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Posted on: July 29, 2009 10:49 pm


After several years of pursuing the second largest search engine company worldwide Microsoft finally netted Yahoo, arriving at a deal that both parties think would benefit. With this deal SEO companies and SEO consultants must keep a close observation on how the deal will affect the field of search engine optimisation as currently, most Search engine optimization strategies are geared towards following the criteria set by the leading search engine company Google. According to the deal the business partnership of Microsoft and Yahoo would last for ten years and within those ten years Microsoft will have access to Yahoo’s audience or regular users. This move proves to be another step towards Microsofts’ and Yahoo’s goal of increasing their audience base and to hopefully topple the leading search engine company Google from its current number one position. Google tried to stop this eventual merger by coming up with a deal with Yahoo on search advertising but such deal was not pursued as many anti-trust advocates threatened to sue.

For Microsoft, this ten year merger on the search engine aspect is a timely move as it just released last May its new search engine called Bing. The effect of the merger is that Bing will have the opportunity to be introduced to a wider audience base which aims to show internet users that such search engine is equal if not better than what Google has to offer. Microsoft believes that their merger with Yahoo would give Bing a much higher rate of conversion especially targeting those using Google because of habit.

Although the deal is considered to be between two giant companies, Yahoo being the pioneer in search engines and Microsoft being the operating system giant, both companies have much work to do as even with their combined search engine user base combined it only amounts to twenty eight percent (28%) as compared to Google’s seventy-percent (70%), which at the moment does not affect the current SEO strategies being implemented unless Yahoo and Microsoft comes up with a way that their internet users share worldwide would overtake that of Google.

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Posted on: July 28, 2009 3:05 pm


The two big time companies are on it again, but now it is for real. This news had been a buzz around the search engine world in recent months. This issue may even get hotter and it would cause Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to reconsider when the Microsoft and Yahoo deal would materialize this week. These two companies have talked and tried cooperating for months, after Microsoft’s $47.5 billion bid to buy Yahoo was refused last year and Yahoo also tried to seal a search advertising deal with Google fell apart. The deal between Google was to sell advertising on Yahoo’s sites. It would have been materialized but the reason it failed is because the deal ran into opposition from antitrust regulators.
Yahoo would need to make a deal with Microsoft in order to remain competitive in the search world according to the report. This merger would likely cause the search engine giant, Google in a serious competition and more formidable challenge in search. Reports say that Yahoo would likely take the lead on selling display advertising; Microsoft would sell search engine ads for both companies while Yahoo would probably take over display advertising sales. These two companies have been negotiating the terms of the deal since March but reports say that they have difficulty agreeing on everything which includes the issue on technical details and what the deal is worth.

These two companies came about in bringing up a partnership deal is for the likely reason that Microsoft’s search business redesigned search engine, Bing, has gained a small amount of momentum. The search engine received good reviews and small bump in traffic but it is not clear whether that could be sustained in the long run. And as for Yahoo, CEO Carol Bartz is under pressure to do something to revitalize the Sunnyvale Web Portal, which has suffered because of indecision, recession and the lack of innovation. She is willing to cut a deal with Microsoft as long as the terms are beneficial. Yahoo and Microsoft representatives declined to comment about the ongoing negotiations. The news will come a week after revealing Yahoo’s new homepage which is designed to keep people on the Yahoo portal while still accessing content from other sites.

There is now a new search engine that works for you! This technology may soon be coming to a major Search Engine. This technology is called Search Engine Optimisation Engine or commonly called as SEOENG®. This search engine is one of a kind and unlike other search engines that basically “searches”; it is used as a “window” into what the search engines see. This alone empowers the users with previously guarded information about their Website’s rankings. It’s what SEO companies are waiting for. Webmasters and SEO companies who are used in using search engine tools such as analytics will surely find this technology advantageous because of the amazing features. This includes the new and the first Transparent Search engine. This feature discloses highly secret Search Engine scoring algorithms to show precisely how and why a Search Engine ranks any Website, Webpage, and Link on the Internet. To those who are still new to this, there is an available video tutorial for the Search engine’s features.

The major Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo! started this current website analysis trend by offering limited interactive portals for Webmasters to view a webmasters performance on the search engines. The common portals present tools that can track the visitors of your website, monitor and see which webpage are most popular among the users. With the technology of the Search Engine Optimization Engine, it offers complete transparency into the Search Engine’s Perspective. It makes you view your webpage what it looks like in a Search engine in accurate detail and how your link is scored. They made it see to the public because a search engine does not fail and they really don’t need to hide them from the public anymore.
With the introduction of this new technology to the public, they basically clean up the internet, wiping out millions and millions of Webpage garbage from their keyword search results and to eliminate useless SEO techniques and reduce spam filtering that search engines must do. With the algorithms clearly seen to the public, it does not necessarily offer the user the exact algorithm but shows the concept behind it. In view of this, it also helps us improve and develop our website and our search results and it lets you determine many problems that would take you a lot of time to diagnose.

