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Web Designer Job, Graphics Designer Job – Chelmsford, Essex

Are you a sharp, enthusiastic web designer / graphics designer looking to up your game? If so, look no further, this role is for you!

SEO Positive are looking for an enthusiastic web designer / graphics designer to head up the design aspect of all of our websites, working directly under the office manager and managing director.

An opportunity has now arisen for a creative Graphic Designer / Web Designer to join our team.

For this role we’re looking for a seriously creative expert with a portfolio to match, who’s seeking a new challenging opportunity.

Working closely with the Web Developer:

  • Be Designing innovative and compelling visual concepts
  • Applying your strong understanding of interactive experiences, media channels, and digital design principles

To be considered for this position, you must have:

  • Advanced Experience of using Photoshop CS3+
  • Experience of at least 3 years within the media design industry/ies
  • At least 2 years PHP experience
  • Advanced WordPress and Joomla experience
  • At least 3 years eCommerce design and build experience
  • The ability to think creatively and conceptually at all times

What would set you above the rest:

  • HTML/xHTML coding experience with CSS
  • jQuery/MooTools Exposure/Experience
  • Flash experience (design and animation)

SEO Positive are willing to negotiate salary based entirely on your experience

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Posted on: July 25, 2010 3:00 pm


SEO Positive Limited rank page 1 on Google for the phrase “Search Engine Optimisation”. Not only are SEO Positive on page 1 of Google, but they are position 3 for the mamouth key term. This puts them ahead of all of their direct competiton and shows just how far SEO Positive Ltd have come in the past 2 years.

This comes at a time when not only are SEO Positive Ltd aquiring other sites within the industry, but SEO Positive are set to move premesis at the end of July due to another new employee Matthew Wood who is heading up the client reporting and customer management side of the business. SEO Positive have a growth plan of hiring 3 more staff by the end of 2010.

Ben Austin, the companies director commented, “Not only are we seen as one of the leading search engine optimisation companies in the UK, I believe that we are The Most Transparent SEO Company in the UK too”. I am pleased with the way the company is growing, and I am confident that moving into 2011, SEO Positive will be seen as a “top player” within the search engine optimisation industry”.

For more information on SEO Positive, visit the website or

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Posted on: July 20, 2010 1:51 pm


Websites that are usually launched requires one thing and that is traffic, it needs people or internet users who will be visiting the said website. Gaining traffic is not an easy task as it requires skills and sometimes precision, the most common way of getting such needed traffic is through the use of search engine optimisation. Search engine optimisation is a process wherein it optimises the target website for it to be ranked high in any search engines’ search engine results page ranking. Gaining free traffic is achieved through SEO that is why SEO is an important part of an online business and it should not just be considered an optional part of such online business. SEO is considered to be an investment which, if done correctly might be one of the main source of your traffic and of course of your income stream. According to the foremost search engine, Google there are some things that should be taken into consideration when developing an SEO campaign apart from the common factors that most SEO Companies and SEO consultants already know.

One thing that a search engine optimisation consultant or SEO company should now consider is the speed of loading of its website, recently, Google has announced that speed is now going to be a ranking factor therefore it is imperative for the SEO company or even the Website Design company to develop the site with this ranking factor in mind. Another thing that SEO companies and SEO consultants should also consider is that when launching a new website it would be better to start within the normal range or number of pages, publishing one thousand pages in a website may be considered to be unnatural and may thus later on affect your websites’ ranking or indexing. Contents must also be taken into consideration and when content is being talked about it is the quality of the content that should stand out and not the quantity, although keyword density may be a ranking factor it did not specify as to how much keyword density is just right for the website to be ranked high in the SERP. These are the other ranking factors or considerations that one must take when developing a website therefore it is imperative that SEO companies and SEO consultants not only focus on the common strategies and methods.

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Posted on: July 20, 2010 1:47 pm


One previous article tackles the first five of the myths in search engine optimisation and what Google thinks about those myths. It is important to note that the search engine company giant, Google, is the main target of many SEO companies and SEO consultants because of the fact that the search engine giant is one that can potentially bring in so much traffic to a website due to the simple fact that the search engine giant has 62%-70% internet users share monthly way ahead of its close competitors which are Yahoo and Bing.

It is a known fact that Search engine algorithms are search engine company’s closely guarded secrets and this is because of the main fact that they want to keep the integrity of their search results. This is the main reason why the field of SEO sometimes requires a hit and miss process before an actual strategy is going to be discovered to work. This also sometimes SEO companies and SEO consultants to formulate their own myths and among these myths are:

  1. Duplicate or similar pages will be given a corresponding penalty by Google, according to Google this statement is false as Google have said it will only index or display one of the two identical pages which some might have interpreted to be a penalty.
  2. It is imperative the you use a robot.txt and meta robots. According to Google the necessity to utilise the robot.txt and the meta robots is only when you would like to explicitly state that you do not want your website to be crawled by search engine bots.
  3. Website Name does not contribute to SEO efforts at all. For Google having your most important keyword in your domain name would help a lot in your SEO efforts.

