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Website designers are likened to artists who rely on inspirations before he or she could start his or her masterpiece. For a website designer every website created or developed is unique and each design has emanated from a certain inspiration that motivated the website designer. Inspirations may come in any form and may be found anywhere but for website designers inspirations may just be a click away, whether visiting a website, viewing an inspiring image online. This means that for a website designer inspiration will also emanate from the same area and that is the web. Every time a website designer browses the web he or she encounters constant inspirations from the myriad of websites that he or she is visiting but what makes this inspiration truly actual and functional is when it is applied into the website designers’ masterpiece.

Unfortunately, during the course of the viewing of such inspiring images and websites, the ability of the website designer to quickly jump from one page to another contributes in forgetting the previous image or website viewed, and when the right time comes to use such image or website for inspiration on the design of a new website the website designer can no longer trace the image and the website, sometimes forgetfulness really gets the best of us. It is because of this reason that sharing this tips in website design seems imperative as of the moment because of the fact that this dilemma is not only confined to selected website designers but are actually one of the common problems being encountered by most website designers. It may seem to be a minor and a trivial problem but when placed we look closer we actually spend so much time trying to recall the image’s or websites’ URL.

Thus the formulation of the Inspiration folder, this is not a technical how-to strategy guide on website design, thus what you see on the name is actually what you get. Meaning, the inspiration folder is actually a folder that will contain all the images and websites that you have seen and where you think this website or image will actually be useful in your future website design endeavor. Creating the folder is easy and trivial thus it does not merit a discussion on it, not on this article at least. Storing the images from the website that you visited to your hard drive is easy you can use the right click function of your mouse and then click the save command, or if provided by the website you can just click on the link that will allow you to download the image or images then store it in the folder that you have created.

How about for websites? One very easy way is to get a screenshot of the website, this is done by pressing Alt+Printscreen when using a PC and Shift Command 4 then Space to turn the cursor into a camera then press Ctrl to and click on your target area on your screen, which is obviously the browser window displaying the website. This will now make the captures screenshot on your clipboard and you now have to open your image editing software and paste the captured images. After that you can now save the file onto the folder that you have previously created. Now you have a collection of inspirations that you can easily access whenever you require it.

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The local search ranking factor aims to determine which part of the SEO strategies would affect your website in terms of local searches. The process involves the accumulation of data and or survey of opinions, experiences and observations of several experts in the world of Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing. The target for this survey focuses on the two leading companies engaged in the field of search engines, the world number one search engine Google and its close contender Yahoo. The local search ranking factors report contains all the gathered data from the experts in SEO and Internet Marketing and the following are the salient points of the report:

First, the address factor, on the previous report it was found out that a business establishment has to be at least near a well known city within your area before considering the website to be part of the local search, this is known as the Distance Centroid. At present the distance centroid factor is slowly diminishing thus making the establishing of a physical business office within the city being searched to be imperative.
Second, the quality of links seems to be the increasing trend rather than the quantity of it. This was observed by the interviewed experts where they saw a diminishing importance of links and the increasing importance of citations. Citations are links within a website content that relates the content into a website which has a relevant content to the topic at hand.

Third, reviews and customer feedbacks have proven to be a formidable ally in increasing clickthroughs and conversions.

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Website design entails a lot of processes before a website that is aesthetically pleasing would and could be appreciated. These processes are unfortunately not available just for anyone to use. The processes requires knowledge, skills and proficiency with regards to the use of tools that will correspond to the processes involved in the development of the website design. The must-haves of website design, aside from the trivial needs like a computer, are basically centered on the website designer and his or her knowledge on the different aspects of website design. The following are the different must-haves that a website designer should possess.

1. Knowledge in any image editing software – knowledge on any image editing software like Photoshop or Corel Draw and even MS Paint is an essential part of website design. This is because images are indispensable in the attainment of aesthetically pleasing website designs, thus use or knowledge on how to edit or create appropriate images for your website design is very important.

2. Knowledge in HTML or XHTML – a website designer must have a good knowledge of the lingua franca of the internet which is the Hypertext Markup Language or HTML or according to the World Wide Web Consortium Standard the Extensible hypertext markup language or XHTML. HTML or XHTML are scripting languages that uses tags which are also structural in nature which thus form the first main structure of a website design or specifically the web page, meaning, from the tags or scripts incorporated, the other scripting languages like CSS and JavaScript will emanate.

3. Knowledge in CSS – CSS or the Cascading Style Sheets is a new add-on when HTML was considered only for structural purposes and not for presentation purposes. The advent of CSS saw the revolution in the world of website design because what HTML lacks in presentation is filled by the Cascading Style Sheet scripting language. That is why CSS nowadays has been considered to take care of the presentation part of a website design process.

4. Knowledge in any Client-side scripting language – Client side scripting language are those scripting languages that executes on the computer of the user, meaning the codes are executed locally. Examples of these client side scripting languages are JavaScript and VBScript.