This is now becoming a very useful tool and may become an unforeseen advantage to any Search Engines as it would help prevent “black hat” SEO tactics and alike to keep their search results relevant. Some SEO companies are wrongfully accused with this kind of tactic and would find themselves blacklisted from the search engines. The SEOENG® also offers a free website information and an online marketing guide and with this alone will change “search” as we know it.
SEOENG® significantly reduces the time spent implementing SEO Strategies for a Website. As many web page and links grow, the cost of SEO/SEM also grows exponentially. SEO companies will consider this as an invaluable asset in their SEO business.

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Posted on: July 24, 2009 7:56 pm


Content is an essential part of your website as it gives information about what your website is all about or what products you are providing for your customers. Contents therefore can be regarded as made for the internet user, visitor or potential client. In Search engine optimisation or SEO content can also be regarded as the avenue where keywords are utilised efficiently in order to make the website SEO-friendly and search engine bot friendly which will in turn make your website indexed or seen by search engines and later on hopefully gain a respectable search engine ranking. Although content is just a combination of different texts or information for the visitor or potential client it’s presence is very important and essential to your Search Engine Optimisation campaign and even to your onsite information campaign. Content in search engine optimization however should follow certain instructions, procedures or standards in such a manner that it would not be considered as a spam content by the different search engines. It is therefore very important to know the features of a good website content and among these features are:

1.    Relevance – your website content must be very relevant to your overall website theme. It is simply implying that the content that you should be placing in your website should pertain to the web page’s theme and purpose. Do not include contents that are not within the topics or scope of your topics just to get the keywords inserted in your content, always remember that the internet user should be considered as your websites’ primary visitor because of the fact that they are the one’s who will be raking in conversions as these internet users visiting your website is also your potential clients. Besides, search engines already have in their algorithm a system that will then detect if the contents are relevant or not which can affect your Search engine optimisation campaign.

2.    Originality – your content must as much as possible be original. Search engines has the ability to detect whether or not a content was copied from another website and consequences of having a copied content in your website might be harsh as it constitutes plagiarism which can be detrimental to you SEO campaign. In the point of view of a website visitor having an original content means that your website is the sole authority of information dealing with such topic which could thus then lead your website visitors to keep on coming back for more.

3.    Interesting – you may be selling a particular product or offering a particular service but it doesn’t mean that your content should be boring, lively contents that gives out information is preferred rather than having a monotonous content. Remember to always spark the interest of your website visitors to at least keep them longer in your website and have a higher percentage of having them convert into clients later on.

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Assessing your website is an essential aspect in Search engine optimisation because of the benefits that it brings about to your SEO campaign. In Search engine optimisation assessment does not pertain to only looking at the websites’ structure as a whole but rather to dwell into the assessment of the different web pages within the website. During assessment SEO companies and SEO consultants would always try to look for different factors that affects the search engine ranking of the target website. This process in Search engine optimisation can be likened to an auditing process wherein flaws and positive aspects of the website are taken down and the SEO consultant will then base his or her search engine optimisation strategies to be used. There are standard criteria that SEO consultants are looking for in assessing the target websites among these are:

1.    The Meta data/tags – once the most sought after requirement in Search engine optimisation the meta data however is still one of the factors that are being considered by many SEO’s to still be an important part of the website or web page for that matter. This is because it introduces the web page to the spiders or search engine bots via the description attribute and the keywords attribute. This way the web page can communicate to the search engine bots what website is all about and what keywords are being utilised by such web page or website.

2.    Content – content most specifically pertains to the text of the website or web page. SEO consultants or SEO companies take the texts’ optimisation by looking at the contents’ relevance to the topic, the presence of keywords and the updating of the content. Relevance to the topic means that the content must always be in line with the website’s main theme, this also means that when keywords are utilised it must also be utilised properly within the text content and such use must be very relevant to the content. Blindly using keywords would result to your website to be tagged as a spam content or a spam website. In content, the freshness of your websites’ content is also taken into consideration, daily update can be done by incorporating blogs and other relevant updates.

