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The search engine company, Google, have accomplished another feat last May. Known for being the search engine giant Google have been developing new ways to serve its clients. Recent acquisition of smaller companies have contributed to the increase in the different services that the search engine giant is offering to their clients. Despite of all the different things going on in the development of the different services being offered by Google the company still maintains its status as the search engine giant. Ever since its launch Google have dominated the search engine industry and have been continuously keeping its status as the search engine giant. It could be remembered that Google have overtaken and have kept its lead from its competitors Yahoo and Bing despite of the fact that the two competitors for Google’s position have even merged or have joined forces in order to give Google a run for its money or so they think. Google however was removed from the number one spot in terms of traffic, this is because of the fact that it was overtaken by an unlikely competitor and that is the social networking site Facebook, with Facebooks’ more than five hundred million registered members it is definitely possible to overtake Google.

Despite of this set-back with Facebook, Hitwise, a web measurement usage company, have announced that Google accomplished a feat last May by increasing its share of search queries in the United States. As of the report gathered by Hitwise last May Google gathered 72.2% of web searches which is higher than the previous month of 71.4%. Yahoo, in constant second fell from 15% during the month of April to 14.4% during the month of May. Microsoft’s share also fell from 9.4% to 9.2% With this result from Hitwise it is clear the Google still remains to be the most dominant force in the world of search engines.

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SEO Positive Limited are one of the UK’s most successful search engine optimisation companies within the UK. Having been consistently ranked within the top 5 SEO companies in the UK, SEO Positive have proven that they can achieve results for clients within many different industries, including:

  • Travel
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Gaming
  • Retail
  • Recruitment
  • Sports
  • Adult

If you believe you are trading within a competitive industry, but still have the ambition of ensuring you achieve a high position for your website, then SEO Positive would be a good choice to help you achieve the high positions that you desire.

With over 200 clients now on the books at SEO Positive and a modest client retention rate of 97% this is just one of the many reasons why you should look at SEO Positive when ensuring you are on the first page of Google and the other search engines.

For more information on how SEO Positive can help you achieve a high position within the major search engines you can contact a specialist search engine optimization professional on 0800 879 9000 today!

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For a novice online business owner or a person who is trying to start an online business it is important to note that there are several features or processes that one must undertake. For example, if one would like his or her website to be built by another person or a third party he or she must conduct an extensive search for qualified applicants, the reason for an extensive search is because of the fact that there are a lot of scammers out there where they gouge you for a lot of money in turn would return no output or a poor output. Another thing that you have to take into consideration is your web hosting, there are thousands of people who are offering web hosting services but only a few would actually pass an “acid test. Web Hosting is important because of the fact that this is where your site is going to be hosted, therefore the capabilities of your server would greatly affect your website.

Many of those who are just starting their business online find their host or server to be inadequate too late. Since hosting is important many people tend to purchase or subscribe first without thoroughly reviewing the capabilities or the features offered by a web host. Web hosting preference depends on your websites’ needs, for example you will build a personal website which is designed only for information and without any plans for expansion then there is no point in subscribing in an expensive web host with its full feature. However, if your intention is to build an e-commerce website then there is a need for you to look for a web hosting company that could accommodate such website. Thus, you will be needing an SEO friendly web host, many SEO companies and SEO consultants would go for web hosts that is compatible with any content management system because most e-commerce sites would need such CMS’, further a website that can process at a faster speed is also a requirement since loading speed is now a factor in most of the search engines in order for the website to have a higher search engine results page ranking.

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SEO Positive, a leading innovator in ethical search engine optimisation, has announced the launch of an updated version of its website. The new website provides visitors with a host of free SEO tools and features that reflect why SEO Positive is ranked as a top 5 UK search marketing agency. Existing clients will also be able to login to the innovative SEO Positive Reporting Suite on the home page and track the progress of their SEO campaign.

The free SEO tools, made available on SEO Positive’s new website, can enable businesses to quickly gauge how well their website is optimised for the search engines. These include a ‘Google Page Rank Tool’, a ‘Keyword Density Tool’ and a ’Link Popularity Tool’. If businesses then have any questions on how SEO Positive can improve their rankings, they can ask the team directly on the website thanks to the new ‘Live Help’ feature, which works in a similar manner to MSN messenger.

Transparency is integral to how SEO Positive works with its clients. In reflection of this, SEO Positive has added new client testimonials to provide prospects with an insight into the companies it has delivered page one results for and why it has a client retention rate of 97%.

