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As of yesterday 27th Feb 2009 SEO Positive Limited have become an official sponsor of seroundtable to show their appreciation of the time, effort, and money that is put into keeping the pulse of the search community alive. This is an ongoing sponsorship deal, and SEO Positive Limited look to sponsor other major contributors in the search industry going forward.

SEO Positive Have been avid readers of the seroundtable blog for some time now and approached to offer sponsorship so that the site can remain as effective and as up to date as it always has been.

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In this post I would like to discuss briefly web development and SEO which will help you make essential differences between these two important terms for web business. Web development usually entails various different steps that work together to get a target goal. It encompasses such processes that are linked to develop a website; these processes include content development, web design, e-commerce, server-side application, script for client side and server configuration. Web development terminology ranges from simple web page development to complex and complicated applications, networking and scripts services. Generally web development is known as a non-design aspect of developing site.

While SEO is the process used in search engine marketing to adjust a website so that it will appear higher in the search engine natural results. It allows your target customers and visitors to find your business page online after entering target keywords in search engine field. SEO Company helps many online businesses in getting profitable response in business market. But this technical process requires some patience to get effective results. There is no short term and easy solution for good SEO techniques.

When you are in the effort of establishing online business, there are numerous things that you need to look and some of these are SEO and web development. If you hire the services of reliable SEO Company or UK SEO firm, your web site will probably get high ranking in search engines and you will take notice the upsurge of many visitors on your web page regularly, but it is not confirmed that your business will be booming.

When you are developing a website, make sure that it is developed carefully and cleverly. It should be easy to navigate, high quality, well-designed and informative. It is good to concern SEO UK web development firm to have better dynamic features and tools in your site; this is because a professional firm has better resources and means than individuals.

It is advisable to hire such SEO Company who also delivers web development services; it will save your money and deliver you efficient outputs. While hiring web development or SEO Company, make sure you are familiar with all details of what you like your web site to have, such as your concept, the theme, overall design and your content. Having the assistance of effective web development company, you are sure to get online business that will be effective and profitable.

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Today, even the smallest firm uses the internet resource as a tool in maintaining a customer base, keeping in contact with their clients and it is also their basic source of advertisement. It is quite easy and cheap to design an effective website, not to mention specifications because the World Wide Web is the only medium of instantaneous information available to millions of viewers around the globe. Any website developing engineer worth his salt should be familiar with search engine optimisation. SEO is the key ingredient of building an effective web page that would receive a lot of visitors and hits.

A web page that nobody visits is worthless so the challenge lies in leading web users to visit your site. Your website should be “found” when internet users enter keywords in the field of search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL and many more. Once a keyword is matched to your products and services that you offer, a direct link to your web site emerges on the first page of the list. You need to hire the services of reliable SEO Company like SEO Positive Limited to employ ethical search engine optimisation techniques. It will lead traffic your way and give you more visitors and hits that will result to earn more profit for your firm.

I would like to give you some tips on how you can make your web site to the top of search engine list and use effective SEO UK firm techniques to benefit your site and firm.

1-If you have a domain and existing web site, just try to optimise that instead of buying a new one. It will take some time to show up in famous search engines.

2-You should know your target audience and learn how to catch their attention them. When a user types your product in to the search engine field, it displays the link to your web site. What you need to do next is to get surety that the user will not leave your site without trying your services or products. It can be done easily if you leave effective and potential information on your site.

3. Searching the right keyword: you should be flexible, creative and persistent when searching for keyword phrases and keywords to utilize in optimising your web page.

4-Ponder over your target market while designing your site. You need to devote sometime to pay attention to minor details like font size, style and colour. A SEO Company or UK SEO firm can help you in good manners in this regard.

5-Concentrate on the contents of web site: regularly update your web site content so that new and old visitors can find new and informative stuff on your site.

Spread rich content and words on your web site and use effective search engine optimisation techniques though the assistance of reliable UK SEO Company, you will surely find positive results.

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Website design is an effective means of using the right combination of graphics, text, links and multimedia. It plays a major role in the marketing of your website and is therefore an effective and efficient way of boosting online sales. But you need to find quality web design services because a well defined website always attracts the attention of customers to your page. Business websites are designed to focus on the choice of customers and ease of use. Therefore, professionally well-designed website can attract the attention of internet users.

