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The search engine optimisation industry having been considered as one of internet’s fastest rising industry have delivered revenue to website owners and to the business of search engine optimisation as well. This increased revenue prompted some unscrupulous people to take advantage of the situation or the fast rise to fame of search engine optimisation. Some companies or website owners who do not know anything about search engine optimisation are the usual prey for these unscrupulous people and that is why it is important that a person engaged in online business must be able to detect any indicators that would prove the legitimacy of an SEO company or an SEO consultant.

The following are the indicators that a website owner or an online business owner should look for when trying to hire the services of such SEO company or SEO consultant.

  1. A legitimate SEO company or SEO consultant cannot assure that your website or web page will be ranked first in Google. This is because of the fact that Google or any other search engines’ algorithm for that matter is a closely guarded secret and only a handful of the search engine company’s employees are able to understand the algorithm this makes it impossible for an SEO company or an SEO consultant to guarantee your website to rank first in Google or in any search engine for that matter.
  2. An SEO company or SEO consultant cannot be associated directly with the search engine company. If an SEO company or SEO consultant would say that they are directly in business with the search engine company like Google, Yahoo or Bing then this is an indicator that such statement is part of a scheme to fool you, for one very obvious reason and that is conflict of interest.
  3. SEO strategies and SEO techniques used in the SEO campaign are common and thus such is no secret. If an SEO company or an SEO consultant would say that their SEO strategy is a secret then it can be an indicator that the company is a fraud or they may be using fraudulent SEO techniques or what is commonly called as the black hat SEO techniques.

It is important that you view SEO as an investment to your website that is why it is also imperative for you to protect such investment and the first step is to detect fraudulent SEO consultants and SEO companies.

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Posted on: May 28, 2010 11:27 am


Google, the search engine giant, is known to be the target of every search engine company, being a target that would mean that Google is going to be challenged in its current position as the number one ranking search engine company worldwide. Google currently holds the number one position for search engine users share having a monthly constant range of share of about 60%-70%. Last April Google’s share although it slightly declined still holds the largest search engine users share of around 64% which is being trailed by Yahoo and Bing with around eleven percent (11%). Google’s reign at the top of the search engine users share does not deter other companies from launching another Google competitor. Led by Microsoft during the last quarter of last year where Millions to Billions of dollars were spent on creating a new search engine to starting a very aggressive ad campaign many other companies followed suit.

This year one of the new competitors for Google is, Yandex is initially a company or a search engine that is exclusive to Russia geolocation, thus it means that only those in Russia are able to access the search engine, although the search engine have been indexing foreign webpages for almost two years it is first time for the company to formally enter the search engine competition. According to comScore Yandex is considered to be one of the fastest rising search engine ranking 8th overall. Yandex Executives have announced that they have already released their search engine in the United Kingdom in alpha format. Yandex will be utilising its database of current indexed websites which includes foreign websites. For SEO companies and SEO consultants the addition of search engine in the competition would mean additional ways to get backlinks and to get traffic that is why such entry of Yandex is welcomed by the SEO industry.

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Search engine algorithms are considered to be dynamic because of the fact that search engine companies are continuously upgrading or changing the said algorithm. The upgrading is regularly done by search engine companies because of the fact that all search engines’ goal is to be able to return the most accurate results according to the search query of the users. Another reason why search engines are continuously upgrading their search engine algorithm is due to the fact that search engine companies would want to curb or prevent unscrupulous people for abusing the search engine algorithm by employing black hat search engine optimisation strategies.

One main issue on the change in Search engine optimisation is the fact that it includes new criteria in determining the ranking of the different websites. The implication of such new criteria is that the websites ranked using the previous algorithm may be affected which could decrease the ranking of such website. This is a major concern for SEO companies and SEO consultants because of the fact that search engine does not make formal announcements on when their new search engine algorithms are going to be implemented, thus it is important for an SEO company and SEO consultant to implement strategies that will prevent the drastic decrease in ranking of their website.

