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Posted on: October 29, 2010 8:45 am


Social media has already entered the search engine optimisation scene, with the onset of Facebook’s more than five hundred million users, may SEO companies and SEO consultants find social media optimisation as an essential part of their SEO campaign. In line with this many SEO companies and SEO consultants have spent time in researching the different possibilities or areas on how to make or conduct a great social media optimisation campaign. The following are some of the guidelines that were culled from the different observations and research done by SEO companies and SEO consultants in using social media for their SEO campaign.

1.       Keep your content fresh and interesting in order for you to increase the linkability of your website from the social media platform. Remember that in social media you are dealing with actual people and not bots that is why you have to  keep your readers or friends and followers interested and that could only be achieved through your content.

2.       Incorporate features in your website where it would make it easy for your readers to share your content over the different social media platforms. Add share buttons and RSS feed buttons for your readers to easily share and subscribe to your website.

3.       When using social media platforms you have to bear in mind that you are dealing with actual people who can decipher whether you are just another marketing ploy or a real person who is looking for friends to share content or information with. So you have to always keep it real and not use automated or standard responses or posts.

4.       Remember that the social media strategy is fairly new and that is why you have to keep in mind that there may be new technologies or new innovations that can be utilised to increase social media optimisation efficiency therefore you have to stay creative.

These simple guidelines will help you start your social media campaign properly and with a better efficiency rate.

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Posted on: October 28, 2010 9:08 am


Making your website to be an authority site is a daunting task, this is because of the fact that it requires your site to have a good “reputation”. Reputation can be termed in the context of search engine optimisation as a website that has gained natural links and incorporated with fresh and good content. This can only be achieved by conducting a solid SEO campaign using only white hat techniques, however there are a lot of SEO techniques and strategies which could not actually have any effect in the goal of gaining a considerable page rank. Page ranking is Google’s patented ranking term which is given to authority sites that has a considerable amount of good back links. With the hundreds of SEO techniques identifying which strategy would have an effect in page ranking would be a great advantage. The following are guide on the strategies that could give you a considerable number of backlinks that may influence your page ranking.

1.       Make your site known to search engine directories by submitting said website URL to such search engine directories. The effect of this is not only to gain backlinks but it would also have an influence of making your presence on primary search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

2.       Content is still the best avenue in getting backlinks as well as traffic thus you have to create good, informative and unique articles.

3.       Join forums, forums are discussion boards and every forum site allows you to place signature under your account which you can actually use to post a link to your website.

4.       Submit articles to ezine sites, this will not only allow you to gain backlinks but also a considerable amount of traffic, mostly targeted traffic since those who will read your article are those interested on your topic.

With these four techniques in increasing your page rank you could already start building your own authority sites.

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Posted on: October 28, 2010 9:06 am


The current trend nowadays is  the integration of social media into the already varied SEO strategies into the mix. This is of course brought about by the nature of SEO companies and SEO consultants and that is to find new strategies that could be integrated in their SEO campaign in order to get ahead of their competition. One recent technology that has gain ground in terms of internet users and or members are the social media networks, one of the most popular brand of social media is Facebook which is reportedly has more than five hundred million members and still increasing. Social media started to become the target strategy for an SEO campaign by SEO consultants and SEO companies because of the fact that social media can bring about a lot more targeted traffic than what is currently being provided by search engines. A targeted traffic is more likely to be gained from social media users than search engine users because of the fact that the former has the ability to deliver targeted traffic, that is it can promote the target website into internet users who exhibits the same interests or related interests as what is contained within the target website. Although the SEO company or SEO consultant may be focused on different SEO strategies, Social media strategy has been seen as an avenue to increase the number of inbound links of the website. Further, because of the capability of social media to let users share data, links or images as well as texts SEO companies and SEO consultants also have seen social media as the easiest way of making a specific topic to be viral or sharing information about the website that is being targeted by a social media campaign strategy which is an integral part in an SEO campaign.

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Posted on: October 27, 2010 9:33 am


Time and again we have always heard SEO companies and SEO consultants’ state that content is king, in terms of search engine optimisation campaigns. They are, up until today, considered as correct in stating such. This is because of the fact that content has many contributions in an SEO campaign, among these are content serving as an avenue to promote the website to the search engines by incorporating keywords or key phrases into the content which is going to be crawled and indexed by the search engine bots or crawlers, another is that content is an avenue where website owners can convince the website visitors to convert from being a mere visitor to becoming a client. Content however must always be kept or written in high quality. What makes a content of high quality? The following are some of the characteristics of contents that are considered to be of high quality.

1.       The content must not be automatically generated. This means that the content must not just be taken and rewritten by an application, it should always be written by an actual human being as the message being conveyed is also for the consumption of a human being.

