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Knowing now that directories are different from search engines, and also understanding the fact that the review or evaluation system prior to the inclusion of your website to the directory list is done manually by humans it is therefore imperative to know the different guidelines that may affect the inclusion or non-inclusion of your website into certain directories. It is in this way that SEO companies and SEO consultants will be able to gauge the proper way of submitting their directories which would be effective in saving time and money.

First guideline is that you do not have to bother with keywords, this is because of the fact that keywords does not play any significant role in the determination on whether or not your website will be listed. However, what would matter most is on how well or regularly your websites’ content is being updated. If you keep your content fresh that would be the first step for you in attaining a good review from the human editor.

Aside from content, links are also deemed to be very important because of the fact that these are the connections of your website to other websites or your web pages to other web pages within your website. Make sure to keep these links valid and pointing only to relevant websites, it would be pointless to link to a totally unrelated website since another criteria is relevance.

When submitting your website you must properly categorise your website. It is you, the website owner or the submitter who will determine where your website should fall under, therefore you have to submit your website only to the most appropriate category otherwise you will risk being denied of inclusion into the directory. This is again where the field of relevance will again come in because when you categorise your website it should be within the most relevant category and not to just any category.

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One of the strategies in search engine optimisation is link building and one of the most common link building strategy that is being utilised by most SEO companies and SEO consultants is directory submission. The process of directory submission is common and very easy as long as you know how to categorise your website, which of course is a basic given knowledge for every website owners or SEO companies and SEO consultants.

The submission process may be very easy but the question would be whether or not the directory submission process that you have performed would be beneficial to your SEO or link building campaign. That is why prior to using the directory submission process or strategy it is imperative to know and understand what a directory is.

A directory is different from a search engine, although the process of submission may be similar. Directories functions to collect and categorise links leading to outside or other websites. The database of the search directories are populated by people and not by any bots or crawlers. Although, the search directories are populated by people it is not that easy to become accepted into the directory list because of the fact that the websites being submitted must conform to the directory’s standards and that the websites are assessed by humans and not following a certain algorithm.  It is because of the fact that a real person reviews the website that directories are still considered to be an integral part of the link building process. The importance of directories is further augmented by the fact that categorisation is deemed to be more accurate due to the fact that a human person actually and definitely checks the websites being submitted for listing in order to determine correct categorisation and listing. However, it is also due to the human intervention and the bulk of websites being submitted for assessment that a website will take several days to several months of waiting before it will be finally be accepted for listing.

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In any endeavor starting such activity is the hardest thing to do, it is because of the fact that you have to start from scratch and you would have to build everything from the ground going up. This is also true in starting an SEO campaign, you have to start your campaign from scratch and with zero base, although you are an experienced SEO company or SEO consultant you will still have to start from scratch since not all target websites are exactly the same. This means that your approach on a website is different from your approach on another website. In the determination of keywords alone there are variations that you have to implement in order to get the best results. Therefore, when you start your SEO campaign it is best to plan your approach rather than implementing an existing format. In planning your approach you have to follow certain guidelines that may help you avoid committing a lot of errors.

First thing that you have to do is to determine your type of website and do a lot of research. Knowing the type of target website will help you determine your target niche and audiences, in addition this will help you determine the most appropriate keywords that you will be using. Scrutinise every detail in your keyword research and competition research, the latter being the research work done on your possible competition.

Next determine the pages in the website that will have higher priority over the other pages. Not all pages in the website will be able to help you with your SEO strategy, for example the about us page is not as important as that of the home page, the latter being the page where the visitors will first view when they visit your website. It is like saying the purchase page is way more important than the terms or agreement page because it is the former that people would actually use in order to purchase your product.

After determining and gathering all the needed data you can now layout your SEO blueprint that you will be following which you will just have to annotate should there be changes in your websites’ SEO approach.

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In the world of Search engine optimisation nothing is permanent. Strategies come and go, or they become very important to less important. Take for example the use of meta elements, during the advent of search engine optimisation, meta elements are very important because it is the primary ranking factor for most search engines, unfortunately with the abuses on the use of the meta element search engines deemed it necessary to consider other ranking factors and remove if not lessen the importance of the meta element. This situation is common in the field of SEO because of the fact that such field always conforms to the new technologies that are introduced, which, as of now is the existence of Web 2.0 and real-time posts, now, search engines have already considered the importance of several Web 2.0 websites and in addition search engines have also integrated real-time search into their search engine algorithm in order to provide results in real-time in their search query.

Recent events have also been analysed and SEO companies and SEO Consultants are now looking into the possibility of search engines adding another ranking factor and that is the Page Speed. The page speed is considered to be the speed or amount of time that a website loads onto the web browser. Interviews with Matt Cutts, Google’s spokesperson, have hinted that indeed Page speed may be utilised by Google as a ranking factor, the reason for this is because they want to provide internet users better user experience.