“Since our launch in 2007, SEO Positive has been continuously making big strides towards reaching the forefront of the UK SEO industry,” said SEO Positive’s Operations Director Ben Austin, “We’re now regularly rated in the top 5 of UK search engines and wanted our website to reflect this. As well as providing free SEO tools to visitors, we’ve designed the new website to reflect why we have a client retention rate of 97% and the transparent way in which we deliver page one rankings.”

Perhaps the update of most interest to existing clients will be the ability to log into the Positive Reporting Suite directly on the main navigation. Search engine optimisation can be a confusing process for businesses, with little insight into how their investment is being spent or how it is translating into higher rankings.

SEO Positive’s Reporting Suite, however, enables them to dispel any confusion and provide clients with complete transparency of their campaign. It provides clients with a wealth of information on their SEO campaign, including progress reports on the improvement in their website’s rankings in over 1000 different search engines, including the increasingly competitive localised search results.

For more information on the Positive Reporting Suite and SEO Positive’s online marketing services visit Alternately, you can contact SEO Positive directly on +44 (0)800 879 9000.

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So there are a number of PHP frameworks out there, hundreds in fact but how do you know which one is best?

Well it depends on who you are and what you do, then it depends on your project, and a third argument to this is how long do you have to finish your project?

All things to consider whenever you’re thinking of changing your working pattern/s

If you’re a beginner to PHP and don’t understand what a framework is I’ll explain as best and as simply as I can below.

A framework, in this case for PHP, is a collection of scripts and or extensions to make and utilize PHP’s native functionality faster, more coherent and safer.

So whats an MVC?

If the said framework boasts about being an MVC framework, MVC is Model View Controller. This simply means its built with classes, objects and namespaces meaning its easy to extend, make chain-able etc (There generally just better, its not worth arguing)

So what are the top frameworks?

A quick Google search suggests that the top frameworks are (in no particular order)

  • Zend Framework
  • CakePHP
  • dFramewerk
  • CodeIgniter
  • Yii

And personal experience with each one is good, so I’ll tell you my tales first hand. Zend Framework is a massively complicated framework, but it is equally massive-ly helpful and technical great for large scale future proof sites.

CakePHP is a PHP framework for Ruby lovers, the framework was modeled on Ruby’s structure and is therefor great for creating Ruby styled applications

dFramewerk is a very simple framework aimed for beginners, extend-able and incredibly easy to learn (easiest out of the above in my personal opinion) and powerful, Built with jQuery’s famous ‘Do more, Write less’ motto in mind.

codeIgniter is a fantastic framework for building medium to large websites and applications with a very light footprint on your code and a non-restrictive style of coding.

Yii is a performance based PHP framework (and probably my least favorite from all of the above) it is a very raw framework and I sometimes wonder about its purpose and if it should be classed as a framework. But hey ho I shan’t spit stones at it. Its very raw and very extendable and as close as you can get to coding PHP, not recommended for beginners.

So to gauge what framework for what project, you should think how big is the site going to start off as and how big, how quickly, do you think it will get because you don’t want to be redeveloping your website now do you?

At SEO Positive we use a mixture of the dFramewerk and a customised codeIgniter set up so to offer my recommendations would be biased, but these are my personal favorites and they’re both great for beginners to learn and long term, great performers.

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Posted on: June 24, 2010 7:40 am


So you want to add more content to your website, but you only have a limited space to do it in. The solution is a scroll box!

Scroll boxes are an easy, clean way of adding an unlimited amount of content to a website without damaging the aesthetic looks at all.

An example of a scroll box is below

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque porttitor diam feugiat neque porta sollicitudin. Suspendisse vitae ligula metus, a convallis velit. Donec ornare auctor augue nec rutrum. Duis ut massa a elit convallis vestibulum id non mauris. Suspendisse risus diam, pellentesque ac sagittis ac, mattis vel enim. Sed at dolor in neque mattis elementum. Aenean ornare aliquam malesuada. Morbi adipiscing, urna ac placerat venenatis, mauris libero mattis odio, at vestibulum libero nulla nec sem. Proin ultrices sagittis nulla, vitae malesuada augue congue et. Nulla nec porta felis. Praesent tristique laoreet est, vitae cursus purus lacinia eu. Nulla iaculis massa vel erat lacinia quis adipiscing libero molestie. Nulla sem sapien, dignissim ac venenatis vel, auctor et erat. Nam sollicitudin, mauris eget blandit pulvinar, dolor enim tincidunt justo, eget feugiat purus odio id lacus. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Pellentesque ornare purus rhoncus dui fermentum viverra. Nulla posuere mauris accumsan erat ornare vel tempor lacus auctor. Proin id lorem arcu. Donec at lobortis eros. Proin id magna lacus, sit amet viverra ligula.