These myths that SEO companies and SEO consultants have been invalidated by Google therefore it is imperative that SEO companies and SEO consultants start on recognising and differentiating what is fact from fiction or in this case myth.

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Posted on: July 20, 2010 1:46 pm


Being the most widely utilised search engine around the world Google remains to be a dominant force in the field of search engine as well as it is the most potential source of traffic for a website. It is because of these characteristics that Google have become the main target of search engine optimisation companies and SEO Consultants. With the secrecy being employed on Google’s search engine algorithm it is imperative for an SEO company or SEO consultant to find out which factors would help in ranking their target website well in Google. Recently, Google has released several advices through their blog and it is important to note such advices which SEO companies and SEO consultants could use in their SEO campaign.

  1. According to Google your website hosting would matter, this is because Google have recently specified to the public that IP geo-location must be used and that the IP is also a ranking factor therefore if your website would target for example the United Kingdom then the website must be hosted in the UK.
  2. Flash sites are now slowly being crawled by Google therefore flash sites now has a chance of getting a respectable traffic through search engines, particularly with Google.
  3. Along with Google’s progress in allowing the search engine robots to crawl Flash based websites, Google also is seeing progress in its efforts to crawl JavaScript links therefore we should expect that later in the near future both Flash and JavaScript based website and link respectively will not be a hindrance to the indexing of a website.
  4. For web designers who only have a respectable knowledge in site development does not have to worry if their way of coding the website might be topsy-turvy this is because of the fact that Google does not recognise code quality as a ranking factor.
  5. Although search engine results page ranking changes all the time it is encouraged by Google to continue on with SEO efforts and campaigns, the constant change does not invalidate all the previous efforts done by the SEO consultants or SEO companies because during algorithm update only a portion of the total number of ranking factors are actually changed or updated.

These tips as shared by the foremost search engine company should seriously be taken by SEO consultants and SEO companies in consideration.

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Posted on: July 20, 2010 10:01 am


SEO Positive, a leading innovator in ethical search engine optimisation, has been steadily growing its team and operations as it continues to attract new clients and reinforce its position as a top ranked SEO, Web Design and PPC agency. Following the appointment of a new business development manager, SEO Positive has now moved into new offices in Waterhouse Business Centre, 2 Cromar Way, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 2QE to accommodate its rapid growth.

SEO Positive’s new business development manager, Matthew Wood, brings with him 4 years of account management and business development experience within the industry. In an industry often clouded with mystery, Matthew will play a vital role in ensuring clients know exactly how their investment is being spent and how it translates into higher rankings. His role will be to provide SEO Positive’s clients with a direct contact and to keep them updated with monthly reports, both analytic and verbal, on the progress of their campaign.

“We’re delighted to welcome Matthew to the SEO Positive team,” said Ben Austin, SEO Positive’s Operations Director, “He brings with him extensive business development and account management experience which will help to ensure clients understand exactly how their campaign is progressing. At SEO Positive we aim to dispel the confusion surrounding SEO, and the knowledge and expertise of our account management team plays a big role in achieving this.”

SEO Positive’s client base has been growing so fast that this is the second time the top  ranked agency has moved offices in order to accommodate its expanding team. The new offices also provide SEO Positive with expansive meeting room facilities which are able to hold up to 30 people..

At the start of the year SEO Positive was ranked as a top SEO marketing agency by TopSEOs, an independent authority on search vendors. It gained this ranking following an assessment of the effectiveness of its ethical ‘white hat’ practices and track record in gaining page 1 rankings for 100s of websites.

One of the key tools SEO Positive uses to provide clients with transparent visibility of their campaign is its Positive Reporting Suite. This provides a wealth of information on campaigns, including progress reports on the improvement in their website’s rankings in over 1000 different search engines. The reporting suite has recently been updated and now includes a client contacts section so businesses know exactly who to contact for updates on their campaign.

For more information on SEO Positive’s online marketing services visit, where you can also request a free online quote. Alternately, you can contact SEO Positive directly on +44 (0)800 879 9000.

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For SEO consultants and SEO companies the most sought after search engine for their SEO campaign is Google. This is because of the fact that Google is the leading search engine worldwide having an internet users’ share of about 62%-70% and having to dominate the world of search engine despite attempts made by other reputable companies such as Yahoo and Microsoft. With this volume of internet users using Google it would also mean more source of traffic for the website which ranks high in Googles’ search engine results page. Google have become the primary target for the SEO campaigns of SEO consultants and SEO companies that is why most SEO efforts are based on the Google algorithm, however the Google Search engine algorithm is a closely guarded secret that is why it many SEO companies and SEO consultants would always conduct a trial and error run regarding their SEO strategies, this is why many SEO companies and SEO consultant have formulated several myths in relation to Google’s algorithm. In a recent post Google have clarified some of the myths and for those who are serious SEO’s it is important that these myths be clarified.

