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Posted on: November 30, 2009 2:20 pm


Search engine optimisation though considered to be a very lucrative market, is a very tedious and long process. This may be attributed to the fact that the results of your SEO implementation does not or are not seen overnight. There is a time frame that you have to wait for before you can actually see the results or the fruits of y our labor, for some the time frame may last for a week or so while for some it might take months or even years. The very first result that would indicate that your SEO campaign is paying off is when search engines have already indexed your site, which means for a particular keyword entered into the search engine box or query box your website will be returned as part of the search engine results page. There are several factors that would affect the indexing of your website that is why there are also different time frames that an SEO agent or SEO company must wait before the effect of their SEO campaign is seen.

First factor is the presence of search engine algorithms in all search engines. Search engine algorithms are the different standards or criteria that the search engines are following in order to index and rank a website , if your website does not conform to any of the given standards therefore would result to the non-indexing of your website.

Second factor is the competitiveness of the keywords used. Websites are indexed according to the keywords that the SEO or website owner chose. Some keywords may prove to be very competitive, that is there is a lot of optimised websites that are using the same keyword which would then make it hard for your website to be indexed on with the same keyword.

The last factor that may affect the indexing of your website is relevance of your keywords to your content and with your overall website theme. This means that your chosen keywords must be in line with your content and with your over all website theme and design, this is because of the fact that search engine algorithms now recognises relevance as one important factor for a site to be indexed, a website may be keyword rich but would still end up as a spam website in the search engines’ list if such keyword and content are not relevant with each other or with the websites’ overall theme.

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Posted on: November 23, 2009 10:45 pm


Due to our rapid increase in business throughout 2009, we are having to move to a bigger premesis as of 1st December 2009. As a result we will also be recruiting 2 new members of staff to join the team at SEO Positive Ltd.

Our new address details will be:

SEO Positive Limited, 4th Floor, Victoria House, Victoria Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1JR.

Our telephone number and fax number will remain the same (as noted on our “contact us” page on our website).

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With Google’s announcement that they will most likely adapt the page load time as their ranking factor, one gets forced to think that actually how the sites are ranked! The mystery still persists! Only a chosen few in this huge industry know the reality of this ranking game.

Anyone who wants a functional website must be aware of the basics of ranking factors. With the help of numerous messages from search engines or via coded messages shared among the SEO community, what we have discovered about this complex algorithm is :

1.    Links Do Work

It is simple. Use the relevant links and make your site appear. The articles and the directories are of great help. However, nothing works better like the inbound links such as the links from other websites or associates or peers.

2.    Contented Content

The website must have a good quality relevant content so that the search engine can pick the website as its result. The elaborate but wise use of the key words in the content helps is achieving good rank in the search result.

3.    Easy Navigation

The site should be easy enough for the search engine’s SERPs to navigate. If not so, your site will not be picked by the search engine and you will have close to none visitor traffic directed towards your website. So keep the website clean and simple.

4.    Brand Is Important

If you provide the link of your site along with an already existing branded site, you are more likely to get heavy traffic directed towards your site. The Google focuses a lot on benefiting the brands.

5.    Time Of page Load

Google is most likely to add the page load time as the ranking factor in 2010. Time is precious for everyone. It is quite obvious that the visitor will choose the website that takes less time to load over the one that takes ages! Hence the websites having a lesser load time will be ranked higher in the Google.

All these factors though plays a major role in deciding the rank of a websites but still there are other hidden secrets that are the deciding factors too. Hence, along of implementing lot of your time money and efforts in matching up to these standards, you should also keep yourself well aware of all the cutting edge search engine updates.

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Posted on: November 20, 2009 6:39 pm


A hazardous search engine campaign that had affected far more than 260,000 sites was exposed on Nov16 this is according to Cyvellance.

Using the Google search as the bait, the campaign was routing the targeted audience to the particular sites in attempt of downloading the malware on their respective machines. The string/bsBlog/albums category is quite common and can be found in the URLs of a number of blogs. When the visitor inputs any of these categories into the Google search, a series of unwanted nasty sites was generated as a result. According to Cyvellance, the visitor can just copy paste the desired URL into the browser to get directed to that particular site. As a result, a boring but harmless blog posting will appear in front of the reader. With the help of the HTTP refer, the compromised blog site tracks that the reader has arrived through Google or not. It is then when problem begins!

The Google’s warning for the harmful site is contained in very few websites.

Such black hat SEO schemes are quite old now. The attackers use them with the news events that have the potential of generating a lot of public interest and web searches. Once the reader is routed there on the site, he becomes prone to download malware.