Should Page speed becomes a ranking factor, SEO companies and SEO consultants should look into several suggested actions in order to speed up their websites’ page speed.

First, they have to look into the possibility of restructuring their website and converting images in their design that have a large file size. Consider replacing the image design with a degree lower resolution or with a smaller file size.

Second, SEO’s must also look into the possibility of transferring their hosting to a more dedicated server which of course would help increase the Page speed of the website as there would be no other websites being hosted on that said server.

Third, SEO’s must continue in developing and using unique content in order to lessen the spiders’ task of rechecking or counter checking the content with other websites which thus may not directly increase Page speed but it would rather increase crawling speed which

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Search engine optimisation or commonly known as SEO have been developed because of the presence of a need, this need is to achieve the best possible search engine results page ranking or commonly known as SERP. Further, SEO is now known as a science or process of customising several website elements with the same goal of gaining the highest possible SERP.

So why is Search engine optimisation is important? One main reason that gives the essence of SEO is the fact that a website is considered to be nearly invisible in the internet this is because of the fact that the internet is a vast “ocean” of web pages, web applications and websites. With the thousands and thousands of websites being made online every day makes it nearly impossible to create a considerable website presence. It is because of these reasons that SEO was developed in order  to create web presence amidst the millions of websites present in the internet. Having established that reason, another question is why is SEO important when a website will eventually end up in the search engine anyway given a considerable amount of time?

SEO is important still because the main thrust of it is to create an avenue or opportunity for the target website to be ranked in the highest position, and if you ask why that is important, it is because of the fact that websites, especially those designed for business purposes will have “competitions” which are those that are considered to be selling or providing same product or service as your website. In some popular niches there might be several millions of websites either directly or indirectly related to your target website so you have to consider such fact when trying to make your web presence. It is in this area where SEO plays an important role because it provides you the avenue to rank above those supposed “competitions” and become prominent over the web above all else.

Considering the human factor many users of search engines does not go beyond page 3 of their SERP. Research have shown that people using search engines would consider those in the first page to be more significant to their search query and those ranked below page two are less significant, with this psyche or understanding search engine optimisation is important because it provides you with the opportunity to have your target website to have an increased “significance”.

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The introduction of the Web 2.0 website has made SEO companies and SEO consultants to be more creative. This is because of the fact that most Web 2.0 websites is seen as an opportunity to gain more clients and to network. One of the biggest contributor in this type of creative strategies is the development of social media networks. The social media networks were designed for people to connect with other people and with this networking capability, SEO companies and SEO consultants have seen this as an opportunity to gain more targeted traffic and of course more clients.

This is reason why many SEO companies and SEO consultants have joined social network sites and are engaged in building their community. Of course the process of building your community or network of people that might be interested in your website or business offering is not constructed immediately, you have to determine several factors first, one of these factors is the determination of your website audience, or the type of people whom you think would be interested in visiting your website and would avail of your products and services. To be able to know or gather these data you have to have an avenue for gathering such data.

One way to gather data is to create a blog about your website and active a comments form, in this way people would read on to your blog and would have the ability to comment on the blog that you have written, this opens up an avenue for your blog visitors to give you a piece of their mind it may either be a commendation or a critique which either way would help you improve your community relations and your website further.

Another great way of gathering data is through the use of forums, forums have existing communities already that you can join into, make sure that the community is related to your target website, this is in order to gather their opinion about products and services that is being offered similar to your target website, build a good relationship by posting comments, opinion and valid questions.

If you are selling a product it is good to also visit product review sites, these types of website publishes the opinions of people who have actually used the product and thus you will have a greater knowledge on how people view or see your product and use such knowledge into strengthening the marketing of your product.

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Many SEO’s nowadays are focusing on building links for their target website. This action from SEO companies and SEO consultants are driven by the fact that search engine algorithms have been incorporated with the criteria of giving importance to web pages or websites that have links in them. To be more specific the links that are being given importance by search engines are those that are called as external links. External links are those links that from another website which you do not own and which is pointing towards your own website, this goes without saying that internal links are less or not important at all. Both internal and external links are important not on the same level but rather in their own right according to their function.

Links in general have several purposes and one of which is to connect web pages and or websites to other web pages or websites that has relevant information related to the original web page or website. In SEO, links are those that provide traffic to and from your website, this is a bridge between websites which are being recognised as the gateway of internet traffic. So if you require an increase in your websites’ traffic then it is imperative that you have to create links from other website going to your website, preferably those websites that will point to your website should have a considerable amount of traffic flowing in to their site which you can funnel should you incorporate a link going to your website.
Another importance of links specifically the kind of link which is from a website pointing to your website is that such is considered to be a vote to your website. This is important because of the fact that search engines consider these “votes” in their evaluation of your website for indexing or ranking purposes. One specific example is Googles Page Rank where its ranking mechanism or factor relies heavily on the number of “votes” given to your website.

