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So many PHP developers, in no limited skill set generally lack the knowledge of the APC which is an acronym for Alternate PHP Cache. And cutting a long story short the APC is a virtual memory storage to keep your variables in while retaining them across multiple web pages, and throughout your code.

It is a great way of speeding up, and minimizing your code, if used correctly. When I first began using it, I was almost scared of its technicality but I was reassured after a quick read on (your best friend, as a PHP developer.)

The PHP is, largely, not installed as a default module on every server and the module will be need to be installed if you want take advantage of it.

The functions you’re more than likely to use are:

  • apc_store($name, $value, $time=null);
  • apc_fetch($name);
  • apc_delete($name);
  • apc_exists($key);

apc_store($name, $value);

This function, as you might imagine, Does nothing more than store a variable into the APC for arrays of objects you do need to alter the way that you instantiate your array object. See below for an example:

$myArray[] = new foo();//assuming these classes do nothing but echo their namespaces and PHP_EOL
$myArray[] = new bar();// " "
//now lets store it.
apc_store('arrayObject', new ArrayObject($myArray));
//and fetch it.
$apcElement = apc_fetch('arrayObject');
//and output it all.

The output will be along the lines of


but in essence, the storing of objects isn’t recommended as you will not store the information, simply the properties of that object.


So assuming we have used apc_store(‘foo’, ‘bar’); we can now use apc_fetch(‘foo’); see the example below

apc_store('foo', 'bar');
//will output "bar"

Which as you can see, is incredibly easy to use. Overall, the usability of the APC is almost perfect.


This is, again, very simple to use and self explanatory.

apc_store('foo', 'bar');
//get, to test

again, very simple, precise and to the point.

And lastly, of the functions you’re most likely to use. The validation of a properties existence within the APC.


This simple validation checks whether or not the key you have supplied exists within the stored apc array. See below for usage instructions.

if(apc_exists('foo')) echo 'the property exists within the APC ' . PHP_EOL;
else echo 'The property does not exist, try setting it?' . PHP_EOL;

This is a very simple validation example, and I can’t stress enough that these examples shouldn’t be used in a live environment, simply learn from them and if you get stuck, remember, is your best friend.

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Posted on: September 27, 2010 9:11 am


For SEO companies and SEO consultants apart from creating great content another factor that they are focusing on is gaining quality backlinks. Backlinks are viewed as a “vote” to your website and therefore having backlinks from different websites with high page ranking, an indication of their own link relevance, would spell or determine your websites’ reputation. This means that if your website has a backlink with other websites that are with high reputation and strong backlinks in itself your website will also gain reputation. The following are some suggested actions that one can perform in order to develop strong backlinks.

1.       Create original, unique, well-written and highly informative content. Your website will gain a lot of followers if it has contents that are highly informative, it is to be remembered that information is what most people are looking for in the internet and it is because of this information that many people tend to create links pointing to those highly informative content.

2.       Another way of gaining backlinks is through reciprocal backlinks, this campaign would require you to send email to other related websites in order to link their website to your website and vice versa. If an SEO company or an SEO consultant would embark on this campaign it is good to note that one should only link with relevant sites otherwise face the consequence of being penalised by Google.

3.       Another option is to purchase backlinks, there are websites who are offering backlinks for a fee. This is one of the reasons why many websites are able to have backlinks in just a short amount of time, SEO companies and SEO consultants have to be cautious though they have make sure that when they purchase backlinks it is only from reputable and related websites otherwise they are risking their website’s ranking and reputation.

These are just some guidelines that you can use in order to gain backlinks such should always be used with caution.

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Posted on: September 27, 2010 9:09 am


For so many years Yahoo have been the constant competition of the search engine giant, Google. Yahoo was one of the first search engines and had its share of the number one spot, however when Google emerged the Yahoo search engine was not able to recover. Microsoft on the other hand started as an Operating System company who became ambitious and have been motivated or driven to develop their own search engine, Microsoft have developed the MSN live search engine platform but after several years of being on the bottom three of the primary search engine they have decided to change several things and such change was the birth of Bing which is now Microsoft’s flagship search engine. After several attempts of being number one Microsoft remained to be in the third spot despite financing advertisements for the Bing search engine and the financing of several other endeavours that Microsoft believed to be a traffic-increasing activity, this event led to Yahoo and Bing having to merge. Failing to topple Google from the number one spot Yahoo and Microsoft have entered into an agreement where Yahoo will be using Microsoft’s search engine platform, this is for the purpose of increasing or merging the user share of the two search engine which is hoped to be enough to topple Google. This agreement was implemented only August of this year. With that implementation however came the latest survey from Nielsen showing that Bing have already surpassed Yahoo in the Month of August this is even without the effects of the merger. This would mean therefore that Bing does have the potential to increase users share independently and it is believed that with the merger Bing will gain further in terms of users share, this is an information or event that SEO companies and SEO consultants should therefore not ignore.

