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Posted on: January 31, 2011 12:20 pm


Last year Apple released their mobile PC via their slate table PC known as the Ipad, with this release it has strengthened the speculation that the era of mobile is at hand. During the CES 2011 convention we have seen a lot of new technology that most of which are dealing with mobile and it is because of this that many SEO experts are starting to make preparations for the possible increase in the field of mobile search. Anticipating these types of progress in terms of technology which are going to affect the field of search engine optimisation, would help increase revenue for those in the online business. To start off with the mobile search engine optimisation process it would be necessary to follow the same format as what is done in a normal search engine optimisation process and that is research, keyword research in particular.

It is a known fact that search for mobile is different from the normal internet search are the applications are made a lot more compact and not to mention that there are other players dominating the mobile search not only the big three which are Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is the reason why it would be very helpful for SEO Consultants to take the following mobile search engine optimisation processes.

1. Use Google Mobile keywords – this is the service that Google made available to include mobile search volume into the keyword research for internet or website content. Google mobile Keywords could account for around ten percent (10%) of the total query volume of the search engine giant.

2. Make mobile formatted contents for your website – The year 2010 saw the increase in the sale of smartphones which are of course enabled to conduct mobile browsing, not to mention the predicted releases of Ipad rivals making the race for mobile application and search engine optimisation a lot more significant. This is why for most webmasters it would be prudent to format their website to being compatible with mobile search or with mobile content format.

For now these two points for consideration would help you start with making your site mobile friendly, a lot more tips and tricks may be updated as soon as they unfold.

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Posted on: January 31, 2011 12:14 pm


The search engine giant, Google, is always the focus of attention for many SEO agencies and SEO Consultants not only because of the fact that it is the most sought after search engine when it comes to search engine optimisation but also this would also raise some speculations and questions about how the search engine giant conducts its business and one of the most popular question is does Google Favour it’s own sites in terms of its Search engine results page ranking? To answer this question Ben Edelman an associate professor at the Harvard University conducted a test to either prove or disprove such speculations. Edelman is considered to be a long time Google watcher and it is because his interest in Google that prompted him to conduct a survey.

Edelman’s survey is very simple yet logical he searched for Google products being offered by the company and lists them down along with competing products. Such products that were the subject of this survey are mail, email, chat, calendar, video and maps. In August of 2010 Edelman began the survey for almost 32 products, which is as now might have an effect with the results due to the fact that the research was started August 2010 where Google has not yet rolled out some of its new features and search engine algorithm tweaks and changes. Be that as it may the survey may still serve its purpose as there were just minor changes or effects in the SERP of Google with or without the tweaks, not to mention that during that time Yahoo was still using its own search engine platform and not Bing’s, as Edelman tested his search through all of the Big three search engines. The survey resulted to a data where it shows that Google is only favouring its services 19% of the time while the remaining percentage actually points to the relevancy of the site. Thus, SEO firms and SEO specialists should not worry as it is still relevancy that the Google algorithm is focused on and not regulation nor favouritism.

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Open a blank document in Illustrator, select the Spiral Tool and draw a nice spiral onto the canvas. Hold CTRL while creating the spiral to expand the curve and hit the Up and Down arrows to add or remove curls.

Once you have created your spiral copy and paste it in front (CTRL + C, then CTRL + F). With the new spiral selected rotate it around 20°, just enough so there is a nice space between them but the ends can still be joined ok, like that shown below.

Now select the Direct Selection Tool and drag over the two end corners, right click and select Join. Now do the same to the inner join, even if it looks joined, just to end the path. If the joins look a little off, then you can tweak the angles using the Direct Selection Tool. Click onto a join and ankers should appear, tweak those until you are happy.

You can now fill the spiral with a nice colour or gradient, then copy, rotate and resize them to make an effective floral graphic. In the example I have also added a subtle drop shadow by going to Effect > Stylize > Drop Shadow and adjusting the settings to suit.

