emotion into determining the search engine ranking of a website. This would mean that aside from utilising the criteria or ranking factors that are set in the algorithm of the search engine such ranking factor will also be influenced by the recommendations of actual users on the website.

In cooperation with the world famous social media platform, Facebook, Bing will be taking their user influences via recommendation data from the number of Facebook likes that were given by actual users to the target website.

According to Microsoft the possibility of a website to rank higher in their search engine results page ranking is high if the website receives the most or a significant amount or number of Facebook likes and or Facebook shares from actual users or friends. Therefore SEO consultants should start thinking about exploiting the use of the social media platform Facebook to their advantage and may have to start considering making a Facebook page for their website.

This enhancement from Bing is also said to prioritise those Facebook likes or recommendation that came from friends further Bing will be focusing on those “likes” that would pertain to be a very valuable information to the users. According to Microsoft search should not only be based on Math and Algorithms rather it should also be based on what people recommend or share among their friends, thus the incorporation of the human factor.

This new algorithm from Microsoft would definitely make a lot of  SEO experts start increasing their social media approach.

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Posted on: May 17, 2011 8:34 am


It has always been reiterated by a lot of SEO companies that the process of search engine optimisation is a continuing process. This is because of the fact that SEO does not end after you have reached your goal of ranking in page one of Google or any other search engine. After the fact that you have you achieved your goal you must now work to keep that ranking that you have.

The search engine results pages are so dynamic that one day you may be on top and the next day you might find yourself at the bottom. This is why post SEO evaluation and maintenance processes are important if you would want to stay on top of any search engine results page rankings. In maintaining your position in the search engine results page and also in assessing or evaluating whether your website would actually earn a revenue after several months of hard work in your SEO campaign you should then take note of the following signals which when left unsolved will cause a bigger problem in the long run among which is your website dropping from the rankings.

The following are the signals that should therefore be taken care of:

1. Low Rate of Loyal Visitors – the increased number of loyal visitors or those users that constantly return to your site means that you have a very useful website that people are constantly visiting, thus if your website has a low rate of loyal visitors then that would mean that it is a signal about your websites’ uninteresting features.

2. High Abandonment of the Shopping Cart – if you notice a lot of people visiting your site however they do not seem to complete their order in the cart which might mean that the product is unappealing or your target audience does not have the capability to pay you online according to your websites’ payment scheme.

3. Having a high bounce rate – if your website analytics shows that your site has over 50% bounce rate you should be concern because that would mean that people visiting your site does not actually read or visit your site for information rather they immediately revert to other websites. In order to solve this problem incorporating an interesting landing page might help in the decrease of your websites’ bounce rate.

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Posted on: May 17, 2011 8:31 am


After Google released their new algorithm change many online companies have observed their rankings go down. According to Google the Panda algorithm is targeting websites that are utilising poor content, this means that the websites that are utilising such content might run the risk of having a lowered ranking or worst they might even be banned or suspended. When Google released the Panda algorithm initially in the US, SEO companies have seen 12% of online businesses to have dropped their rankings. This is why many SEO consultants have been trying to find solution to this problem.

One thing that Google executives have been mentioning is that an SEO firm must focus on the quality of their content instead of trying to decipher the search engine algorithm itself. Content have always been emphasized by Google in their latest posts regarding the Panda Algorithm and in order for many to understand what is a quality content one must first decipher or understand what is a poor content.

A poor content is basically a content that does not deliver any type of information at all or are just copied from other websites without giving any due recognition to the original source. Poor content from what we can deduce from Google’s forum board and blog posts are those contents that were written in poor grammar, copied and those that are developed without increasing user experience.

Let us focus on the last two qualities mentioned. First on copied contents, many websites have been found to have been previously ranked high by Google even if their content were only taken from another source, in order for Google to solve this problem they implemented the Panda algorithm which determines contents that are copied from another source, so it is safe therefore that one factor that can determine whether a content is poor or not is its uniqueness.

The Second factor is user experience, Google has finally set their eyes on urging website owners to increase the level of user experience which means that Google is now also focused on the “other audience” of a website and that is the users. Google panda algorithm considers a content to be poor if the content does not give any valuable information to its clients and that the content is just blasted with incoherent texts and keywords.

SEO experts should therefore focus on the quality of their content and that the use of a list of informative data in their content to help guide their users will be favoured by the search engine giant.

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Posted on: May 9, 2011 7:50 am


There will be a lot of instances wherein you produce or develop a website that is focused or is going to target or capture local audiences. “Local” in this context may be targeting audiences from a specific country or even a specific state or a city. Although general SEO techniques would suffice, a precise audience target would require a lot more “local” approach. The “local” approach would make the website to be ranked better in the local search engine results page. The following are some strategies that may be utilised to make SEO efforts a lot more localised:

1. When choosing for a domain name it would be advisable to prioritise the use of a Country Code Top Level Domain that would pertain to the country or locality being targeted. For example if you are targeting the United Kingdom then choosing a top level domain is the best choice. However, if the country code top level domain is not available then use the generic top level domain like .com, .net among others.

2. With hosting your website, it would be a wise choice to utilise a local hosting company for the country or locality where you are targeting your audience. This is to give your website a DNS that would be pertaining to the same country that you are targeting.

3. When building links it is advisable to first build your links from directories or websites that are also targeting the same locality. This is because of the fact that these sites in the same locality could bring more page rank value to your website than those sites that are hosted or are targeting other locations.

4. When utilising the Google webmaster tool it would be best to set your website and your webmaster tool to the country that you are targeting.

With the evolution of internet technology as well as search engine algorithms it is understandable that there should be different SEO strategies that would be developed and these local SEO strategies would greatly help your local SEO campaign.