5. Knowledge in any Server Side Scripting Language – As opposed to a client side scripting language the Server side runs or is executed in the server and not in the client host. Examples of the Server Side scripting languages are PHP, ASP among others.

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Google up to this day remains unfazed from their number one spot in the world of search engine. The search engine giant has beaten its competitors by a mile having a 64 percent internet users share in April as compared to the 20 percent posted internet users for the search engine coming in second place, Yahoo!.

Google however admitted that there is a looming threat to their position as the number 1 ranking search engine world wide, and it did not come in the form of a search engine rather it came in the form of a social media network.  Yes that’s right, Google considers a social media network as the current and biggest threat to it’s number one position. What social media network is this? Well this is the popular Facebook.

Google assails that because of the trustworthiness of social media network when it comes to solving everyday problems is much better as compared to the search engine giant. Since advises or answers to queries given by internet users are answered by their friends or members of their community internet users look into these answers and give much more weight rather than on the returned pages in Google’s search. In addition, Facebook or any other social media network can tap on its vast constantly updated data should the social media network decide to battle the Google and enter the search engine game.

But do not expect Facebook to enter the search engine game as of yet, but should the company decide on whether to allow the entrance to the search engine field it will truly be a contender to Google’s current ranking.

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Since the inception of search engines and Search engine optimisation there has been a constant struggle to understand how a search engine’s algorithm works. This constant struggle was brought about by the fact that SEO is an important process in order to fully utilise the internet in a company’s online marketing effort, couple that with the fact that because of this importance that search engine companies constantly change their search engine algorithm in order to hold spammers and abusers at bay. For an SEO company or an SEO consultant understanding how search engines behave and how they actually function would be tantamount to winning half of the SEO campaign already, that is, all other strategies will have to emanate from such understanding on how a search engine would behave. A Search Engine Optimisation consultant may be doubtful on whether or not the whole search engine algorithm will be totally deciphered, a well founded doubt because of the fact that such search engine algorithm will not remain constant, instead what an SEO consultant can or may focus on are the invariables with in the search engine processes or algorithms. Through the years SEO companies or even SEO consultants have discovered constant behaviors in the algorithm of search engines, Search engine optimisation not being an exact science, have found the following constants in search engine behaviors or algorithms.

1. Spidering – a search engine gathers data for it’s database via the use of spiders, these are special algorithms which their sole purpose is to “crawl” the web and look for new websites and or website updates. This process keeps the database as fresh and as updated as possible. Due to this algorithm that SEO’s have collaborated with web developers in order to produce a website that would be spider-friendly, meaning, the website could be crawled upon with ease by these search engine agents.

2. Indexing – This process is the result of the spidering algorithm. Indexing means the adding and categorising of the website in the search engine database. Indexing happens when the spider returns sufficient data from the website that was crawled and such website conformed to the criteria set by the search engine to be included in its database.

3. Ranking – This is the last process that a search engine algorithm will go through which is based on the results of the first two procedures or algorithms. This is where the mystery of Search Engine algorithm is prevalent due to the fact that the ranking method is a closely guarded secret. Although for some search engines like Google, page ranking is fairly decipherable because it was found out that page ranking is due mainly to the “vote” given to your website via the link going to your website from another website that has relevant content with your own website.

Truly, Search engine algorithms are complex and unless it is divulged to the public, which is highly unlikely, SEO has to constantly go through the phases of trial and error to get the right combination in order to decipher entirely the search engine algorithm.

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To be disabled is very unfortunate but we see the disabled enabling themselves in order to become a useful unit of the society. As web designers we also have a role in helping and reaching out to those who are physically challenged. That is why designs for the web should always take the plight of the disabled into consideration before creating the web page. Here are some tips that could help you make your website design accessible to the disabled:

1.    Make your web page dynamic where font sizes are not absolute and are readily resizable.
2.    Make your layout consistent so as not to confuse the disabled user.
3.    Take into consideration the contrast in colors and provide an avenue for those users with low vision to adjust the contrast of colors.

1.    Add captions or transcripts to audio that had been integrated in the web design.
2.    Since those who are poor in hearing are used to sign language make use of content related images to convey your site’s message.
3.    Do not require voice inputs in your design.

1.    Since they have little means of controlling their body’s motor function refrain from integrating time limited response options on your website designs.
2.    Design forms that are capable of being activated using the tab button. This would reduce the use of the mouse.

1.    Do not overcrowd your web page with distracting visual and audio elements.
2.    Your web design must always be logically arranged.
3.    As much as possible do not use complicated languages in your web design.
4.    Make use of more graphics to convey your web pages’ message.
So the next time that you design your web pages make sure to remember those who are disabled that they too have the need to access the web and it is our duty to make that possible.

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In the world of Search engine optimisation the need to find and use the most appropriate and competitive keyword could define the success of your SEO campaign. This is the reason why most SEO companies and SEO consultants do not immediately dive into incorporating keywords to their websites without doing an extensive research and brainstorming. The keyword research process alone in your SEO campaign could slow down your progress especially if such keyword research is done manually. Fortunately, SEO consultants with the help of some web developers and programmer have found ways of automating if not aiding the SEO practitioner or keyword researcher facilitate the keyword research process.