The rouge blog publishing software which is known for automatically publishing latest posts with attractive headings was made to use by the infected sites. Some of the new posts published were under the titles attractive titles like “Las Vegas Rental No Credit Check” or “Uninvited Song Lyrics Alanis morrissette”

According to Cyvellance, these topics were purposefully not placed with the very popular search titles like ‘Britney Spears’ or ‘Obama’ or ‘Paris Hilton’. The attackers not only wanted to avoid the competition that these titles would have given because of the numerous sites existing on the net but also to trigger the inquisitiveness of the web surfers by using these long and rare combinations.

On clicking any of the Google search results, the visitor is directed to the “middleman” domain such as or By the means of rouge antivirus software, the user is directed to the offender site. The middleman domain sites are made offline after not more than two days of the process.

According to Cyvallence:
The domains where fake antivirus software sites found are:

The offender sites are found to be registered with a Chinese registrar called The sites are registered two days before receiving the traffic send by Google. This is done so as to keep the software well updated of the infected sites and the drop sites.

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Posted on: November 18, 2009 9:09 am


Search engine optimisation is composed of a lot of different strategies that one has to implement. It may happen that not all strategies may be implemented and still you will get a high search engine results page ranking, it may also happen that you may be incorporating all SEO strategies in your campaign and still get no improvement in your search engine results page ranking. It is frustrating at times to know that you have been performing all processes but to no avail. This may be attributed to the fact that you might be implementing strategies that may not be relevant to your website.

The basic property that you have to remember is that your SEO campaign must always be relevant with your websites’ theme. All the SEO strategies that you will be implementing should center on your websites’ theme and chosen keywords. This is to ensure that your website is indeed a reliable website and thus it does not mislead or confuse your clients and the search engines for that matter.

Another basic property that you have to take note of is that content should be properly incorporated in the website. Contents should center on the theme of the website and it should also center on the keywords. Incorporating keyword rich content in your website would give the search engine spiders the avenue to gather more data from your website which would give way to better processing of your website for indexing and ranking by the central search engine. However, keyword incorporation should not entirely control the way you write your content, this is because of the fact that overdoing your keywords in your content would border into the black hat technique known as keyword stuffing. In addition, the incorporation of keywords must be relevant to the entire content, you do not include keywords about “dating” if your website content is about “private investigators”, further, you have to use the keywords properly within the content. This is because of the fact that search engines would not only look for the presence of keywords but also it’s relevance to the entire website content.

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Posted on: November 18, 2009 9:08 am


Search engine optimisations’ sub-goal is to allow the website to be indexed among those major search engines. It was observed before that if your website is indexed in one of the major search engine especially Google those who rank lower would eventually index your website. This is true even to Yahoo before but since it’s merger with the Operating system giant Microsoft, it had dropped this criteria and it now independently indexes the different websites, which means that it has a totally different search engine algorithm than that of the leading search engine Google. It is because of this development that getting indexed to Yahoo would now entail a lot of SEO work. The following are simple steps that you could do to hopefully have your website indexed by Yahoo.

The first step to this is to make sure that your website is fully developed for review. This means that every link in your website should be valid and there should be no broken links, a site map is always a good thing to add in your website in order for the search engine or Yahoo to easily navigate your website. This also includes the presence of your keywords in the meta tag of your HTML document or web page in order for the search engine to know on what keywords are you trying to be indexed in. In addition, your should make sure that your website contains enough or sufficient contents, and not just any contents but relevant contents and contents  that deserved to be indexed or listed in the website. Aside from incorporating relevant contents your content must also engage the reader and his or her interests be ignited, this is to entice the visitor to keep on reading and thus preventing bounce rates.

Second step is for you to submit your website for Yahoo to review via the suggest a site icon link. Now Yahoo’s reviewers are checking a lot of websites daily sometimes amounting to hundreds if not thousands. This is why it would be prudent on your part to create an interesting website that will catch the attention of the reviewer. Finally wait for the result, if your website is not yet indexed in six weeks then resubmit it again but this time try to make sure of your websites’ validity and readiness to be indexed, keep on resubmitting every six weeks if you are not yet indexed still.

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Who is Don Dodge? He is Microsoft’s defender, or should we say was Microsoft’s defender. During his stay with the operating system giant, Don Dodge have tirelessly defended the interests of the company as the Director of Business Development. During conferences and conventions Mr. Dodges’ presence is always felt as he continuously protect and defend Microsoft’s technological products and services. This is the reason why many were stunned when, in the recent rounds of Microsoft lay-offs Dodge was among them, he was released by Microsoft. With the moment that his disengagement with Microsoft going public a lot of people in the world of technology are waiting on who would be picking him up, well, who else, but Microsoft’s greatest rival in the field of search engine, the search engine giant Google. Moments after Dodge’s removal from Microsoft was announced Google’s Vice President for engineering, Vic Gundotra informed Dodge about the employment opportunity with Google, it is to be remembered also the Vic Gundotra also came from Microsoft. On Monday, Don Dodge announced in his blog that he will indeed be joining the search engine giant in a capacity or position similar to that of his previous position with Microsoft. Dodge further states that as a sign of his switch to the search engine company he already changed his Microsoft products and services in to its counterpart with Google, such as Gmail, Google Apps and even to Google Chrome. With the challenge in the economy companies as forced to lay-off some of their people but if you have a good portfolio and background then landing your next job is within reach.

