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Posted on: March 31, 2009 9:52 pm


Web design is very common nowadays, we see it every time we access the internet. Today website presence is as common as having a telephone. Sadly, with the wide presence of websites in the society today is, there are only a few web designers and developers who take into consideration the basic must-haves or must-present parts of a website. Common misconception is that the website is considered good only if it contains a web design that is dynamic which makes its users go wow!, but of course we should know better that animated websites are not necessarily the best websites.

In order for us to create our own website criteria on judging whether or not a website is truly professionally done or not, we take into consideration the following rules in making the web design or website. The following are the expected content or at least the minimum content of the website.

  1. Use appropriate design elements. This would include the color combination and color scheme that is going to be utilised in your web design. The design elements that you will be incorporating must be able to outright convey to the audience the websites’ general look and feel. In addition, choosing the right font type, font color and font size is likewise critical to the success of your web design. 
  2. Convey the logical flow and interconnection of your websites’ web pages through site navigation. Site navigation links one part of your website to another, web page to web page within the website. In order not to allow our site visitors or users get lost in our web site or entirely brought to a dead end the site navigation must always be present in the web pages within the website. In addition, so as not to mislead the users the navigations’ design must always be in congruence with the over-all web design.
  3. Identify your websites’ purposes and goals by writing or incorporating concise and clear web content. The web content may anything be from the company vision-mission, goals, aims up to the products and services being offered. Make sure that when you write these contents that keywords and key phrases will also be incorporated to help you also in your SEO campaign. The contents’ design such as fonts and colors must be inline with the general web design.
  4. To enhance your web design, identify the additional website content formats that may be incorporated in your website, such as audio, video and pdf files. In that way the content will be dynamic and has an additional web design enhancements present to keep users longer within our website.

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Posted on: March 31, 2009 3:16 pm


SEO is not like other jobs or work being performed by other people. You do not have any standard protocols a fact which, when taken positively, allow you to try on various SEO techniques and method. There will always be a place or room for improvement and this method allows the propagation in terms of creative thinking in implementing a campaign for search engine optimization. SEO, being a free-for-all web marketing solution, also has its share of dangers such as system being exposed and prone to attacks by spammers and hackers. Another is getting banned from the index list of the search engine, and this is our concern today as getting banned may be done intentionally and unintentionally. This is for those who are still starting out in their SEO campaign and are searching through the web for the answer to their questions. An ounce of prevention is better that a pound of cure, it is in this adage that we analyse the saying’s application to SEO.

There are sure fire ways to get your website banned by google, which snowball the effects to the different search engines. If it is not your intention to be banned by Google you have to observe or take notice of the different ways on how to get banned from Google. 

1.     Inserting Hidden Text – these texts are irrelevant to your website but nevertheless added and turned into  hidden mode because it’s only reason is to increase the traffic in your website by deceiving the computer or the search engine that It contains relevant text while in fact the users are not able to view such text.

2.     Abusing the “alt” attribute of the img tag – Another way of cheating your way to having an optimised website is by using and abusing the “alt” attribute of the image tag. The “alt” attributes’ purpose is to display an alternative text for an image if the latter is not or cannot be loaded properly onto the web browser. Therefore, “alt’s” main purpose is to guide the users as well as inform them, but because of this possibility of writing texts or phrases as the “alt” attributes’ value then instead of using the phrases that will help give information about the image, abusers uses keywords and key phrases related to optimizing the website. If detected by the search engine algorithms it will now ban the said website as this act is also tantamount to spamming.

3.     Meta tag keyword abuse – whoever says putting a single keyword in the meta tag more than once will increase your websites’ ranking is actually mistaken. Stuffing your meta tag with multiples copies of a single keyword does not make sense but Google will penalize you for doing that by banning your website.

4.     Title Tag Abuse – similar with keyword abuse in the meta tag, a single word is used more than once this time in the title tag. This method is also not helpful in your SEO campaign as it does not convey any optimisation procedures, instead doing this is just a waste of time causing no effect except of course of being banned in Googles’ index.

The mistakes that are commonly committed enumerated above will benefit first time SEO practitioners, as the old adage goes “knowing is already half of the battle won”.

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Posted on: March 31, 2009 3:15 pm


It can be observed that an SEO company and other SEO practitioners does not take their responsibility lightly, with a good reason too, due to the emergence of different websites everyday and the continuous aggressive SEO campaign of other SEO companies. In the world of practicing Search engine optimisation, the starting SEO practitioners sometimes if not most likely would end up as food for other bigger SEO companies. In order to help the small starting SEO company or practitioner a survival list on what to do is outlined. Note that following these is not an assurance that your company will forever proper, rather it will give you opportunity to survive long enough to adapt to the environment and learn and utilize SEO techniques applicable for your website.