Donec id ligula et dui molestie euismod. Ut lacus justo, tincidunt a ultricies vel, rhoncus vitae neque. Aliquam erat volutpat. Donec porta, dui non egestas mollis, justo sapien accumsan metus, quis fringilla mauris leo eget dolor. Donec pretium varius enim a pharetra. Maecenas dictum, nibh vitae ullamcorper mattis, neque lectus gravida nibh, et convallis tortor enim consequat lectus. Proin blandit eros metus. Sed vestibulum odio a ipsum adipiscing lacinia. Etiam odio nunc, consectetur tristique consequat et, fringilla in felis. Maecenas et sagittis orci. Nulla facilisi. Morbi volutpat magna et orci pellentesque fringilla.

Quisque ac libero ac metus tristique consequat. Curabitur euismod, ligula et luctus adipiscing, magna dolor ultrices ligula, nec fringilla neque tortor in sem. Ut ornare ipsum a lectus tempor iaculis. Donec auctor molestie orci vel ultrices. Integer semper faucibus orci, et tempus velit tincidunt eget. In gravida ligula eu libero mollis feugiat. Aliquam pulvinar congue velit, eu tincidunt nibh euismod eget. Donec vel lorem orci. Maecenas sit amet diam tortor. Sed sit amet tincidunt ante. Donec lorem sapien, congue placerat elementum sit amet, varius a mauris. Proin ac arcu nec tellus feugiat vestibulum.

Donec at lorem ut elit ornare imperdiet eget id augue. Morbi interdum facilisis sodales. Sed in erat est. Cras porta accumsan mollis. Morbi eu massa quis enim suscipit sollicitudin. Vestibulum a leo risus, non dictum purus. Nam at nisi lacinia massa molestie auctor. Fusce dictum nulla eu nunc mollis eu egestas velit malesuada. Integer commodo lobortis ligula quis porta. Fusce porttitor ullamcorper nisi at auctor. Integer tempus tempus posuere. Vivamus iaculis luctus hendrerit. Cras a orci nec erat placerat ultricies et eu ante. Nullam nec lacus nibh, id molestie ipsum.

As you can see, there’s an awful lot of content in that box, but its only a set height. See below for the code used in this tutorial.

<div style="height:100px;width:100%;overflow:auto;">
        <p>Your content here...</p>

All you have to do is change the height and width to match your requirements and its as easy as that!

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Posted on: June 22, 2010 8:10 am


At SEO Positive, we have started to roll more and more sites out based on the Joomla engine. And recently we hit a wall with changing the suffix for SEO Purposes.

Joomla’s built in SEF (Search Engine Friendly) engine has a few nice features such as search engine friendly URL’s and adding a suffix to your paths.

But the default Joomla suffix is .html which you can’t change without some programming knowledge. So I’ve decided to write a tutorial on how to go about adding your very own suffix to Joomla in case you need something other than .html.

This is tested and works with Joomla Version 1.5.17 and may or may not work with older and future versions of Joomla.

To add your own suffix see the code below, I’ll explain what to do with it underneath.
(Note: You need to have Search Engine Friendly URL’s turned ON)

// open /includes/router.php and head to line 57
      if($suffix = pathinfo($path, PATHINFO_EXTENSION))
             $path = str_replace('.'.$suffix, , $path);
             $vars['format'] = $suffix;
             if ($suffix == 'php') {
                    $path = str_replace('.'.$suffix, , $path);
                    $vars['format'] = 'html';
             } else {
                    $path = str_replace('.'.$suffix, , $path);
                    $vars['format'] = $suffix;

In my router.php this was line 57 (before any editing), you should see an if() statement something like the one below on line 56

if($app->getCfg('sef_suffix') && !(substr($path, -9) == 'index.php' || substr($path, -1) == '/'))

And what you have to do is replace from line 57 to 64 with the above code.

The next patch is on line 93, you need to replace from 93 to 99 with the below pasted code.

      if($format = $uri->getVar('format', 'php'))
            $route .= '.php';

Once you’ve done that and uploaded to your server you should see all your .html suffixes have changed to .php

I strongly recommend, if you have no programming knowledge, to ask a friend to help you with this. I have attached the source file to this post for reference and or use.