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Posted on: November 16, 2009 4:02 pm


Link building is considered to be one of the most effective strategy which is second only to contents. Link building is the process of creating back links into the website through manipulation or use of the different resources available that is outside the website. Resources such as web 2.0 properties like blogs, journals, bookmarks and even social media networks are utilised in order to create backlinks that could funnel the much needed traffic to your website which in turn would increase your chances of conversions which is the ultimate purpose for every SEO campaign that has been implemented. Since the increase in conversion rate is the main purpose for link building it is imperative that in order to do the steps correctly in the different processes involved one must first consider the top three factors that could affect the link building process.

First on the list of the most important factor in link building is the page rank. Page rank was developed in order to rank or give the standing of your website in terms of relevance and importance to the internet community. The page rank determines on your sites’ importance, this could be achieved by using backlinks or building back links in order for the search engine to interpret such links to your website coming from another website to be a vote to your own website, the more “votes” or links going to your website the higher your page rank would be and consequently the more important your website has become.

Links from different websites may be beaten by a website having only five to ten links. This is accomplished by the second factor and that is relevance. In the field of SEO one strategy used is link building. However, building links through the different backlinks from different sources may do more harm in your website than good. This is because of the fact the relevance is another factor that should be observed. If you are submitting your website through directories and bookmarks it is imperative that the link going to your website is submitted and categorised under the most appropriate category.

Proper use of the link or anchor text should also be observed as it one of the three factors that should always be taken into consideration. The content of the anchor text should not only be a simple “click here” text. But rather utilize this as an avenue to integrate keywords into the anchor text and not just using one general link.

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Posted on: November 16, 2009 4:01 pm


In every set of advantages there are corresponding disadvantages. This has been proven time and time again, failure in the system may be seen as the actual implementation of the different strategies would already start. In the effort to increase loading speed for websites, it is being observed by several SEO researchers that there are already hints that loading speed is already being considered as one of the criteria in the different search engines’ algorithm. Although increased loading speed may be advantageous on the part of the internet user it has however several disadvantages that cannot be ignored especially because of the fact that it does not only affect the internet users but also the website owners. The disadvantages are as follows:

1.    If the search engine algorithm will favor websites with faster loading time then it would be in favor only of large websites or corporate websites because they alone have the machineries or resources to allow the restructuring of their existing website if such is not conforming to the standard of increased loading time. If in the event the website does not conform to the criteria of increasing loading speed then he or she would have to revert back to designing his or her website in order to create a more efficient website that would load faster, for online entrepreneurs who does not have any knowledge in website design would then be confused but most of all they would be spending a lot just in the redesigning of their website.

2.    The hidden beneficiary of this step to increase loading time for web pages is actually the search engines, this is because of the fact that the search engines would be earning more than the usual, one contributory factor here is the installation of the search engines’ adsense or ad program. The faster your website loads via the search engine the faster your internet visitors would click on the websites advertisements and in which case you would be gaining some money but the real winner is the search engine because of the amount of money that your adsense would be generating.

3.    Increasing loading speed is not done overnight as it requires patience and attention to detail, when you start repairing your previously slow website in order to conform with the different search engine algorithm.

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Posted on: November 16, 2009 11:06 am


For several months since its launch Microsoft’s Bing is still undergoing major upgrades wherein several features are being added. It is the hope of Microsoft that with these features integrated Bing would be able to entice more clients or internet users. Among the latest features that Microsoft has added in their search engine is and integration with the computational knowledge search engine Wolfram Alpha, this would make searching for computation answers easier because it is what wolfram alpha provides, this feature would then enable the display of not just links but also computations and answers.

Microsoft also added a feature that is centered on the different tasks for the search engine to do, this is integrated in the homepage of Bing. At first glance there is not much change but if you click on  the different categories you will be given a more centered search option pertaining to that category, like for example if you click on travel several related keywords would be seen such as cheap flights among others.

Microsoft is also enhancing Bing’s database of local information that would cater to hundreds if not thousands of cities, mostly these would center on incorporating neighborhoods, local attraction and information and other points of interests. The data gathered would later be placed or integrated in a high resolution slide show.

With its integration with the social media network facebook, connecting with friends, finding events and shopping through facebook is now made easier and a lot more convenient for both Facebook and Bing users.