It simply shows that you should hire the services of reliable website designer and SEO Companyto work out things in a best way. It is not like that every internet user knows your web address as they have to look for their needs on different search engines. Thus, you should make sure that your web page is well designed and also search engine optimised. Sometimes masterly create web pages result into flop because of insufficient search engine optimisation services. You need to get in touch to the professional SEO Company that designs your site search engine friendly to grape attention of target visitors. Positioning and quality of the graphics on your website is essential to look both professional and attractive.

In the process of launching a website, you sometimes need to deliver a message to public related to sale or site information. In such scenario, the contents of a page must be well defined and organised. This can be achieved by breaking up text with relevant and well positioned graphics ensuring to get viewers attention.

There are some common mistakes that you need to avoid when you are designing your website. It is better to optimise your web image at lower resolution to get faster page loading. Recommended size of standard web page is under 60kb. Be organised and consistent in the layout of your webpage. Make sure all pages look consistence, and navigation of website is the same for each page.

Make your web text easy to read, avoid dark colour background with light colour font. Black text with white background is considered best for common viewers. You should hire the services of professional web design and SEO Company as professional display of graphics on your site acts like grabbers and makes your web page stand out in the web crowd. Working with graphics is an art and time consuming task that can be achieved successfully under the supervision of professional website design firm.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process of increasing both the reputation and contents of a website in order to improve its ranking on search engine. Search engines are considered online interface used to look for target and relevant content based on the specific keywords entered the field by common users. Online business needs a reliable way to rank it high among million of businesses delivering congruent or same contents.
A reputed SEO Company can help you in promoting your site on web through ethical SEO methods and tools. One of these ways designed to maximise the potential of the internet for online businesses that rely on generating web traffic towards your webpage is search engine optimisation. SEO is the important technique, used by a reputed SEO Company to give a web page and its content better response in the query response list of search engines. These search engines try to give an edge to specific website over others, particularly in crawler or organic search engines. Organic search engines are yielded without payments while crawler search engines suggest the task of crawling through web and specific following links through to their particular web pages.

However, like other good things, SEO has come under obligation of misuse by many people who want to take benefit of it. Therefore, SEO is divided into two categories, white hat SEO, practiced by consulting firms to help customers online and black hat SEO, carried out to get higher search ranking in unethical ways. Trusted and honest SEO Company focuses on white hat SEO techniques and methods of improving web page and its contents in order to promote it in better way on internet.

People need the services of reliable SEO Company to promote their business through different SEO techniques as SEO services help you to increase traffic on your web page (focus on quantity), target relevant visitors to your site (quality), and enhance growth of sales for your online business. Therefore, SEO services increase the position of your web page in search engine result pages (SERPs) that enhance the probability of getting new clients for your business.

It is simple and cheap form of advertising to a get long time promotion and financial incentives. There are some drawbacks of this effective advertising technique. Many reputed search engines like Yahoo and Google do not rank any new web page for six to twelve months. You need some patience to get desired results in the implementation of SEO techniques; it takes some time to rank for target and competitive keywords like SEO tools, SEO Company and shopping. Sometimes you need to spend extra cost in handling unwanted leads.



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In many posts before now I have mentioned about how you can build links to your website to help you your search engine optimisation campaign, however how do you know what you are doing is working correctly, or effieciently enough to warrent the amount of time and money being spent on DIY search engine optimisation.

There are a few ways of checking out how many links you have coming into you site. These different methods can show up different results, depending on how often the pages are updated by the search engines.

1. Go to and type in the search bar “” and then press enter.

You will then receive a list in the results section stating not only how many incoming links your webpage has, but also who or where the links are from.

2. Go to Yahoo, but this time you much type “” and you will receive the same results as Googe, although the number of links that Yahoo states rather than Google is beleived  to be down to Googles tool has a fault in it.

3. You can go to our website, under SEO Tools >>Link Popularity Checker. We have 8 different tools for you to choose from. If you are a customer, or a direct relation to the customer, then The fully trained staff will be more than happy.

