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Take a step back and remember the very first reason why you wanted to publish your own website, primary reason maybe for you to start an e-commerce website. Many people are engaged in business using the internet but some have no idea on how their website design should be constructed. Web design has many options with regards to the type of script languages to be used or other third party design applications that can be utilised. For scripting languages the basic Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) or the Extensible Hypertext Markup Language is widely used, there is also the Cascading Style Sheets where its’ sole purpose is to build the web design of a web page or the presentation of a web page. Cascading style sheet was developed to augment the presentation lapses of Hypertext Markup Language. We can therefore deduce that CSS is indeed very important in your web design, here are some other reasons why we need to use Cascading Style Sheets.

First, CSS was developed along with the latest version of HTML which therefore implies that the use of Cascading Style Sheet in web design is actually a conformance to the current web standards as set by the world wide web consortium. This means further that the use of CSS will remain to be viable in future web designs as this type of scripting language will remain to be the only presentation scripting language.

Second, although HTML has its own presentation capabilities it is very limited as compared to the use of the Cascading Style Sheets in web design. One example of which is the incorporation of the background for your website design. In the Hypertext Markup Language, the incorporation of the background in the web design is dependent on the image size. If the image size is not enough to occupy the whole web browser screen, by default it will automatically tile the images to fill the missing spaces. Unlike in the use of the Cascading Style Sheet wherein you are allowed to position the images anywhere in the browser display window, you can even manipulate the tiling or non-tiling of an image through the repeat-x or repeat-y property.

These are the reasons why CSS should be used in web design, although few reasons are presented these are convincing enough that should turn you around in a 360 degrees change from being an HTML purist to a Cascading Style Sheet advocate.

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The Cascading Style Sheet or commonly known as CSS has been one of the most underestimated scripting language in terms of Search Engine Optimisation and Web Design. CSS has been constantly viewed as a scripting language that is purely used for presentation purposes in web design only. But Cascading Style Sheets has more to offer especially in the field of SEO.

One of these contributions is that Cascading Style Sheet provides an avenue for creating web pages in smaller file sizes. This is made possible by the fact that CSS can be coded externally or separately from the main HTML file or web page. Taking out the CSS code in the main web page and placing it in another document with the .CSS file extension will reduce the file size of the web page. This is especially important in SEO because of the fact that search engines favor web pages and websites with lower file size because this wound tantamount to the easy navigation or crawling of your website by the search engine robots or spiders.

Another contribution of CSS in the field of SEOis the control over the web pages’ structure. Cascading style sheets have various presentation properties that allows the web designer to not only create an aesthetically pleasing web design but also an SEO-friendly web design. Search engines are scrutinises even the standards used by the web designer in creating the website or web pages. Most web designers do not take web standards into consideration due to the fact that it destroys the aesthetic value of the website, but because of CSS conformance with web standards is possible without compromising the aesthetic beauty of a website or web page for that matter.

Cascading Style Sheets provide avenue for browser compatibility. One aspect of an SEO campaign is to make an aesthetically pleasing and usable website design, but because of the freedom of choice of many internet users websites and web pages are viewed differently because there is no standard web browser that is being used. One goal of SEO is conversion that means you want your visitors to avail or purchase your services or products respectively. Not all your visitors are using the same browsers therefore your site might be viewed differently, one visitor might enjoy the experience of surfing your website another may find your design repulsive due to errors in displaying your site brought about by your visitor using a lower version of web browser. In order to avoid this situation, CSS can provide cross-browser compatibility.

Hidden texts that a web designer would only want such text to appear when the web page is printed but still such hidden text is still crawled into by spiders and include it in their gathered data is possible through the use of cascading style sheet. CSS have properties or commands that allows the hiding of texts without actually removing it from the web page, therefore spiders or robots will still include these hidden texts as part of the websites’ data and thus would still contribute to the increase in the ranking of a website.

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Many of those who built and launched their website have one common goal and that is someday their website will become popular. Some websites like the e-commerce websites their sites popularity is welcomed sooner than later. This is due to the fact that e-commerce websites aims to take visitors and turn them into clients who will avail the services or products that they are offering or selling respectively. This is the reason why many e-commerce website owners are resorting to Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, some even hire the services of an SEO company, SEO consultant or even an amateur SEO practitioner. This method is viewed as a long term investment and rightly so because many SEO company, SEO consultant and practitioner indeed deliver what is expected of them. As the website owner with no background whatsoever in the field of SEO this method is of course alien to you, but are there ways wherein you can contribute to the popularity of your website aside from Search Engine Optimisation? The answer of course is yes, there are methods that can augment your existing SEO campaign and these are:

1.    Choose an excellent hosting plan and hosting company – the starting point of your website publication is when you choose a hosting company and hosting plan. When you choose your hosting company it would be safer to choose one which is already proven having a good and solid track record. For a hosting plan you have to choose those that provide a large bandwidth capacity and storage capacity. Thinking into the future the bandwidth capacity is for when your website is already popular then you need a hosting plan that can cope up with the exponential increase in your daily website traffic. The large storage capacity is for when you have many visitors who are logging to your website and are availing of your different products with this you will have to place a database of your clients.