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Posted on: September 24, 2010 10:19 am


For an SEO campaign one of the cornerstones that it is based is on the list of keywords that are going to be used in the website. This is because of the fact that these keywords play a role on the search engine ranking. One of the very first step that is always being done in identifying keywords is by building a list of the different keywords, at the first stage of list building of your keywords an SEO consultant or an SEO company would only do some sort of brainstorming on what the possible keywords maybe, this raw identification of keywords is done in order to build such keywords list. This in effect however will yield a very long list of keywords that are potential and related to the target website. The yielding of a long list of keywords is an expected event as there really are a lot of keywords that are related with any websites, meaning there are a lot of words that can be thought of as having a high relationship, relevance or association with the website.

With this long list of keywords it is a rule in Search engine optimisation that one must only utilise three to four keywords to optimise. This the main reason why it is imperative for an SEO company or an SEO consultant to short-list such list of keywords. The following are some guidelines that may help in the short listing of the keywords:

1.       Look at your keyword list and identify those keywords that has a lose affinity with your desired search terms, in a long list of keywords there is bound to be some keywords that are not related or are loosely related with your website or target website.

2.       Using SEO tools or a search engine feature identify keywords with very high competition, a highly competitive keywords means that there are a lot, in millions, of websites using such keywords thus giving you no chance at all except if your SEO campaign is unlimited in budget.

3.       Put yourself in your clients shoes and identify keywords that may be commonly overlooked and have it delisted in your list of keywords.

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Many SEO companies and SEO consultants if not all are always stressing the importance of keywords in search engine optimisation. Keywords are considered to be the cornerstone of every SEO campaign which is of course a valid consideration since it is through the keywords that the website or web page are being indexed or categorised by the search engine. It is because of this that many SEO companies and SEO consultants have been putting a lot of effort in the areas of keyword research. Researching for keywords is very important because choosing the right keywords would determine the SEO campaign strategies which will be implemented. Finding the right keywords is said to be the first step into getting revenue and success with the website. The following are the different suggested steps in keyword research that may get you started in your SEO campaign.

The first step is to start writing your list of keywords, take down the different keywords that you believe would be relevant to your website. Think of your customers and think on what may be the keywords that they may use in order to search for a website that has the same information as your website. From this list of keywords one can already start to decipher which one’s would be the keywords that would be returning revenues. Second step that one must do is to identify from the keyword list initially built the different poison words or forbidden search terminologies. Forbidden or poison words are those that are known to decrease a websites’ ranking when found by search engines in the target websites’ header tags. There is no definite guideline on what poison words are however vulgar and politically incorrect terminologies are those that may destroy your websites’ reputation and your websites ranking. Do not include stop words as your keywords, stop words are thos words that are commonly found over the different websites but are not recognised by search engines.

With these strategies one will be able to short list their initial list of keywords.

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Posted on: September 23, 2010 9:00 am


Many SEO companies and SEO consultants are also dwelling in the realm of Pay per click which means that although not really part of an SEO campaign it is still a marketing strategy recognised by SEO consultants and SEO companies. Pay-Per-Click is a campaign on its own however there are several steps or processes that are similar with search engine optimisation an example would be the goal of PPC which is to gain traffic and conversions for the website, a goal which is also the same as that of the goals of search engine optimisation. Just like Search engine optimisation, pay-per-click also has its own strategies to follow although most are more straightforward than that of SEO. The following are different suggested strategies in pay-per-click.

1.       Integrate a Call to Action statement – it is important that we understand PPC as a simple ad that will be seen by the internet user therefore it is very important that we integrate a call to action statement to motivate the internet user to click the advertisement and convert into a purchasing client.

2.       Research and utilise keywords – Pay-per-click is also a keyword driven campaign that is why just like for an SEO campaign keyword research is very important as such keywords will also be the cornerstone of your whole pay-per-click campaign.

3.       Sense of urgency is important – considered as one of the different marketing tricks is creating a sense of urgency this is where you give a time limit to your offer and make such irresistible offer expire at a certain period of time in order for the visitor of your website to immediately purchase your product or click your advertisement.

4.        Give a clear and immediate offer – it is important to create a clear and immediate offer since you only have several seconds to convince a website visitor before he or she click away from your website.

These are just suggested strategies that you can do in your pay per click campaign it wouldn’t hurt to follow these simple advises from SEO consultants and SEO companies.

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The internet is called to be a vast sea of information, this is because of the fact that every minute there is a website that is going live over the internet. Many have embarked into the online business through their blogs or e-commerce websites. One requirement before embarking on this journey however is to be aware of the different dangers that may be lurking around your website, it is going to be very unfortunate if you have put on all the work and the resulting end of your SEO campaign or your website as a whole will just be a losing business because of the different dangers that may affect your SEO campaign. SEO companies and SEO consultants warn of these different dangers that may be lurking around your website.