Patched router.php Download

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Posted on: June 21, 2010 5:26 pm


Twitter the microblogging site have been one of the fast-rising company in terms of popularity. This may be due to the fact that the microblogging site cater not only to internet users but also to mobile phone users, since smartphones are starting to gain momentum in the market more and more people are expected to be connected online through their smartphones. Twitter have been developing their services according to the needs of the public and of course the company, this is why twitter is set to release new features for their website and one of which is an system that would add the mechanism to insert advertisements on the different tweets of its members. Twitter for SEO consultants and SEO companies can be a great way or avenue for social media optimisation, because of its nature of having people connect with other people. This is why twitter can also be a great way to advertise or place a link that goes into your website.

Realising this possibility and of course the already active use of this feature by Twitter users, twitter have introduced a new and secure link shortening service. The link shortening service was deemed necessary to be incorporated by Twitter because of the fact that URL or website addresses can have more than one hundred forty characters which is a limit to the number of characters of Twitter. According to twitter the new service is going to wrap all links shared in a URL. Therefore, allowing users to share their links not only across the internet through personal computers but also across smartphones or mobile phones. Along with this feature Twitter is also going to roll out their new security feature which would prevent phishing through unknown links that were wrapped in the URL shortener feature of Twitter.

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Creating a website does not happen overnight, this is because of the fact that the development and success of your website depends on how well you have planned it out. The reason why many websites fail to meet their goal and purpose is because of lack of planning and the lack of a proper base website structure. When planning out a website a webmaster must first determine the purpose on why such website is being built if the website is owned by the webmaster determining the purpose may be easy because of the fact that the purpose would emanate intrinsically. A more difficult task is to know the purpose of a website that is going to be owned by a client or by someone else other than the webmaster; proper communication must always be established between client and web developer in order for the latter to deliver what the client need and want.

Another step that could help prepare for the development of the website is by determining whether the website is for personal or business use. This is an important characteristic to determine because of the fact that this might mean the integration of an SEO Campaign into the website. If such is going to be a website that is going to be used for business then definitely an SEO campaign is important, which would prompt the webmaster to develop an SEO-friendly website. This therefore means that when building the website the webmaster must take into consideration the different elements of search engine optimisation such as incorporating content into the website using keywords, using valid HTML tags, lessening the use of uncrawlable codes such as Flash and JavaScript and also making sure that all links, both inbound and outbound, are going to be valid. Thus, preparing for the development of the website is actually step one in website design and development if a well thought out blueprint of a website is done then you are guaranteed to have a great website.

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With HTML 5 and XHTML 2 just round the corner more and more developers are getting excited at the new possibilities available on the web. But are these new technologies actually good for your website.

The simple answer is.


HTML 5 and XHTML 2 are great for your SEO, but building with them can be difficult with non standards browsers *cough* Internet Explorer *cough* not being prepared for these new elements.

A short list of some of the new elements to help better segregate your pages is below:

Tags for layout segregation

  • article – the main content of the page
  • aside – extra content
  • figure – peripheral content with caption
  • footer – the footer of the page
  • header – the header of the page
  • nav – the page navigation
  • section – any section or portion of the page

Tags for media segregation:

  • audio – denoting an audio stream
  • source – the video or audio source files
  • video – denoting a video stream

Tags for DHTML, Ajax and general web application

  • canvas – a place to draw dynamic graphics
  • command – denotes a command button that has information sent to the server or script
  • datagrid – references dynamic data in a tree form or tabular data form
  • datalist – references a list of data in a drop-down list
  • details – provides additional details of a page element, like pop-up help text
  • output – references the output of a script or calculation
  • progress – represents a progress bar in the completion of a process

There are more tags but these are what will make your web development change and your thought process behind building your website will alter for a more semantically correct website.

But as I mentioned above, there are still some browsers (a browser) falling behind (never caught up)

But there is a work around using JavaScript. See below for how to make these elements work with Internet Explorer versions 5+

document.createElement('article');//create a dom element "article"
document.createElement('footer');//create a dom element "footer"
document.createElement('header');//create a dom element "header"

As you can see, its pretty simple and it simply tells Internet Explorer based browsers to create these elements in the dom ready for use, So far I have not tested this with validation. But validation is nothing more than a little badge at the bottom of your pages these days, its almost as overused as the Glider (see below)

Hackers Glider

So HTML 5 and xHTML is good for SEO because search engines can now tell what section of your website is for what, such as header and footer give the search engines a rough idea of what kind of content to expect and article/section tell the search engines that this is where the main bulk of your content lays.

So a more semantic web should mean a more relevant web and less SERP spammers destroying positions.

With that, HTML 5 and xHTML2 are just around the corner and so is the more semantic, clever and aesthetically pleasing web.