The following are the things that one must do in his or her SEO campaign:

  1. 1. Build your links by exchanging them with other web sites that offer the same product or services, preferably choose the site that has a high page rank and is also highly connected to other industries.
  2. 2. Link all the web pages in your website together as this process will increase and even out the distribution of your websites’ page rank.
  3. 3. When inserting links to your HTML code use the simple text and anchor tag instead of the complex javascript for the sole reason that HTML is the lingua franca of the web and if you use javascript or other scripting language it would have the tendency of giving the search engine a hard time on deciphering the code.

Now what are the things that you should avoid during your SEO campaign? The following is an outline on what not to do in your SEO campaign:

  1. 1. Don’t use general terms in naming the link. General terms such as click here, click me are poor keywords as the search engine might interpret it as a website for click here or click this. 
  2. 2. Do not exchange links with spammers, you have to scrutinise the webpage thoroughly before adding it to your links as it may have or contain spam emails or content. 
  3. 3. Focus on honesty by not linking your website to other websites which contents are nowhere related to your content. 

These are just a few suggestions that might actually help you in surviving your first weeks in performing Search engine optimisation.

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Posted on: March 30, 2009 3:13 pm


Websites are composed of several web pages, of course you know that. Linking web pages is a very easy job, that is if we only want to connect one page to another using your common sense would actually accomplish that task. Knowing which page comes first and which page goes next. But what if we would like to create a connection that actually is based on logic which will in turn help us in our SEO endeavor? Search engine optimisation is a combination of different processes and one such process is to determine an optimal link method so as to yield a higher page rank.

What in the world is page rank you say? Page rank is considered to be a numeric value that determines the importance of a page in the web. This is determined by the number of links that are present and are pointing from one page to another page. These links may be located on the same website which is called an internal link and those links that are located on pages in a different website aptly named external link.

Now that you have fair idea on what a page rank is, you can actually deduce its importance. Well if one of your goals in your SEO campaign is to maintain a decent Page rank distributed to all the pages in your website then you have to observe proper link building. There are two types on how we can build our internal links logically optimally for the purpose of maintaining if not increasing your site’s page rank:

First is by using the Mesh Method

  • - The mesh method considers all web pages within the site as having equal importance. Considered as a simple linking method as it would just require all pages to be linked with each other. This arrangement will in effect give a good maintenance of the websites’ page rank.

Second is the Hierarchical Method

  • - The hierarchical method classifies web pages according to their importance. This method first identifies the most important web pages and links such important web pages to all web pages in the website, but not all will have this privilege especially if the web pages are not content-rich or SEO friendly or relevant. This method will focus the page rank distribution among the pages equally. The most important pages in the website are linked most often than those not important. To identify the importance of a web page the criterion is that these web page should be content-rich. Examples of the most important web pages in a website are the Homepage,  Product or Services page. The least important is the order form an or the about us page as it is limited in its content scope.

Now that you know the two major classification you can now choose the method for you’re SEO company which will greatly help you in your SEO campaign.

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Posted on: March 30, 2009 2:47 pm


Although there is not exact science on how SEO is to be done, the search engine optimisation processes do have some limitations. Google and other search engines have incorporated in their algorithm security measures that will detect whether or not there is abuse in the use of the different SEO techniques. What is the result of detecting anomalies in your web site? Well your web site will be considered banned. For those who are on the learning process of Search engine optimisation they will encounter confusion on whether or not their site had been banned or their ranking just dropped. How exactly do we know if our web site has been banned? The following are the simple steps that you can do in order to detect whether your website was banned or not in this case you just fell out of the ranking. 

1. Use Google to search for your site – you have to use the search engine of whom you are suspecting that banned your website, in this case, Google. Search for your website and check the search result. If the search result yielded a “No information regarding the URL” error message is displayed then your site has now been banned. Of course you have to make sure that prior to your search you had been using the Google search engine to search for your website and every time you did a valid search result of your web site URL is being displayed. This is important as the error message is not exclusive to a banned web site but it is also true to a website that has not yet been indexed by Google. So before you blame your SEO company or quit your SEO campaign due to this search result, know first the answer to the basic question “Were you indexed by Google already?”. If this suggested process does not work for you, then you might want to consider the next method.