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Websites are designed or developed using the core language or the lingua franca of the web and that is HTML. The history of HTML goes way back since the inception of the internet and that this language became the base language for all other website design and website development languages such as CSS and JavaScript among others.

Today, HTML has not lost its importance, instead it has increased such importance. This is because of the fact that even search engines reconises HTML tags in their search engine algorithm. SEO, the fastest rising industry over the internet is very particular about the presence of HTML tags in the web page, this is evident because of the fact that search engine bots or crawlers were enabled to read these types of codes, most specifically the HTML tags. This is goes without saying however that tags have superseded contents in their importance in the field of search engine optimisation. Instead the two, tags and content, should be present in order to compliment each other, as the website content is for the internet users while the tags are for the website crawlers or search engine bots, which are the two most important visitors of your website.

How does the process of site tagging work? The process of site tagging works by knowing the tenets of HTML and then knowing how or where to place the HTML commands or tags in the correct position. Next is knowing how to make the tags readable to search engine crawlers or search engine spiders by using the tags properly or by following the the rules on how to use or format HTML tags properly. An example of which is the use of container tags or those tags that have both an opening and closing tags, this means that a user must code using HTML container tags by enclosing the targeted text within the opening and closing tag.

Although the knowledge on site tagging is very basic, knowing proper site tagging or knowing how to use HTML codes and tags properly will enable you to allow search engine spiders to read and gather data about your site which could lead to the indexing and ranking of your website.

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The search engine battle for supremacy rages on, this time setting their sights on one of the latest and innovative way of searching or displaying search results and that is through the real-time search. Microsoft have already initially started with the incorporation of real-time search to their search engine algorithm when they have forged an agreement with the two leading Web 2.0 website, Twitter and Facebook. Now, Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, is poised to release the beta version of their real-time search which incorporated the microblogging site, Twitter. In this website users will be treated into a page with a tag cloud which is embedded with the different keywords, wherein such keywords are chosen from Twitters’ top keywords, and below the tag cloud is a series of sample tweets relevant to the currently hot topics within the microblogging site. As already known the microblogging site Twitter provides real-time posts from its users thus with the incorporation of this search with Bing’s algorithm, real-time search was made possible.

Not to be outdone, Google has also released their own version of a real-time search capability. Google’s version however does not only include tweets but also those that are latest in yahoo answers, latest news articles and latest web page, it also works in mobile phones but only for iPhone and Android, at the moment.

With the release of the real-time search capabilities of search engines, it is evident that the importance of twitter and other real-time websites could not be ignored. This event thus interposes several questions especially for SEO companies and Search engine optimisation consultants. One question is that will SEO’s now start to optimise tweets and other real-time posts in order to use the potential of these real-time posts in e-marketing? Will real-time efforts now be considered as necessary in order to help websites rank higher in search result?

Whatever the question is, it is clear that real-time search is here and it is going to stay, thus, it’s relevance is undeniably important to internet users as well as SEO companies and SEO consultants.

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Posted on: December 7, 2009 3:06 pm


The search engine giant and the operating system giant have started locking horns with each other when Microsoft entered the realm dominated by Microsoft. In order to return the favor, Google have also recently announced that they have entered the operating system business which is to offer the O.S. dubbed as Chrome to the public for free. Other events have shown Microsoft’s desire to defeat Google in the search engine business when they revamped their MSN search engine into another search engine dubbed as Bing. In order to make the search engine known to a lot of people Microsoft spent millions in advertising and if that is not enough the Operating system giant forged an agreement with the pioneer in search engine, Yahoo, wherein the latter agreed to utilise Bing as the search engine for every Yahoo platform.

This obvious face-off between the two company giants prompted several institutions to open up polls in order to know the public’s or internet users’ opinion regarding the matter on who among the two companies is their favorite. In a survey poll done by Mashable it is clear that Google is still the public’s favorite as it garnered 2180 votes against Microsofts 519, where 97 votes goes to the neutral side, meaning a tie between the search engine giant and the operating system giant.
It is clear that Google is still the public’s favorite despite the efforts that Microsoft has done so far. Last week was even considered as a bad week for the operating system giant’s search engine as it’s users’ share fell last December 3 , which means that it does not have the ability to sustain as of yet their loyalty base from internet users. For SEO companies or SEO consultants this means that Google is still the benchmark when it comes to search engine optimisation, further Google is  still the target search engine by all SEO’s and the rest are just secondary.