  1. First myth is that building too much links would mean a penalty from Google. According to Google this is not true, it is important to build links and a lot of links would not merit any penalty however for links to be considered by Google it must not only rely on quantity but also on quality of links.
  2. Second you have to submit your website to Google before it would be indexed. Again this statement or myth is false Google says indexing relies on the quality of links it has and also the quality of content that the website also have.
  3. Third one must integrate Google Analytics in their website in order to be ranked by Google. This is also false because as Google have stated they would focus more on the link quality and content quality of a website.
  4. Google still uses the meta keywords tag, this is false, Google have said that the metakeywords were already given the least importance due to the fact that such tag was subjected to abuse.
  5. With the Meta Keywords out Meta Description is also out, this is again false, according to Google the Meta Description tag is widely used now than compared to eight years ago.

Here are just some of the myths that Google have validated or invalidated with there are several other myths that Google would like to explain and that would be presented in our next instalment.

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Posted on: July 16, 2010 4:39 pm


After months of heated battle China has already given in to Google’s gambit. It can be recalled that the Chinese government and Google, the worlds foremost search engine company have entered into a heated battle regarding mainly on issues regarding censorship and the freedom of speech. The Chinese government was said to have suppressed the rights of Google China in terms of delivering accurate data to the different Chinese clients within their area of coverage. This issue on censorship escalated when Google discovered that its Gmail platform was hacked and after a thorough investigation by security companies have traced the origin of the hacking incident to be in China, this incident led to the compromising of the accounts and identity of Chinese individuals who are to known as activists against the Chinese government. It is because of these events that Google decided to pull-out its business in China and they have transferred their server to Hongkong prompting them to just create a landing page for the Google China website which redirects to the Hongkong home page where it is not covered by any censorship rules. On the Chinese government’s side it is, according to them, to the best interest of their citisens if information being gathered through the internet via the search engines be limited or restricted. This tussle between the Chinese government and Google have become a global event that even the U.S. government have intervened.

After so many months of a stand-off between the Chinese Government and the Search Engine giant company, the former have already taken a step back and have shown signs of ending the heated battle by renewing Google’s internet content provider license. This therefore would mean that the Chinese government may also then ease up on their censorship policy giving the public the freedom if not the power and the right to be informed.

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Posted on: July 15, 2010 4:33 pm


Recent events have shown that major internet companies are already entering the field of the mobile market. The market previously dominated by Apple through their Iphone have now taken in new players in the field. No, apple is going to be challenged by two giants that is the operating system giant Microsoft and the Search engine giant Google. Previously, Google and Microsoft are allied with Apple as a provider of different applications for the Iphone, however now with the entry of both companies to the Mobile arena it is expected that Apple will start to go independent in terms of their applications and turn to other providers. Microsoft is of course depending on its windows mobile platform while Google is banking on its Android platform for them to dominate the mobile market.

In order to increase its mobile presence Microsoft has recently launched the Phone 7 software which is designed to attract developers in order to give people a bigger array of resources to give them the chance to be successful on the Phone 7 platform. Microsoft has opened its doors to developers through the Phone 7 platform. However, Microsoft’s goal to dominate the mobile market may still be far from becoming a reality since according to the latest survey from comScore that the Blackberry platform currently holds the record of being number one in smartphone platform garnering 41.7% of U.S. subscribers while Apple’s Iphone is at second place with 24.4 percent. Windows on the other hand has 13.1 percent while Google’s android platform is at a close fourth with 13 percent of shares. With these movements in the mobile industry, SEO companies and SEO consultants are also scrambling to know the basic and advanced tenets in mobile marketing and how the entry of companies in the mobile market can be used by SEO consultants and SEO companies to their advantage.

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Posted on: July 15, 2010 4:30 pm


Companies considered as major players in the field of search engines are constantly battling each other and supremacy is determined by the number of internet users share that a certain search engine company have gathered. For so many years now Google remained to be a dominant force in the field of search engine having remained to be the search engine to have gathered the largest share of internet users. The pioneer Yahoo company remains to be in second place while Microsoft is coming in a strong third. With the constant stay of Google at number one its competitors have begun to take necessary steps into developing and marketing their product or search engine. Microsoft changed its platform of search engine from MSN live to Bing and have spent millions of dollars prior to its launch, even with such effort however, Microsoft still remained to be at third place and Google still remain to be at the top spot. It is because of this that Microsoft and Yahoo have entered into an agreement and merged their resources in order to battle the search engine giant in terms of internet users.

These efforts that were conducted by Microsoft and Yahoo may be paying off as the recent survey results for the month of June done by comScore the search engine from Yahoo and Microsoft both gained in number of internet users. Yahoo increased its internet users’ share from 18.3 percent to 18.9 percent while Microsoft’s Bing rose from 12.1 percent to 12.7 percent. With this increase in internet users’ share it is expected the Google have lost some ground, from 63.7 percent from the previous month to June’s 62.6 percent. With this gradual change in the percentage of internet users share SEO companies and SEO consultants must also then start considering the fact that their SEO campaign should not only focus on Google but also on other search engines.

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