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Posted on: January 27, 2011 9:12 am


One of the biggest gatherings of digital marketing companies and online businesses will again be held on May 10 – 12 at Earls Court 2 in London. This gathering is known as the Internet World 2011, for several years now the Internet World event have been bringing many online businesses and solutions provider together in order to showcase their wares and their services not to mention to give a tip or two in the field of online business and search engine optimisation. This year, Internet World 2011 is again expected to gather more than three hundred (300) solutions provider such as SEO companies, Pay Per Click or PPC specialists and providers, Website Design companies and even link building companies. Further, the Internet World 2011 is also expected to draw more than twelve thousand visitors by combining five shows in a single event.

In the United Kingdom the Internet is considered as a one hundred billion pounds (£100 Billion) business and it has become home to many solutions companies that provide the best SEO services not only in the UK but worldwide. Internet World 2011 has drawn these multi-awarded companies and has expressed their intention to participate in the event as exhibitors, one such company is SEO Positive. This SEO Company has just recently been voted and named by Top SEOs, an independent authority on website design and Internet Marketing vendors, as the United Kingdom’s top and number one supplier of integrated search marketing services. SEO positive was able to garner this prestigious award due to the SEO company’s ability to deliver a strong record on providing page one search engine results page ranking to its clients’ website through the use of only the most acceptable techniques or strategies, not only that SEO positive also delivers the highest return of investment to the client website that is subject to a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign.

Indeed, with the entry of SEO Positive in the Internet World 2011 event as an exhibitor is a proof that the Internet World 2011 is a gathering of the best Internet Companies worldwide.

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Lots of SEO related forums, blogs and community boards are going crazy about the latest Google pagerank update. Why so crazy? you might ask, well when Google usually does a pagerank update, every webmaster who knows what pagerank is checks to see if their website has increased since the last update (historically every three months or so). However Google hasn’t done a toolbar pagerank update since April 2010, and webmasters, and SEO specialists all over were wondering if this was the end of Google’s updates? Well good news all you pagerank lovers, it looks like its still here as over the last 5 days sites all over the web have been seeing increases & decreases in their toolbar PR.

To find out what pagerank your website is simply to go one of the many FREE pagerank checker tools throughout the internet and simply just type your domain name in to see what pagerank your web page has been given by the search giant. However, remember this…. Pagerank does not effect your rankings! Just because you ahve a good pagerank, this doesn’t mean that your website is going to be listed high on the search engines. Likewise, if you have a low pagerank, you can still be number 1 on Google and the other major search engines.

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One of the biggest income generating arm of Google is through advertising and this is the reason why Google Adwords was launched many years back. Here people who would like to advertise over the internet could invoke the pay per click advertising scheme where they will be bidding on specific keywords and that they will pay for every click done on their advertisement.

Through the years Google has introduced a lot of improvements and tweaks on Google Adwords and among them is the process of delivering ads during a user’s search session. Search session function as follows if a user searches for “car rentals” during the session of the users’ search the user is served with the different ads related to that search but such ads will continue even if the user already diverted and search for other keywords like “education”. This would mean for users and advertisers alike that the ads being displayed by Google is now completely unrelated.

Many advertisers who purchase keywords through Adwords these display of ads with unrelated keywords is generating income for Google but not for the advertisers. It is because of this practice that some Google Advertisers have reported loses due to this practice, Google on the other hand have stated that in order to solve the problem the advertisers who purchased the keywords must set the configuration to broad match and it should be in the searchers very recent search history.

Google further enunciated that it would help reduce advertising cost if the advertisers would add a plus sign on their broad match keywords an action which would ensure that the keywords are in the search term that triggered their display. Google also have said that advertisers are not on the losing end because of the fact that the searcher clicked on the ads means that he or she is interested.

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Posted on: January 26, 2011 8:46 am


A keyword is a very essential part of an SEO company’s SEO campaign. This is due to the fact that it is through keywords that Search engine users are searching for the websites that they are searching for, it is therefore imperative that a website’s chosen keyword should  rank high in a search engine results page ranking. The ultimate purpose of ranking high on the chosen keywords in the search engine’s SERP is to gain more traffic for possible conversion and revenue. Making a chosen keyword for a website to rank high in a search engine results page could be a very daunting task and many SEO companies find that sometimes their client website would rank best on the General Keyword terms but would rank poorly on specific search or keyword terms or vice versa. This type of problem could emanate from different sources or reasons but one of the most common reason on why this happens is the fact that there is a poor page to page linking as caused by indiscriminately linking one page to another. This process of indiscriminate linking will dilute the organisational theme of the website making it a lot more difficult for the chosen keywords to naturally rank in search engines.