2.       The content must be interesting, content that are considered to be boring will not keep the visitor in the website thus increasing the websites’ bounce rate, it is therefore important to make every content interesting, adding supporting images and engaging texts as well as interesting titles would really help in keeping your visitors from immediately going to another website.

3.       Avoid copying contents, as much as possible contents must be original and the product of your own intellect. This means that you must always keep your content unique, not only would you avoid being charged of copyright infringement but also you would be gaining considerable traffic.

These are just some basic guidelines for you to follow when writing your content especially if such content is focused on contributing to the websites’ SEO campaign.

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Posted on: October 27, 2010 9:31 am


One of the basic foundation of every search engine optimisation campaign is the keyword. This is because of the fact that keywords are the ones used by search engines when indexing your website. The keywords would similarly serve as the call number of a book in a library. Target websites will be classified under the most optimised keyword orkeyphrase found in your website. The chosen keyword is also considered as the expected query that will be entered by the internet user when looking for certain information over the internet. This means therefore that if the keyword is being searched by a lot of people using the search engines then your website will have the capability or the potential to gain considerable amount of traffic which in turn increases the chances of conversions for your website, thus the importance of keyword research.

Researching for the right keyword therefore is a very important task and a very tedious task at that. Keyword research is a very tedious task because there are millions of words and millions of combination of words which can be used as keywords manually looking for them without any statistical help would be an endless trial and error process. Thankfully, there are tools that can help and provide you statistical data that would narrow down your keyword choice. There may be a lot of tools being sold in the web but sometimes you just have to look harder in order to realise that such tools are provided for free. The following are three of the keyword research tools that is provided by Google.

1.       If you are looking to research for keywords and keyword combinations you can utilise Google adwords’ keyword research tool, although this tool was provided in order for one to efficiently find keywords for his or her PPC campaign this keyword research tool can also be used in SEO campaigns.

2.       To check on how viable your chosen keyword is, you can check whether such keyword is currently trending or have already trended by using Google Trends.

3.       Finally to check the number of searches and the location of where the searches emanated you can use Google insights which is a really helpful search tool especially if you are targeting specific locations.

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Posted on: October 26, 2010 9:04 am


Microblogging has taken off, just like Facebook the microblog company have gained so many loyal supporters and the number is still increasing. The increase in Twitter users can be attributed with the fact that many SEO companies and SEO consultants have found use for Twitter to enhance their online marketing campaign and or their SEO campaign. If you have checked your Twitter account lately there were some announcements and trials on the new Twitter interface, along with this change in the Twitter interface comes other changes. Recently, Twitter has released and announced in their official blog that they are rolling out new enhancements which are directed to improve their query service capacity.

Twitter has announced that they have introduced enhancements in their search technology. This upgrade is said to have made the Twitter search technology to be a lot faster and efficient where the implementation of which has been done over the past two weeks. The new and improve search algorithm is designed to crawl billions of tweets daily and displays the most relevant and appropriate result within seconds. This enhanced search technology was developed by Twitter to be able to handle fifty times the data amount that the previous technology was handling.

The possible end effect of this new search technology is that it would allow users to search for tweets that were displayed or posted several days ago. It would be remembered that Twitter previously announced that they do not have the capability of storing older tweets because of the gargantuan size of Tweets being posted daily that is around one thousand tweets per second. This incapability of Twitter can now be a thing of the past since the new search technology now has the capability of storing tweets for several days allowing users to search previous tweets. What does this mean for SEO companies and SEO consultants? Well basically a new technology means a new SEO strategy to develop and exploit.

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Posted on: October 25, 2010 9:11 am


For every SEO company and SEO consultant Link Building is a common term, but for someone looking to hire an SEO consultant or SEO company and who is new in the field of online marketing as well as online business Link Building may be a foreign word. Link building started when SEO companies and SEO consultants found out that search engines particularly the primary search engines are partly link centric, that is, the ranking of the website in their search engine results page as well as the page ranking in the case of Google is partly dependent on the quantity and quality of inbound links. Inbound links are those links that are directed to your website from another website, these links are sorted and graded by the search engines and should they pass the quality acid test such link would then be considered as a “vote” to your website. Therefore the more quality inbound links for your website the better chances of you building your website’s reputation and page rank.

It is because of this very important effect from inbound links that many SEO companies and SEO consultants have developed several strategies in order to gain inbound links and the cumulative name for such processes is called Link Building. Therefore, link building may come in different forms, some may conduct a social bookmarking way of link building, some may utilise other social media platforms, some might utilise directories and some may utilise blog commenting. Whatever the processes are as long as it would yield quality links then it would be considered as a link building process. However, in order to prevent abuses in link building, search engines particularly Google have integrated in their search engine algorithm the capability of recognising link building strategies that are designed to manipulate page ranking. Further the algorithm is also integrated with the capability of deciphering links to and from link spammers as well as bad neighbourhood in the internet among other black hat link building techniques.