In order to prevent such drastic change in the search engine results page ranking of the website is by constantly monitoring the progress of the website, daily or periodic rankings check using SEO tools or applications can help SEO companies and SEO consultants monitor their target websites and it will be able to help the SEO Company and SEO consultant to immediately detect any changes in the websites’ ranking enabling them to implement countermeasures that may prevent the drastic decrease in their websites’ ranking.

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SEO Positive have been reviewing Caphyon’s Advanced Website Ranking Tool recently and we have to say that we are very impressed with the over all quality of the reports. But what and who are Caphyon? Caphyon are an independent search engine optimisation moderation business that sell there website ranking software to clients such as Apple, Amazon, Sony and Siemens to name a few. With clients such as those on board a bad word can’t be said about the very impressive piece of software they have for sale.

The advanced web ranking tool has capabilities such as search engine ranking checks, Keyword research tools, link popularity tools and even a link manager. These are just a few of the tools they have to offer in this massively helpful tool.

We’re going to review each of our favorite features of the Advanced Website Ranking software, and firstly we have found the keyword research tools to be the most useful as it offers a total breakdown and current position of each of your chosen keywords, it even estimates how many searches there are likely to be for that chosen keyword, which is great for our clients as it helps us optimise any website for a lower budget, rank faster and cement there websites positions in the search engines.

But this isn’t just a singular tool, for increased accuracy they’ve cleverly tied up a few fantastic tools to give you the most accurate report for your keywords, as well as offering current positions the tool has a trend monitor so that your website keeps up with current search engine heuristics and niche markets.

Our second favorite tool in the website ranking tool is the Google AJAX API, allowing us to give precise ranking positions for specific keywords for each one of our clients. Which is great as it keeps our profile on the website totally transparent. Which both our clients and SEO Positive love, having the ability to offer keyword research tools without having to alter a website makes search engine optimisation much easier for the client and us here at SEO Positive.

And lastly, our third favorite in the top 3 features of this beautifully crafted piece of kit is the ‘human emulation’ This clever tool will emulate a human using a browser to almost trick the search engines into giving you results in real time, as API’s don’t often reflect the actual web results this offers you totally accurate reports based on the web results that your search term returns which makes your reports very accurate without the hassle of having to manually perform all the searches and collating a report from scratch based on your results

Overall the web ranking tool is a very good piece of software and almost a must for any aspiring SEO company and we give it a firm 9 out of 10 and would recommend it to anyone looking at optimising there website.

We also put a fair amount of time into reviewing the link manager tool that Caphyon have to offer amongst other superb ranking tools, and this was a particularly exciting concept for SEO Positive, as we understand, as an SEO company the monotony of link management and link monitoring.

We’re again going to review our top 3 favorite features of this piece of software, and firstly our favorite feature is the domain quality tool, when link building it is important to only get links from websites that are relevant, active and have a good page rank, what this tool does is it gives you a report for a singular or multiple domains that you either own yourself or websites you’re planning to link to or receive a link from to ensure that you only trade links with respectable websites if you’re running a reciprocal link campaign or you’re link building for any website. We personally find this tool saves us many hours of work at SEO Positive as we do not need to manually go through results, reviews and the websites history to check how well the website is, was and will be doing in search engines.

Our second favourite feature of the advanced link manager software is the ‘find link partners’ tool, this saves many hours of research and Google-ing to find potential link partners, the tool performs a search on search engines and uses the results to give you potential link partners. The tool doesn’t just pick the top 10 sites and give you those though, it uses the most advanced search criteria possible to give you the best matches to the site you are running the link building campaign on.

And lastly, the third favourite of this tool is the on page analysis tools that come with this software, on page SEO is very important and because of this its incredibly important to get everything as perfect as possible first time round. The tool has a multitude of different ways to analyze pages for analysis. You can enter a URL and the tool will scan top level links for analysis or add URI’s to be analyzed.

Once analysis has been completed you can put a report together including details such as page rank, meta tags such as keywords, description, title and autor etc and the number of outgoing links. It also benchmarks your website giving you a response time and size of the current page offering a report of how to further optimise your web page.

But our favourite part of this tool is being able to check competitor’s websites both of our clients and competitors of SEO Positive.

All in all, after reviewing this piece of software, we will again give it a sturdy 9/10 for its overall useful-ness.