3.    Links – search engine bots also gives particular importance to links that is why many SEO consultants and SEO companies are also trying to look at how the links in a web page or a website are to be optimised. One factor that can affect your links in terms of Search engine optimisation is via the validity of the link, when linking through make sure that your link points to an existing website or web page within the website. Another factor that may affect your websites’ optimisation is the relevance of your links, it is not advisable that you just create links according to your wishes but rather links must always be relevant to the page you are linking to, this is more important in particular when you link to web pages outside your website.

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In order for an SEO Consultant to know the standing of a target website he or she must first analyse the different data initially available for him or her. One such data would be those that indicate how the target website is doing in terms of its web presence. This data can be gathered by installing tracking statistics applications like that of Google analytics which actually measures the amount of traffic visiting the target website. If previous data is not available there are tools that can help you in determining the current ranking of your website one of which is by using 3rd party applications that determines the ranking of your website along with other information that you could use as basis for your strategies in your Search Engine Optimisation. There are several types of statistics that are considered to be very useful in SEO and these are:

1.    Baseline Statistics – these are statistics that are gathered before the onset of the integration of SEO to the target website. Information gathered here will be very useful in planning your Search engine optimisation strategies, including the changes that will have to be implemented on the website. Having an average statistics before the onset of the SEO campaign can be used in tracking your progress by comparing the baseline statistics with the present statistics after the implementation of the different SEO strategies.

2.    Referring Websites Statistics – This web stats’ purpose is to track down websites that gave referral to your website. This information will then give you an idea on the popularity of your websites because of referrals, in addition it gives your website incoming links which are also one of the best link building strategy in order for your website to get a respectable page ranking when the search engine crawls your website through a referring site.

3.    Search Engine / Organic Web Stats – the search engine is the main target of your SEO campaign it is therefore very useful for you to track how many visits your site is getting from the search engines this way you will be able to plan your next move in your Search engine optimization campaign.

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Search engine optimisation is really important to ensure the success of any business in the internet. Achieving a high ranking is one of your priorities and search engine optimization has a vital role in achieving this. Optimising each and every website will surely give you a boost in your rankings. Well, a lot of people think that search engine optimisation can do just about anything you need in your business.  This is a common misconception to people because although well made SEO can do marvelous things in your profile, it can not make people buy your products or services. The search engine optimisations’ function is to get your website go up in a higher rank as much as possible in all search engine results pages.  It is important for you to have a good content in your website to allow many visitors in your site and convert them to paying customers.

If the content that you have doesn’t give the visitors what they want or what they are looking for, you most likely won’t have any potential customers. Search engine optimisation functions for the web crawlers to index your website pages. But there is an exception. There will be no SEO that can help you if you do not have a website that gives your web traffic valuable content. There are lots of good SEO Company that can help you elevate the quality of your web pages content and keep all your visitors fascinated and more interested and make those visitors become one of your potential paying customers

The content of your website and the value keeps your visitors interested and makes them view your website more. Search engine optimisation simply draws attention of the web crawlers to see your web content. When your website have been observed, make an effort to attend to the potential customer by giving them what they want. Both the customer and you will become satisfied with this situation Your website should contain genuine and unique content pages and no doorway links that optimizes your websites that is why search engine optimization copyrighting is done. The SEO requires a minimum word limit of around 250 words and most importantly there are no duplicates from anywhere else on the web.  Although SEO copyrighting is good procedure of search engine optmisation, there are also limitations and is only good for some situations.

Bottom line is that SEO’s function is limited and they cannot do everything for you. There are other ways of optimising your website other than SEO articles. There are lots of well known methods in search engine optimisation procedures to get the results that you want. We should always remember that search engine optimisation is very important in your website. Your website would not exist without SEO. Thus, in a web design service, search engine optimization should be given high priority and should not be taken for granted and anyway. Know the SEO’s weakness, strengths including the limitations in order to better understand and use it in its full potential.

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When talking about Search Engine Optimisation, a lot of people are confused whether or not the search engine optimisation techniques they use are ethical or not. There are some techniques that will be discussed here that are questionable and show that they are not that unethical or wrong to use them. These techniques are not spam; they are not essentially unethical and not wrong to use them.

Basically, we need to define first what do you mean by Search Engine Spam? Many people are asking, “is this a spam?” but what they are really asking is, “Will my site get penalised with this?”
There is lots of what they call spam techniques or methods that are not wrong to use them in any way.  These methods can be called spam or become unethical to use them is for example using them in a page that shows something and will automatically redirect you another thing that is rather different.  One of the SEO techniques that they call a spam or unethical is the hidden text. The purpose or the idea of the hidden text is to show some optimised text to the search engine but not to the people who views the page in their browser. This method is done because some sites would spoil the design of the page. Unethical? Think again. This doesn’t attempt to hide whatever thing from the search engines so basically there is nothing wrong with this technique. You could see the text in plain sight to them.