Among these keyword research tools that are commonly utilised by SEO professionals are the Wordtracker and KeywordDiscovery. These keyword research tools are designed to locate or find common words used by internet users including their common misspellings and even their synonyms. These keyword research tools will further give you a computation on how often such keyword is used by internet users. Use of there keyword research tools are fairly easy and learnable but what separates an amateur user from a professional user is the observance of the different guidelines on how to utilise the keyword research tool more efficiently.

1.    Focus on Form – form here pertains to whether the keyword is plural or singular, there is a difference between the use of a word in plural or in singular form. Therefore focus on which of the keywords’ form that is being utilised more by the internet users. Use the keyword research tool by entering a keyword in its singular form and another in its plural form, compare the data that you have gathered and see which one has the higher percentage of use.

2.    Use the Keyword research tools’ export capabilities – keyword research tools have the capability of exporting the data into another form on which that is printable like EXCEL. Always remember to use the export capability so that you can have a record of your keyword research tool reports for future use.

3.    Utilise other tools to augment your research tool – the keyword research tools’ capabilities can be boosted by other research tools like PPC tools, specifically Overture and Google. In PPC you have to bid for a keyword and if you found out that such keyword is highly valued in Overture or Google adwords then it may be a very important and competitive keyword that would merit your time in focusing on how to integrate such keyword in your SEO campaign.

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For a long time now Google has remained to be the most used internet search engine, in the April report Google has posted around 64 percent of internet users share edging the second and third placers Yahoo and MSN respectively. This goes to show that Google indeed is a giant that all other search engine competitors must topple down, but unfortunately up to this date no one has discovered the right weapon or antidote for that matter that will cause the search engine giants’ fall. Microsoft is now again poised to attempt to use another weapon that had been used effectively way back before when Microsoft was still locking horns with Apple, and that weapon is to use an aggressive ad campaign utilising different media such as the internet, T.V., print and radio.

Microsoft is set to invest around $80 Million – $100 Million for the said ad campaign which is considerably a huge amount compared to a $50 Million product rollout being spent by Google where $25 million of which was used for the ad campaign and the other half spent on other expenses most of which were for recruitment purposes. Microsoft’s ad campaign efforts will focus on the launch of their new search engine named Bing, this new search engine will is hoped to better compete with the forerunners of the search engine business.

Although the ad campaign obviously is targeting Google the latter being the number one in the search engine business, Microsoft denied the use of specifics in their ad campaign. Microsoft has said that it will not mention Google or any other specific search engines in their campaign but would merely convince the internet user to think again if using his or her usual search engine really does the job and hopefully convincing the internet user to switch to what Microsoft claim as the more efficient Bing search engine.

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The world of social media network has been one of the trends nowadays, not only do internet users become members to these type of websites but also they use the capability of such network to suite their personal and even their business needs. Internet users get connected with their friends and keeps in touch with them through the use of a social media network, it allows them to communicate freely and sometimes even on real-time. Following the social media networks’ success in netting internet users from a myriad of age and generation groups, some have developed techniques on how to turn this type of media in to an income generating endeavor. It is because of these reasons that one of the leading search engine company, Yahoo!, have started talks with some social media network companies for possible acquisition or merger.

Yahoo is looking to acquire a social media network and is looking to overhaul their list of products being offered. Yahoo executives believe that although they have admitted that Google has won the search engine game, there is still a possibility of having a different playing field in the future that will give competitors equal grounds. They believe that search methodologies and processes will change according to the specifications of the internet users and not dictated by the search engine companies. Yahoo is seen to start their campaign by fall of this year where they are set to looking at the release of new products that promises to give users better internet experience.

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The increase of internet advertisements during the past years have proven that the internet is a solid ground for marketing, although newspaper remains to be the leader in advertising taking around $35 Billion share in the United States alone, online advertising is slowly creeping up the ladder taking around $23.4 Billion share in the United States. Online advertising increased during the past years because of the emergence of the pay-per-click advertising method which was popularised by Google. Recently, however , the world of pay-per-click advertising has been observed to be dwindling down, and this decrease was due to the fact that most companies have resorted to a cheaper way of advertising and that is through natural organic results. Natural organic results are those that are displayed in the search engine results regarding a query in a search engine.

This method is not new in online marketing as the desired output of being in the top rank of the SERP can be attributed to the company’s Search Engine Optimisation efforts. Unfortunately, due to the constant changes in the search engine algorithm, the process of SEO will also have to constantly vary. An endeavor that requires the daily attention of an SEO company or SEO consultant, this is what the new search engine marketing company, Enquisite, hopes to deter. Although targeting large sites, Enquisite hopes to drive organic traffic that are relevant to the target website. They hope to achieve this by utilising their three products such as Enquisite Campaign, Enquisite Optimiser and Enquisite auditor.