On conclusion both of these pieces of software are great to have and incredibly useful, they save SEO Positive a priceless number of hours and the reports we give to current, new and past clients are very detailed and after feedback from clients. They are very happy with the quality and detail of these reports. Caphyon have done a fantastic job at offering a totally transparent piece of reporting software available at a reasonable price to anyone.

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Here at SEO Positive we had an issue with one of our blogs, an unresponsive script preventing the editor from working. After some digging around in the shroud that is WordPress’ code I worked it out to be an issue with the wp_postmeta table.

The error occurs in this file, ‘/wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js?ver=1.3.2:19′

We updated our site a number of weeks back and re-imported all of our blogs, when you import a blog it would appear there is a glitch that inserts into the wp_postmeta table rows with a postid of 0.

This is what causes the unresponsive script, below is the code that we used to fix it, all you have to do is log into your database, back up the wp-postmeta table (just in case) and enter this into SQL input

delete from wp_postmeta where postid = '0';

After you run that on your table you should find that your WordPress blog works just as well as a new blog.

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happy blogging!

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With Google’s announcement that the search engine company will now include website speed as a ranking factor it may be a good time for SEO companies and SEO consultants to look at their clients’ website and determine whether or not such websites do have a desirable site loading speed. The following are some more ways on how you can increase your websites’ speed.

  1. Make sure that your websites’ web host can deliver a desirable site speed. You can determine this by asking your web host on the type of hosting options they have,  your web hosting plan may be having a limited bandwidth or speed so it may be time for you to upgrade your hosting plan. Also ask your web host about the backbone that they are using and their server hardware from those information you can research the speed capabilities of your webhost.
  2. If your website is using a dynamic database make sure that its database design and structure is optimised. Database performance can also be improved by caching database information.
  3. Use Cascading Style Sheet in designing your website, this is because of the fact that it makes you use lesser HTML tags. Further, if you use CSS positioning properties instead of tables you will be saving more than fifty percent in file size.
  4. Use external JavaScript and CSS, this move will contribute to the site loading speed by reducing the file size of the website, further such external CSS and JavaScript codes are usually cached by web browsers thus if the site is visited again there will be no need for the browser to download the CSS and JavaScript scripts again.
  5. Avoid formatting your website using white spaces, white spaces are additional HTML codes that may increase the formatting capabilities of the web designer but it adds to the file size of the HTML file.

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Posted on: May 27, 2010 10:32 am


Search engine optimisation is a very dynamic industry, it constantly changes because of the fact that it conforms to the also dynamic search engine algorithm and of course not to mention the rapid changes that are happening within the cloud or the internet as brought about by the incorporation of new technologies. It is because of this constant change in the technology that there is no actual single solution when it comes to search engine optimisation, that is why many of those who try to avail of the services of an SEO company are sometimes building their own myths according to what they have gathered from their own research of from the SEO companies that they have interviewed. Thus, it is the duty of the SEO companies and SEO consultants to make every effort to dispel any myths that may be formed in order to enlighten and educate their clients about SEO.

One of the most common SEO Myth is that SEO is done at a one time deal, which means that after getting your desired ranking the SEO strategies would end. This is of course false because of the fact that maintenance is necessary in search engine optimisation. This is due to the fact that rankings can change due to the fact that for a single keyword there are a lot of competition thus in order to keep the ranking continuous maintenance must be executed.

Second myth is that SEO is a simple process, this is of course false, because of the fact that this is a very time consuming process. Contrary to the claims of other SEO consultants the actual process of search engine optimisation is a tedious one. It involves a lot of research as well as a lot of experimenting in order to get the right combination of strategies.

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Search engine optimisation resources are readily available in the internet, for a small fee one could purchase an ebook or a tutorial video that may teach a person with zero knowledge a thing or two about SEO. The proliferation of such SEO tutorials online sometimes gives companies or online business owners the impression that search engine optimisation is doable in-house. This statement may be true but the problem with an in-house SEO campaign is that it has the potential of being plagued with error. While many insist of doing their own, in-house Search engine optimisation campaign others would prefer the hiring of the services of professional SEO companies and SEO consultants. The effects of an in-house search engine optimisation campaign with that of an SEO campaign done by SEO companies and SEO consultants is clearly seen. Many of those who try in-house SEO campaign is prone to committing errors which could ultimately lead to the failure of the whole campaign. Thus, it is best to convince website owners to hire the services of professional SEO companies and SEO consultants to implement their SEO campaign.