The first dangers is the content thieves, there are a lot of people who are looking for content in their website design, if your content is one of the best content there is keyword insertion wise and content wise there is a tendency that your content will be copied by these content thieves. Most of the time these content thieves would copy content and spin it in order to make a little different from the original copied content, although “revised” there are words and sentence structures that may still be exactly the same as that of your content which could then be interpreted as a scraped content, and since there is no way of determining who has got the original content it is most likely that although you have the actual original content that the different search engine crawlers will still interpret it as a scraped content thus affecting your ranking.

Second danger that an SEO company and an SEO consultant should be aware of is the fact that there will always be site changes and updates with your website or with the search engine algorithm either way such changes will have an impact on your website ranking.

Awareness of these dangers is the key for you to be able to know and understand the different steps for you to take in order to maintain your website properly.

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Posted on: September 22, 2010 10:48 am


The main goal of search engine optimisation is to gather as many visitors and conversions as possible through different means or what are commonly known as SEO strategies. Gaining traffic being the main goal of search engine optimisation is also the main goal of another traffic-getting method and that is called the Pay per click. Although pay-per-click is known to be an independent strategy and not really a part of search engine optimisation many SEO companies and SEO consultants are also engaged in pay-per-click because of the fact that it is a method that can help gain traffic, conversion and revenue. Gaining traffic although a primary purpose of the SEO companies and SEO consultants in utilising pay-per-click in their campaign this is not the main goal, for SEO consultants and SEO companies their main goal for Pay-per-click is to gain as much conversions as possible. One drawback in the field of pay-per-click however is that unlike for an Search engine optimisation strategy , it requires an actual budget for a specific Pay-per-click campaign. This means that those who will be entering the realm of pay-per-click such SEO consultant and SEO company must be ready to prepare or allocate budget for the campaign. This is because of the fact that there is a need to bid on keywords on where you website is going to be advertised, further every click in the link going to your website corresponds to a particular amount of payment. Although there is such a drawback it is still a strategy that is being implemented by many SEO companies and SEO consultants because of the following reasons:

1.       Pay-per-click implementation is done immediately and can be set-up easily. Users or SEO consultants or SEO companies would just need to sign-up on a PPC program and the campaign can already be set unlike for SEO where results or set-up would take some time.

2.       Pay-Per-Click does not require any special knowledge unlike for Search engine optimisation.

3.       There is no need for one to change the website design or parts thereof.

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Searching for data was previously done through the search engines, this is  because of the sole reason that search engines are able to return relevant results according to the search strings that were entered by the user in the search engine query box. In short search engines could provide the avenue to the search engine users when it comes to looking for specific information over the vast sea of webpages in the internet. This of course was true several years back. With the advent of social media networks and other technologies that are focused in social networking the search game has changed. The popularity of Facebook has taken different online business to new heights for example Amazon has used the power of Facebook to market or to promote different products by allowing amazon members to log on using their Facebook account where Amazon would then display in Facebook  the different products bought by the users’ friends in Amazon. This easily would make search for products in amazon a lot easier and a lot more relevant because most of the time the client has the same likes and interests as that with his or her friends.

Another aspect that some SEO companies and SEO consultants is the possibility of increasing traffic through promoting websites through social means like Facebook and Twitter. Many Facebook users would create a poll and ask their friends about a certain website, restaurant or item, this would make it easier for the user to decide which one would he or she choose according to the recommendations of their friends.

Recommending through social network is the easiest and the most accurate way of getting the data that you need. This is why many SEO companies and SEO consultants are now conduction Social media campaigns in order to increase website traffic and not just rely on the search engines.

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Posted on: September 21, 2010 9:31 am


Google is considered to be the leader or the “giant” in the field of search engines, this is attributed to the fact that Google has around sixty to seventy percent share in terms of internet users. This is why many SEO companies and SEO consultants are focusing their SEO campaign in such a way that Google will be able to recognise the SEO efforts in a target website. The search engine giant remains to be the leader in search engine companies while Yahoo follows in second place and Bing in third. One of the main reason why Google is the preferred search engine is the fact that the company has invested in improving their search engines in order for it to deliver a more accurate or relevant result. This increase or upgrade to its search engine is again exhibited when the search engine giant released their new search engine feature the Google Instant. The Google instant was developed in order to give users of the search engine real time results as they type or key-in their search query. Fifty hours after Google has launched Google Instant there were several SEO companies and SEO consultants who observed and tested this new Google feature. The following are the observations conducted or seen by the different users, SEO companies and SEO consultants;

1.       There is a need to login to your Google account before one can use the search engine.

2.       Unlike for previous versions the Google instant does not allow instant search results through the search box at the top of the web browser.

3.       This time clients or users have the ability or power to turn Google Instant on or off.

4.       The interface showing the search engine results page is too limited that it is unable to display the full content of the first page or the SERP.

These are just some features that were discovered about Google Instant.