2.    Avail of the services of Social Media networks – one of the internet hype nowadays is the so-called social networking websites, this is a good place to start “advertising” your website design. You can join forums and post your comments and with luck post your site URL. In addition, social networking sites such as MySpace, Twitter and Facebook are being used by many users thus availing of their blog services you can write blog posts that are related to your e-commerce websites’ contents.

3.    Interact with your visitors – if you have incorporated blog posts in your website you should place a comment box wherein your site visitors will be able to leave comments about the articles, aside from learning through the different constructive criticisms you will be able to convince your site regular site visitors to interact with each other assuring the constant number of daily traffic and this will also encourage transient visitors to keep coming back on your website.

4.    Enhance the users’ website experience by improving usability – remember that your visitors are not all internet savvy therefore you should help those potential client of yours navigate the website. Make sure that your website is easy to use and to do that have some of your friends and family member navigate through your website and if they do not encounter difficulties then your site is ready to be launched for the public to see.

Although Search Engine optimisation or SEO is the primary online marketing technique it wouldn’t hurt for you to augment your SEO campaign by following the above mentions strategies and guidelines.

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Posted on: April 30, 2009 5:54 pm


Web design is a complex process, it entails several choices one has to make in order to have the actual website fit the different needs that brought about the putting up of the web design in the first place. For a person who does not have any technical knowledge in terms of website design he or she might get confused on where to start with the choices. Hiring a website design company will not completely de-load the person of the burden of choosing the right website design specifications. It is for this reason that knowing what the first choice to make will be with regards to your web design will greatly contribute in the construction of your website that is tailored according to your needs and specifications. With the existence of so many web technologies out there how do we simplify our choices?

The first choice that you have to make is what kind of website design will it be? Will it include static contents only? Or should it include dynamic contents? To know more about these two choices we put both into perspective:

1.    STATIC WEBSITE DESIGN – a static web design or a static web page is your very basic web page used in disseminating information. Those that contained within the web page aims only to inform the user and it does not need any user – website interaction. This type of website design is created through the use of the basic Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) or Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) for web design structure and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) for presentation. The downside of this is that a static web page does not offer any interactivity that contributes to the usability factor of a website aside from the fact that a website that publishes lots of texts will bore the user and might cause the user to jump to another website.

2.    DYNAMIC WEBSITE DESIGN – a dynamic website designs’ main purpose is to include interactivity between user and website. This type of web pages requires the user to perform some action before a specific request or command is executed. We look at a login page as an example, it requires the user to input the user name and password before the website jumps to the requested web page. This type of website design also includes animation where the user can also interact through mouse movements. This type of website design entails the use of both client-side and server side scripting languages such as JavaScript and VBScript for the client side and PHP and ASP for the server side among others.

Making the right choice between static and dynamic type of website design will start the ball rolling on the construction of your website. It is further advised that when you choose you should choose according to your needs, specifications and of course budget.

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It has been said that “there is no other way to go but up”, this is true to every SEO operations, and every SEO company, SEO consultant and SEO practitioner aims to climb up the search result ranking ladder. When you reach the top of the SEO ladder will you realise that you actually climbed a slide, because of the fact that you can go down from your current top rank faster than when you climbed up. This is the truth about the world of Search engine optimisation, which can be attributed to the fact that there are thousands of people jockeying for that same position. If you stop your SEO campaign after reaching the top rank of the search result then expect a fast slide down the search results ranking.  If you continue on with your SEO operation but still your rank is dropping fast what should you do? Here are some simple guidelines for you to help you regain your SEO ranking:

1.    Relax and Calm yourself – SEO campaign is a long term work that gives you long term benefits. That is why it is an SEO practitioners’ initial reaction that a drop in ranking from the being at the top rank is already being considered a disaster. But just like in any natural disaster, you should always keep calm, your life’s work may be slipping out but it is not the end of the world. Further, most SEO practitioners who panic becomes the worst decision makers, some of them decide to change the website, change the entire approach or worst abandon their SEO campaign all of which are unnecessary and could’ve been avoided had they been calm.

2.    Retrace your steps – try to remember everything that you have done before your rank started scaling down. Consider changes you made as far as one to two months ago, this is where your logbook for SEO campaign would be handy. The logbook should contain all the strategies and different tweaks or changes that you have incorporated in your SEO operations and as well as in your website design. Remember, you might have done something to cause the fast decrease of your search result ranking.