What SEO companies and SEO consultant should always remember is that for every inbound link search engines would always check on its quality that is the source of the link and the relevance of it to the page it is linking to.

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Posted on: October 22, 2010 9:01 am


Sure, search engine optimisation brings in a lot of traffic to your website, however many SEO companies and SEO consultants that every website must also have characteristics that would convince the visitor to convert from a mere visitor into an actual client or lead. In the field of online business it is very important that traffic entering your website be converted in to potential and actual clients in order to gain considerable revenues. This is the reason why SEO companies and SEO consultants should also focus on how to convince the visitors to convert from such a mere visitor to a potential client especially so that it would only take seconds before the visitor would click away from your website.

Therefore, given that short span of time to convince your visitors the greatest avenue for an SEO company or an SEO consultant to accomplish this goal is to design the website in a “convincing” manner, the following are some guides that could help in developing such a website.

1.       Locate an area in your website where you visitors or users would have a high probability of looking at such part of the website. This means that you have to test and try to look at the website and see where your vision normally would focus.

2.       Create a convincing call to action, your call to action must be short and direct to the point and as much as possible it should convey your message clearly. Further this call to action must be placed in a location in your website where it may easily be seen by your clients remember you only have several seconds before the user or website visitor would click away from your site.

3.       Create a web page or a home page that is both easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing to the vision. This would spark your users’ or visitors’ interest a lot more thus making them stay on your site a little longer giving you enough time to convince them to convert from visitors to clients.

The suggestions may seem to be simple but these often neglected guidelines by SEO companies and SEO consultants contribute a lot to the increase of conversion rates and decrease of your bounce rates.

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Posted on: October 21, 2010 10:07 am


Keywords are considered to be one of the foundations of search engine optimisation. This is because of the fact that search engines are indexing websites according to the most optimised keywords, and if and when such keywords where your website is indexed in is ranked in page one of the search engine results page ranking expect that your website will be gaining a lot of traffic coming from the search engines. This is especially possible when the keyword used or where you are indexed in is utilised by a lot of internet users as search query keywords. This is the reason why SEO companies and SEO consultants are working hard researching in order for them to be able to acquire the most viable keyword or the keyword that may bring in a large amount of traffic.

One main problem that SEO consultants and SEO companies are facing is the fact that there are millions if not billions of possible word combinations that may be used as keywords. One reason why many SEO companies and SEO consultants are using several keyword suggestion tools, however these tools are automatically generated that sometimes it would not actually give you the desired result although statistics-wise the keyword may be viable. This is because of the fact that there are other considerations when choosing the right keyword aside from statistics the following are such guidelines in addition to you keyword suggestion tools’ statistics.

1.       The keyword must be related to your websites’ theme or to the niche that you are targeting, a very basic knowledge that some SEO companies and SEO consultants tend to forget, it would be best to choose a keyword that is exactly if not closely related with the target niche or audience.

2.       The keyword must be utilised by a lot of internet users when looking for a particular information. This means that there must be a large number of internet users who are using such keyword, this can be accomplished by using Google’s keyword tools.

3.       Finally, the keyword must have less competition, high search rate and low competition can only be achieved by using long tail keywords that is why it is important to choose a keyword that is not too general and not too specific.

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Posted on: October 20, 2010 9:01 am


It is a known fact that Google had a very stringent battle with the People’s Republic of China early this year. To refresh our memories, Google was mandated by the Chinese government to censor its search results which eventually caused the inaccuracies of the search results from Google China and such mandate was viewed as the curtailment of the one’s right to be informed or right to information. Second, Google China was attacked by hackers compromising the personal data of its Gmail account members who are mostly known as Chinese activists or none supporters of the Chinese Government. It is because of these events that Google China was forced to close down and had to transfer its server to Google Hongkong. Although beaten by these tussles with China Google still remains to be the foremost internet company worldwide.

Last September 27, 2010 Google has sent one month notice of termination of reseller contract with seven large Chinese companies, such termination of contract was allegedly given without explaining the causes or reasons for termination, according to Cindy Qin, a Google spokeswoman that Google indeed issued one month’s notice of termination of reseller contract which will take effect on the 27th of October. Financial analysts have stated that Google might be in the losing end of this latest action because of the fact that the seven Chinese Adwords resellers are contributing around $225 Million in gross revenue from last year which is translated to be forty percent (40%) of Google China’s revenue. Further, analysts have stated that the loss of Google with these seven adwords resellers is considered as gain for Google China’s closest competitor the home grown Chinese company Baidu. With this termination of contracts it is expected that these seven companies are going to transfer their accounts with Baidu. This may be a loss for Google but it seems that it’s a loss that the search engine company is willing to take.