We should understand that all of the techniques that are considered a spam technique don’t hurt anyone in any way. Actually, these techniques help everybody! When they don’t use these immorally, they would help a page’s rank to go higher for its actual topic than it otherwise would. This is a win-win situation wherein every body gets the benefit because the web surfers find what they expect to find in the search engine listings and go to that page’s website and becomes satisfied with it while the search engine is also happy and satisfied because he sent the surfer to the relevant site and surely the owner of the site is also satisfied because he/she had a site visitor.
There is basically nothing wrong in using these so-called spam techniques in anyway, unless of course as I mentioned above, that you will use it in an unethical way. These techniques are used for the sole reason of helping the web pages rank highly in the search engine results for their topics. Even some search engines suggests ways to improve your page rank. A lot of people approve of trying to improve their rankings but some of them are not in favor of using some of the techniques that are used to do it.

There are still other so-called spam techniques that I haven’t mentioned but are also harmless and ethical. And by the way, some search engines don’t want some of the techniques to be used and if they spot them, they may be penalized. This only depends on the nature of the offense so they rarely penalize a page or site.

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Since the launching of the new Microsoft search engine named Bing the battle between Google and the Operating System giant has not stopped. Google being considered as the number 1 search engine world wide besting it’s rivals Yahoo and Microsoft in terms of internet users share. Microsoft hopes to end this winning streak by Google when it introduced its search engine Bing, unfortunately according to last months’ survey, although Google posted a slight decrease in the internet users share it still is leading by far from the contenders Yahoo and Bing. This makes everyone wonder why even with the reconstruction and development of Microsoft’s search engine it did not even show a significant blow on the search engine giant.

A survey research undertaken by the citigroup company has proven that using Google do have its advantages and benefits, after using and testing more than two hundred queries, with the aim of finding out which internet search engine service would yield the most relevant search results, it was found out that Google leads the other two contenders Yahoo and Bing. Google acquired seventy-one percent relevant hits whenever the queries were ran to the search engine while Bing only gathered 49 percent relevant hits and Yahoo got thirty percent relevant hits per query. This only proves that Google actually has its own strength and thus showing one of the reasons why it is still the number one search engine in terms of internet users share. On the positive side for Microsoft on specific areas on Health and Travel their search engine posted highest relevance results as compared to its two other competitors.

The research result shows the reasons why Google is the preferred choice of most internet users and it also validated Microsoft’s claims over the strengths of Bing.

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Search engine optimisation is a regarded as a series or combination of different strategies or techniques that are utilised to meet a common goal and that is to optimise the web page for search engines and to hopefully have the target website indexed and ranked into the different search engines based on the give keywords. For a website or a web page to be considered as optimised there are several key elements that has to be detected that are supposed to be incorporated in the web pages or website design. One of which is the addition of an appropriate page title, most website designers fail to create or to give the appropriate title for each web page maybe due to the fact that it is too easy to incorporate such title into the web page which sometimes are left for later coding but are then forgotten. The title of the web page is very important because of the fact that the title is the very first part of the web page which the search engine spiders are going to see and read as data. It is because of this importance of the title tag that it is imperative that the title must contain several of the target keywords most preferably the main keywords that you are aiming for in your SEO campaign.

Although it is considered to have diminished use, the incorporation of a meta tag is still a valuable addition to a website design and its’ addition is considered to be another key element for optimising the website design or web page. Meta tags are most specifically keyword meta data allows you to enter the different keywords that you want your SEO target website to be known for in the search engine. Searches are done through keywords that is why the inclusion of the meta tag or meta data will give you the avenue to specify and utilise the websites’ keywords.

Links are the next element which indicates that a web page is properly optimised. Links are followed by the search engine spiders thus if your link is broken it might cause your website to go down in ranking. The presence of a valid link is not only for the benefit of the SEO campaign it is also a step in properly following the two main guidelines in website design and that is aesthetics and usability the latter being related to link validity. In addition, the links that are incorporated in your website should jump to a related web page in cases of external linking because if such link is not related search engines might interpret your website a spam site which could cause your ranking to go down. The only rule in linking is that to make sure that it links to a valid web page or website where validity is not only limited to whether or not the link is working but rather whether the web page or website it is linking to is related to the theme or topic at hand.

Finally, presence of content in the website is considered as one of the key elements. Content is another avenue where SEO companies and SEO consultants are actually using the different keywords. Content however, should not contain only keywords which thus in turn produce an incomprehensible text. Content must always be related to the site’s theme or topic and that it should be unique and interesting to read, otherwise your target website for SEO will be considered as a spam website.