2. Get information from the Google toolbar – In order to use the Google toolbar you are required to download it if you have not done so previously. Once google toolbar is installed in your web browser you have to look for a tiny status bar labeled page rank. To know if you are banned using the page rank, go to your website and then wait for everything to load, observe the page rank status bar and check if there is an actual page rank, status meter showing green color or if the page rank status is totally grayed out. If the page rank status shows a grayed out meter then you have been banned, this grayed out status meter on the page rank is commonly known as “grayed barred”.

This is the very reason why SEO also requires the observance of the SEO etiquettes, do not abuse the arsenal made available to you. Remember, it is better to work your way up slowly rather than reach a high page ranking quickly just to be banned later on.

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Posted on: March 30, 2009 2:38 pm


As a person engaged in website design, a lot of people constantly ask me. Is there really money in web page design? Well as for my personal experience web page design provides just enough for my family to get through the day so to speak. 

But don’t fret just yet; don’t try to grab your other programming books and discarding your web development books and tools. Web design has its upside too. It is just a matter knowing and familiarising yourself with the internet business. 

You don’t believe me? Well, I can cite Ashley Qualls of Ashbo for short, she developed the website a site that caters to customised myspace design. At 17 years old her company’s net worth is around $1 Million dollars, her company nets $70 thousand a month. She started her web page as a hobby catering to her friends who would like to customise their myspace page. It all started from word of mouth and now her website attracts more than 6 million users around the globe. 

Is it possible to duplicate Ms. Qualls’ feat, well the answer is a resounding yes. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, a web host and knowledge in web design. You must also love what you are doing and from there you could start your niche market catering to people who has the same passion as yours. 

So how does it work? Basically, it starts with advertising. Several web companies offer a certain amount for every ads clicked by your sites visitors, one good example is Google’s adsense. But in order for you to achieve a high visitor count you must develop a web page that would make your visitors keep coming back, that means a static web page wont cut it, you must develop a dynamic web page to keep your visitors amused and to make them stay in your site for a while. Now how do we do that exactly? I think this is where we extract those creative juice from our brain and apply it onto our web design. 

So you think you can be the next web design millionaire? Well stop thinking and start designing!

For information on how to learn website design, or if you would like to go on a course for search engine optimisation, contact SEO Positive Limited for more information.

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Posted on: March 29, 2009 5:49 pm


Google has announced that they have updated their blog search algorithm where it’s main purpose is to reduce returning results that came from blogrolling. What is blogrolling you may ask? It is a process of listing links in your blog that are related to your own blog. It is like a promotion of blogs that has similar or related topics with your own blog. For an SEO company blogrolling is a traffic booster but if unchecked this might result in misleading your blog readers. It is within the ambit of the blog etiquette to first read and check the blogs before listing it in your related topics link.

So what is the adverse effect of blogrolling to google search results that they had to update their blog search algorithm? Well, take for example a blog that linked an SEO company blog or an SEO tutorial blog in a blogroll. Where in this blog, daily updates or weblogs are published even though such blog contents are nowhere related to the list name of SEO Company or SEO tutorial or the two lists were not even mentioned in the blog. From here Google will still return the blog post as a match for the very reason that SEO Company and SEO tutorial are in the blogroll and thus Google will interpret it as a part of the blog content. This may in turn cause the searcher to reach a dead end, empty blog content or a blog content that has entirely no connection with the blog-of-interest.

The update blog search algorithm aims to clean-up the Google Blog Search Results and that blog searches will only return relevant results. A very helpful change indeed for those who want to keep track of their brand and for those who are really after relevance in their search. Google has not yet perfected this algorithm and admits that there are still minor tweaks to be done but this update is being welcomed by the web community.

Let’s just wait and see for the final update on this algorithm.

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Posted on: March 29, 2009 5:46 pm


So you want to be listed among the search engines huh? In every SEO endeavor this is the very first goal that you need to accomplish. Unfortunately, when you visit Google’s addurl page you will notice a disclaimer saying that you have to wait for at least 4 weeks in order for you to get listed. The long wait could be agonising and unproductive as you could have already started in your Search Engine Optimisation campaign already. You could have used that waiting time in some productive endeavors like analysing your keywords and how popular are they. But sadly you have to wait for google to index you and sometimes if you really are having a bad day it might take longer than 4 weeks before your site is going to get listed or worst your website may not get listed at all. So is there any other avenue in which you could get your website to be indexed immediately? Is it even possible? For beginning Search Engine Optimisation practitioners this information may be a goldmine, but considered already a common knowledge for all professional SEO’s.