3.    Reconfigure possible errors – after retracing your steps and after you found some suspected causes in your search result rankings’ decrease you are now ready to reconfigure those mistakes. Try to return your website configuration to the way it was before the error and or restore the SEO strategies that you changed before such incident happened. This way you can restart from where you were before everything in your SEO operation went haywire.

If still your ranking does not return to where it was, do not be discouraged and do not resort to any black hat techniques to regain lost ground fast. You have to take into consideration also the fact that search engine companies are constantly updating if not changing their search engine algorithm so instead of running the risk of your site being banned due to spamming techniques employed it would be better for you to research and redevelop and improve your website and your SEO techniques.

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It is common knowledge that public data are very hard to acquire especially online. Acquiring the much needed government public data may become beneficial to many people like those engaged in research by having easy access to government statistical data that could prove useful in ones’ research. There are countless ways where one can use such public data in order to further increase public awareness which could contribute to the development of ones’ country. Most of the time these public data are only available upon a citizens’ request to the government office concerned, that means that if you need such data you will have to personally go to the government offices concerned and most of the time this will cause you to incur expenses on travel, food and other related expenses, causing some people to look for other resources, which sometimes are not reliable. It is because of these reasons that Google has initiated an online program to combat these problems.

Google has recently launched a new search tool that is programmed to aide internet users to locate hard to find public data that are within the governments’ database. This program is initiated by Google and the U.S. government in the pursuit of the Obama administration to make federal documents or data available for the public, one move that can be a catalyst for a total government transparency. Google and the U.S. government plans to initially make available to the public U.S. Population and U.S. unemployment data, and soon the emission statistics among other government public data sets.

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In the internet world not all internet users are web developer nor are they all web designers, consequently, not all who owns a website are also web developers. Most people engaged in business have up to this time, not engaged the use of technology in their business plans. This can be attributed to the fact that most people who are in business are comfortable with traditional method and some have developed a stigma that incorporating technology is just an unnecessary luxury. The root of all these reasons may be due to the fact that company or business owners do not have a fair idea on how technology or most specifically, internet is going to be applied to their business systems. Some may even develop doubt and fear that website developers might overcharge their company since they do not have the said technical skills and capabilities to understand how things work. For some unscrupulous web developers that may be true but in general when you hire the services of a website design company, the goal is to make a website that will fit your specifications. Website design companies are independent companies therefore they do not have an overall idea on how your company works and also you as the client does not know anything about web development that is why a collaborative effort is required when you opt to have your website designed by people other than yourself. How do we properly start the web design process with our web developers and web designers?

First, you have to clearly state to your web developers and web designers the overall nature of your business and an even an explanation on how you derived your business name, sometimes these little details could jumpstart the creative juice of web designers. In addition explain what your company vision-mission is all about, the products and or the services that your company is engaged in. Your workflow system and other pertinent information that could help the website company in ascertaining an overall picture of your company.

Second, inform your web developers and web designers your target clients. Here demographics will play in, is your website design going to be for male clients? Female clients? Children? Teens? And the like. This information is useful in making the general theme of the website, we do not want our web developers to create a website design that is made for professionals if our target clients are children.

From the data gathered, the web designer will then create several mock up website designs to give you options or choices on how your website will look like. From the mock-up design you are to choose a design that you like, that is if you have not given a design yourself. Always remember also that as the client the design that you chose should be flexible enough to be customised according to your company’s needs. You can give your revisions on the website design for the website designer to apply to your chosen design.
After you are satisfied with the overall all design it is time for the web developers and website designers to work their magic, this is the point where you sit back and relax while waiting for the website to be accomplished. After the website is accomplished you have to check the website yourself to get a feel on the design and usability. If there are things that does not conform to your specifications then feel free to raise the issue otherwise you are already on your way to utilising technology in your business.

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Acquiring links for your website is a very essential process in your SEO operation. This link acquisition procedure will facilitate the success of your SEO campaign. However, the link building process is not a “walk in the park” as it entails much work. This is proven by the fact that there are two common ways for you to probably get those much needed link, first is when you communicate with other webmasters and ask them to add your website as a resource and thus adding your website URL to their website as a link. This step is sometimes not feasible especially if you are communicating with a well established and well-ranked website. The other option is to write good relevant, unique and reliable web content that will convince other website owners that the information that you placed in your website is actually beneficial to their expansion of resource information. Fortunately, creative SEO companies, SEO consultants or SEO practitioners have devised alternative approaches on getting sources on being linked for your SEO campaign. This is done through the following strategies:

1.    Use of forums and newsgroups – having written good reliable and relevant contents for your website, you can promote your website by joining different newsgroups and forums where you can share your opinion on related topics and where you are given the opportunity to place a link to your websites’ URL that will also serve as a resource website on the said topic relevant to your website content.