When clicking on any of the above you should also have a chance to see what pages are linking to you. Although a long drawout procees it can be to look at all your links, there is n rush. You can also then look at your competitors links, to make sure you only try to get the links that maybe

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Due to the rapid growth at SEO Positive Limited, and the large amount of positive press that is being distributed around the internet about the fastest growing search engine optimisation company in the south east part of the UK, SEO Positive Limited are receiving new clients from all over the world. One of the latest companies to employ SEO Positive is Easy Limousine Hire who are a national limo hire company offering thier clients the very best prices in the UK on hiring a limousine of their choice. With access to hundreds of limousines from various sources Easy Limousine Hire can guarantee to find the highest quality limousines in your area at rock bottom prices.

For more information on their services visit their website

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I have spoken to a few people recently who think that optimisation is a simple process of just ading a few META tags and a case of building a few links, and thats it, they should apprear on the first page of the search engines or competative keywords.

To help try and clear up the confusion I have made a list of a few of the things that need need to be done to a website to begin SEO. These are just a short list of the basics:

  1. Optimise Page Titles
  2. Meta Description Optimisation
  3. Link Out To Related Websites
  4. 301 Redirect throughout the website
  5. Ensure all the URL’s of the website are optimised
  6. Optimise the Header tags (H1, H2, H3 Etc)
  7. Include a completed sitemap
  8. Correct Keyword density implemented
  9. Correct use of internal links
  10. Ensure there is no duplicate content issues throughout the website

These are just a few very basaic rules of standard SEO that you should follow, of course I could probably write an entire book on how to help rank your site, however I don’t have the tie to give that information out today (although I may write a book).

I will list other things that will help a site rank highly another time, so for more tips on ethical search engine optimisation, then you must keep up to date with the blog.

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Posted on: February 16, 2009 8:06 pm


Duplicate content has been discussed and argued at many SEO events that I have been to in the past, however it looks like Google, Yahoo And Live have all come to an agreement “Canonical tags2 can help resolve this issue.

First of all let me explain how duplicate content can occur, and what the side effects of duplicate content are on an SEO campaign for an SEO Specialist.

If a web page or website has the same content or partially the same content the search engines will see the page with the least authority as having the duplicate content, and will therefore disregard any relevance of this page from the listings (or at least heavily discount its relevance.

Another example, and probably the most common example for duplicate content would be the following: is the same as

Therefore the content that is on that page is being picked up twice by the search engines, and the website is being penalised for duplicate content. An easy fix for this is a 301 redirect.  This will be explained in another post this week. This simple process will stop your website being penalised by the search engines for duplicate content, and is usually the first step of a successful search engine optimisation campaign.

If you have any questions with regards to the Canonical tage, or should you wish SEO Positive Limited to help you with a 301 redirect or optimisation of your website, then simple conteact us on the phone number above.

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Many people think that when your number one on the major search engine like Google, Yahoo, and MSN that you will stay there. This is not the case! If you stop working on your website you will fall!

Below are a few points that I have put together to ensure that you hold your position on the first page of Google and the other search engines.

1. Continue to build links to your website. Links should be relevant to the theme of your website, and not to be placed on any link farms or sites that could penalise you as this will not help, but could get you taken out of the search results altogether.

2. Add more unique content to your website all the time. This is probably one of the most important factors of search engine optimisation, along with link building. If you only update your website once every 6 months or longer than that, then the site will go stail, and Google will think that it is not important any longer, therefore they will reduce the positions that you show in the search results. Keep updating the content of your site to remian high in the SERPS. If your not sure what other pages to add to your site, get a blog added to your website and add regular news and updates in the industry on it.

3. Keep up to date with Googles updates. Ensure you are a member of certain communities, and forums that will help you better understand the changes that are going on in the SEO world. Google will eventually change their algorithm, and unless you are in the know, you can quite easily lose that top placement, or even drop a few pages. It only takes an hour a day to keep up to date if you know where to go.

Following these simple rules will not guarantee you high positions in the search engines, but they will certainly help you on your quest for top search rankings in the major searh engines.