Let me say this, it is possible to hasten the indexing of your website to Google. All you need is a lot of research prowess and a lot of your convincing powers. Now on to the details, as I have mentioned earlier this will cut down the waiting time for your site to be indexed, compared with using Google’s addurl form the method I am going to outline here will reduce the expected waiting time for your site to be indexed in Google or any other search engine drastically.

First as stated awhile ago you need you research prowess, internet research that is. You will have to research first for websites that have the same main theme or keyword that are already indexed. For example your website main theme is web design and SEO company, enter those keywords and search for websites with the same sets of keywords as shown in the search engine’s search result.  List down these websites and view them.

Second, check the websites if they have a links page or a links menu. These links may be in the form of resource links or related links. If such exists in the website go the next step.

Third, search further in the website if they have posted their contact information. If they do have list them down, I suggest you make a simple database of your list for future reference. Now it is here where your convincing power should come in. Try contacting the website owner and convince him or her to add your site in his related links menu or web page. If you have listed hundreds of possible websites where you can request for link to your own site you can try to narrow your search by considering the websites’ page rank. The website with a high page rank is preferred as linking to you will cause Google to index you in as little as 24 hours.

It may be tough to convince website owners with a high page rank but it will be worth it if you do convince them.

Is there another way should your first method fail? Well yes there is, you can always try to purchase links to a high page rank website. There are several websites that broker this kind of deal. The only downside of this is that it will now require you to shell out some amount. Once you have bought the link from a high page rank website you will be listed in as early as within or after 24 hours. I know that in times of crisis you are having doubts in spending your money, but you can think of it as a one time investment as you will not be needing the maintenance of the link for a long time after Google has indexed you.

Whatever suggested methods you would be using it sure beats waiting for 4-6 weeks before your site will be indexed.

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Posted on: March 29, 2009 5:35 pm


Keywords are vital in your SEO campaign although it should be coupled with other processes. Since keywords have that degree of importance in your SEO campaign it would be imperative to learn how to optimise keyword use. Choosing the right keyword is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of keyword use, you have to take into consideration some factors in order to use these keywords at an optimal level. Knowing these factors or considerations will greatly augment your Search Engine Optimisation campaign.

The following are the factors or processes that you have to take into consideration in your pursuit of keyword optimisation.

Keyword Equilibrium
You must maintain equilibrium in your keywords by choosing according to their popularity, relevance and competitiveness.

The following are the suggested combinations:
1.a. Keywords with  High Competitiveness should be paired with keywords of High Relevance.

1.b. Keywords with High Popularity should be paired with Keywords of Lower Competition and Higher Relevance – this is considered to be the ideal equilibrium in a keyword.

1.c. Keywords with Low Popularity should be paired with High Relevance

Keyword Matching – You will have to create a landing page in order to achieve this. When you do create a landing page make sure that your keyword should match such landing page. What is the landing page for? Well a good landing page matched with a keyword will give convenience to your website visitor as it will direct them to a page where most of the queries in their mind will be answered by the landing page and will then in turn benefit your SEO campaign by possibly turning it into a conversion. Just some point to remember when you create the landing page, since you want your customer to be landing on a one stop shop of information about your website make sure that the information contained in the landing page is relevant or related to the search term.

Keyword Combination – the purpose of doing this is to get double benefits in your SEO efforts by combining two popular search terms or keywords into one key phrase, also it will have the possibility of doubling up on the relevance of your keyword to your site by including your businesses geographical location. For example if SEO is a popular term and Company is also another popular term you can combine them into SEO company if you are an Search Engine Optimisation company, in addition you can also include your location like for example the keyword “Florist” and you are running your business in London so combine them into a key phrase of “Florist in London”.

Of course we have to understand that it is not only in keywords that we should place our SEO efforts but observing these steps will be a good start in your SEO campaign.

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Posted on: March 29, 2009 4:13 pm


SEO Positive Limited are happy to announce that a major finance company in the UK have employed SEO Positive Limited to work on the internet promotion of their website for a number of competative key phrases.

The staff at SEO Positive Limited are delighted to work with such a company to help promote their website for their chosen key phrases. Our new client is withing the commercial, and business financing sector of the UK lending market, and they are looking to increase their online presence to their potential clients. By sing only ethical search engine optimisation techniques, SEO Positive will see that first page positions are acheived.

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