To solve this problem top SEO experts are resorting to siloing. Siliong is a solution for problems arising from unfocused linking giving you the opportunity to achieve high search engine ranking for both the search specific and general keywords via themed vertical page linking. There are two type of Siloing, one is directory silo and the other the virtual silos. To start creating a directory silo you have to prepare a single directory where you will place like-content pages. The key here is to properly group contents which are closely related with each other and place them in a single directory. Categorising contents with other similar contents would increase efficiency in crawling the content pages.

For a virtual silo, the theme is developed through linking. The silo here is determined by the pages that the main silo links to, this can be achieved by creating a landing page or a main page and there are several pages that are linking to the said landing page or main page to support such landing page.

Following these two types of silo structures could help increase the crawling efficiency for search engine bots which would in turn help increase the visibility of your chosen keywords to the search engines.

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Posted on: January 25, 2011 9:52 am


This tutorial will show how to create a nice sunrise / rays of sun effect in Photoshop like that shown below.

Open up a new document in photoshop, create a new layer and you will first need to get a sunrise photoshop brush, like the ones shown below. You should be able to find a free one online. Add these to C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop/Presets/Brushes and then drag the brush into your brushes window in Photoshop (F5).

Fill the new layer you created in Photoshop with a nice colour and double click on the layer to add an inner shadow, to add some depth. Make the Distance and Choke 0 and set the Opacity to around 40% and the Size to around 140. Now select the brush tool, with a white foreground and choose your desired sunrise brush. In the example I have used a chunky sunrise where the sun starts from the center.

Use the ‘[' and ']‘ buttons on your keyboard to adjust the size of your brush, then simply click once onto the same layer in your desired spot. You could also create a new layer and add the sunrise to that, then you can adjust the opacity and even fade out the edges using the Eraser Tool.

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Following my previous post about “Get The Most From Google Display Network Advertising” here is  quick tips how to use “Contextual targeting” tool.  Google Adwords Contextual Targeting tool helps to generate themed keyword lists and ensure accurate targeting to your ads.

How to use this tool:

1. Contextual targeting tool can be be found under the “Reporting and Tools” tab.

2. Type the keyword you want to get a keyword list for.  Select location and languages options and click search.

3. Contextual targeting tool will generate the most accurate keyword lists to the phrase that you have  added.

4. Select the most relevant keyword lists and click on “Export to Adwords Editor” button. If you do not use Adwords Editor you can copy keywords manually to your ad groups via Google Adwords web user interface.

Get The Most From Google Display Network Advertising

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Keeping true to its promise to acquire new startup technologies to help increase the future projects of the search engine giant known as Google, the company has recently acquired eBook Technologies Inc. The search engine giant can be remembered to have announced that the company will be purchasing different startup companies monthly in order to utilise the technology of such companies and integrate it with the future applications or features that will be rolled out by Google in the coming years. What these new applications or features are? Well observers can only predict through the type of company and the products it produces or the technology that it possesses.

The latest acquisition done by Google was that of the eBook Technologies Inc. A new company that is mainly focused on the production of different ebook related technologies. It is a known fact that Google had previously won the case for Google Books where Google now has the power to digitise different books and have it published and made available online, this case went through so much legal battle as many publishers and authors have invoked their right to intellectual property, but after settling the dispute with the authors and publishers Google eventually got its way and now rolling out this Google feature. It is inline with this Google feature that it is believed to be the reason why the search engine giant had purchased eBook Technologies. However, with the technology of eBook Technologies, where they specialise in developing e-book readers it is speculated that Google will be utilising this capability of the said company. Ebook Technologies was able to develop two e-readers one with color screen and the other with E-Ink screen. According to the latest announcement by Google the search engine company welcomes the new addition to their acquisition where they are expecting to utilise the company’s knowledge to develop better reading experience for tablets, electronic readers and other portable devices.