Professional SEO companies and SEO consultants would help website owners financially, by allowing the clients to only pay for their services and not on the different tools that the SEO companies or SEO consultants would be using during the campaign. SEO tools are important and this importance is sometimes exploited by people who are planning to sell such tools to people who are just about to start their in-house SEO campaign promising them astronomical results which in reality would deliver results way below than what is expected.

SEO companies and SEO consultants will, aside from helping you save money, also help you save your precious time. When an in-house SEO campaign is implemented the person implementing it will have to undergo a high learning curve which might take a lot of time than when using the services of professional SEO companies and SEO consultants.

With this, the main advice one can give regarding search engine optimisation is to know first your capabilities in conducting in-house optimisation and to always first consider the option of using the services of professional SEO companies and SEO consultants.

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Every endeavour would require a plan, this is to ensure that every aspect of the plan is executed properly in order to achieve the main goal. It can be likened to an electronic gadget which, before assembly must be drawn out first in order to ensure the correct assembly of the gadget and ultimately make the electronic gadget function properly. This principle is also applicable in the field of search engine optimisation, where initial planning is imperative before the actual implementation of the Search Engine Optimisation campaign. Planning is important because of the fact that since SEO has multi-dimensional aspects the SEO company and or the SEO consultant must be able to determine which of the different strategies would be effective in the SEO campaign of their target website.

During the planning stage of the SEO campaign data gathering would be the main task that would be done by SEO companies and SEO consultants. Knowledge is the main tool that will drive the whole SEO campaign, knowledge about the target website, knowledge about the competitors and knowledge about the keywords are the necessary information needed to initiate a solid plan and a solid SEO campaign.

Knowing the target website is done through an interview with the website owner or the client, if your role is an SEO consultant then  you should gather as much data about the target website, the main thrust of the business and how the whole online business works. If you are the client then it is imperative to share all the data necessary in order for the SEO consultant or SEO company to implement a strong SEO campaign.

SEO companies and SEO consultants commonly research about their clients competition, researching competitors can be done remotely through the search engine, trying to find out companies that delivers same product or services through the search engines would help give the SEO company and SEO consultant in knowing the keywords and strategies that may be used by such competitors.

From the research done about the competitors of the target website the SEO company or SEO consultant can now create their database of keywords and will be able to weed-out and retain only the most viable keywords.

With the process of planning your SEO campaign the adage “knowledge is power” is most applicable.

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Implementing a search engine optimisation campaign requires a lot of research and a lot of work. Contrary to what others know that implementing an SEO campaign is very easy the processes involved are actually involves some degree of difficulty. An SEO company and or an SEO consultants’ duty is not only to implement the search engine optimisation but also to conduct research, gather data and maintain the search engine results page ranking of the target website. With all these tasks that and SEO company or an SEO consultant must do it would be impossible for such SEO Company or SEO consultant to accomplish everything without getting help. Data gathering and research is one of the most tedious task in search engine optimisation because of the fact that one must keep track of the different data and one must always monitor the progress or the shifts in the rankings of the target website based on the keywords it is using.

Recognising the tediousness of the tasks at hand, many SEO companies and SEO consultants have banded with web developers and programmers in order to create SEO tools that would help them in their SEO research and data gathering. First tool that may come in handy when conducting research and data gathering for your SEO campaign is a keyword research tool, a keyword research tool is a web application that will determine the keyword effectiveness index of certain keywords, the KEI is computed by considering the number of searches done using such keyword and the number of websites using such keyword, a high KEI means a high probability that your website will be “visible” to the public through that keyword.

Another useful SEO tool is the ranking and page ranking tool, this web application will determine the current search engine result page ranking of your target website across all search engines which eliminates the need for you to manually search for your target website on different search engines and on different keywords.

With these SEO tools work in the data gathering and research department will be cut into half.