2.    Republishing of your articles or press releases – you can submit your published article originally placed in your website, for republication by another website, this will not only help your link building campaign but also your SEO operation as this will also contribute in the increase of your traffic.

3.    Use directories – submitting your URL to be listed in online directories will increase the efficiency your link building and SEO campaign. This is a good place for you to start such campaign on link building due to the fact that some directories offer free listing. Some may require you to pay but for £5-£10 you can already be assured of around 4-10 links or listings in different websites.

4.    Start a blog – many blogging companies offer free blog sites and what better way to augment your link building and SEO campaign but by promoting your website through your blog. You should only do one extra thing though and that is to make sure that your blog site will also be linked by other external sites to make search engines believe that your blog site is a reliable one.

The creativity of SEO practitioners has opened different avenues for Search Engine Optimisation. The link building process had given SEO practitioners the opportunity to increase their SEO efficiency and most of all to improve their ranking. The link building process and even search engine optimisation is not a closed endeavor, due to the changing algorithms of search engines there are still rooms for improvement on link building and most of all SEO strategies.

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One essential process that is done in an SEO campaign is link building. Search engine algorithms interprets that the addition of link pertaining to another website having the same or relevant topic is actually counted as a vote to the said website being linked into. This means that if website A links or added in its web page a link to the URL of website B then it is a considered vote for website B by website A. This process determines the relevance and importance of a certain website for ranking purposes; this is commonly implemented by Google. But links are not just added to a website or web page to increase the efficiency of ones’ SEO campaign, there are criteria to be followed in order to interpret such link to be valid and these criteria are the following:

1.    Relevance – this means that when you add a link or if your website is being linked from another website you should always remember that the content of both “linkee” and linker must be related or are relevant. This means that your primary consideration in linking a certain website to your website is not to build links per se but to expand your website content by giving other resources that is related to the topic at hand. It is being encouraged to link to other website as much as possible as long as the topics are relevant.

2.    Use more one-way links – one way links are those that are not subjected to the link exchange process, this means that an external website links to your website without you linking back to the said website. This can be achieved by making or creating informative, creative, helpful, reliable and relevant web contents that one cannot deny the fact that it could be used as a resource material. One way links are beneficial to your SEO campaign due to the fact that every link is considered a vote thus more sites linking to your website means more votes for your website. Unlike for a link exchange process where search engines consider such links to be of lower value and notwithstanding the fact that link exchange can diminish ones’ page rank.

3.    Regulated exit link per page – exit links are those links that you placed in your website which connects it to another relevant website. This time you are considered the voter to a website. The use of excessive exit links in one web page will be detrimental to your SEO operation; this is due to the fact that search engines might interpret this as a form of spamming technique thus causing your website to be banned. It would be advisable instead to use fewer exit links per page and make sure that these links are used only on the most relevant websites and in the most effective way.

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In every SEO operation the utilisation of keywords through the websites’ content is one of the primary SEO aspects to be considered. The web content is a good avenue for every SEO practitioner to inform visitors about the website, the company and the products and services being offered while using keywords that are beneficial in your SEO campaign. Writing website content is not an easy task though, it entails brainstorming and research in order for you to create a website content that will not only be understood by the general public or internet  users but also would conform to the standards of Search engine optimisation.

This is the reason why every SEO company, SEO consultant and even SEO clients must understand some basic guidelines that should be taken into consideration whenever one is writing website content. First among these guidelines is to first know and understand that the website is created primarily for human visitors and not spiders, robots or crawlers. Sometimes due to ones’ obsession of getting the desired rank that an SEO practitioner fails to realise considering the human factor and just focusing on “pleasing” the search engine which results in the writing of incoherent web contents. Remember it is the human visitors that will be buying or availing of your products so pleasing them by giving informative, grammatically correct and interesting website content should be paramount among other considerations.

Second, make sure that your website content is unique, you do not want to jeopardize your SEO campaign by being flagged as a site using plagiarised website content. Remember that every business is unique and every persons’ approach to handling a business is also unique due to the fact that every business person applies their own personal touch. Therefore, you should also apply your own personal touch in writing your web content and not just copy from existing websites who are on the same line of business as yours. Your SEO campaign will be boosted further if you write original contents that are informative due to the fact that it will create an opportunity to have your website be considered as a resource. This will in effect contribute in your link building process and thus would augment your SEO operations.

Third, it is understandable that not all persons can write great web contents. We have to accept our own limitation and thus by doing so we are accepting the fact that since writing informative and exciting web content is imperative in our SEO operation then hiring the services of writers and or journalists is also important. Hiring the services of writers should not be treated as a weakness nor as a liability it should be viewed instead as an investment because you are not only investing on your website but also on your SEO campaign which in turn will be later on converted into an ROI or return of investment.